How to Check Keys of a Used Keyboard?

In a computer’s hardware setup, a keyboard is one of the essential things. Whether playing games or doing your work, you need a functional keyboard to get things done. If one or more of your keyboard keys don’t work, it can become very hard. So, if you plan on using an old keyboard, you’ll need to see whether all the keys are working or not. Is there a way to check your keyboard’s functionality? How do you check your keyboard keys? We’ll cover everything you need to know right here! 

How Can You Check Your Keyboard Keys?

You can use the keyboard button tester tool. The tool is available online so that you can use it without hassle. Open the keyboard tester website and press your keyboard keys to check their functionality. 

What is the Keyboard Button Tester, and How Does it Work?

The keyboard button tester is a simple online test tool where you can check your keyboard keys. To open the website, you’ll see a keyboard on the screen. As you press the key on your laptop or PC keyboard, the relative key on the screen keyboard will light up.


If you press the keyboard key and it doesn’t light up on the screen, it means the key isn’t working. Keep going for the rest of the keyboard as well. If all keys light up on the screen, your keyboard is fully functional. If some keys don’t light up on the screen, those specific keys aren’t working. 

Why Do You Need the Keyboard Button Tester?

Think your keyboard keys aren’t working? Try using the keyboard button tester to inspect your keyboard. Run the test, and see if the keyboard is working. Contact a technician to resolve the issue if some keys don’t work.

Can I Check the Keys of all Keyboards Using the Keyboard Button Tester?

Lightened Keyboard

Yes, the tool we have covered above deals with almost every type of keyboard; new, old, full, standard, etc. The keyboard you see on the screen is a standard, full keyboard, so you don’t have to worry. It works well with all laptop models, mechanical and PC keyboards

Final Words

Do you own an old keyboard? Interested to see whether all the keys work or not? There can be no more straightforward way to check your keyboard keys than the keyboard button tester. The best thing is that the tool is free and easy to use. It also works with most keyboards and contains all the standard keys. If you want to inspect the functionality of the keyboard, try out the tool yourself.