How Many Words Per Minute is Considered Good Typing?

What is good WPM?

Typing has become essential for everything today, whether it’s work or games. Because it has become such a central part of life, everyone is learning to type. For beginners who are learning how to type, the question is often about what the average typing speed is. The typing speed is a measure of how many words one can type in a given time frame. Are you wondering how fast can I type, and what will a good typing speed be? Let’s find out what a good typing speed is. 

Why is the Typing Speed Important?

Let’s say it’s pretty late in the night and you need to write 1000 words on your assignment that needs to be submitted in the morning. How will you be able to complete it with a low typing speed? You won’t! Exactly. That is exactly why you will have a good typing speed to get the work done in time. Learning to type faster and having a fast-typing speed will help you save your precious time, thereby reducing the time spent on work and achieving better scores in a Typing speed test

What is Considered a Good Typing Speed?

Typing Speed

A good typing speed is usually 40 words per minute or anything above it. Since the average typing speed is usually 36 to 40 WPM, anything above it will be considered a good speed. With 40 WPM, you could get around 24000 words in an hour if you can maintain the pace. Most people can often type more than 40 WPM and professionals can even go beyond 75 WPM. 

How Fast Can I Type?

If you want to know how fast you can type, you can easily check your typing speed with typing speed tests that will help you see how many words you can type in a given timeframe.

How to Get Better at Typing?

Some simple hacks and tips can help you achieve a better typing speed. Here are some things to follow to improve your typing.

1. Get a Good Keyboard

The right gear is essential to achieve a good typing speed. If you have the right keyboard at hand, you can easily type the words without having to worry whether the keys are working or not. Also, get a keyboard that fits your hand well.

2. Practice Typing

The more you type, the better you get. When you practice more, you will learn how to touch type, meaning typing without having to look at the keyboard. When you practice enough, you won’t even need to look at the keyboard to type because you know where the keys are even without looking. So, to get a better typing speed, practice, practice, and practice!

3. Sit in the Right Posture

Sitting in the right posture is equally essential for a good typing speed. You will need to find the right chair for sitting and comfortably positioning your hands. When you’re in the right position, you’ll always be able to type better and faster!


While a good typing speed is usually 40 WPM, you can easily go beyond this limit with a little more practice! Practice and practice to get better at typing.