Tapping Auto Clicker Pro APK Download Free

How To Download Automatic Tap Pro APK For Phone

Auto clickers have an essential part to play in our everyday lives, automating our tasks and making our lives more convenient. These tools aren’t only used for computers; they are now also popular on Android devices. Tapping Auto clicker Pro APK is another fantastic auto clicker for android. Here is everything you need to know about the tool.

Tapping Auto Clicker Pro

Tapping auto clicker Pro is an excellent automatic clicking or tapping tool that you can use to tap anywhere on your device screen. The tool doesn’t require any root access. You can get the latest APK version by tapping auto clicker pro. If you have multiple repetitive tasks to perform every day, this auto-clicker tool is perfect for the job. Let the auto clicker do its job while you sit back and relax.

Features of Auto Clicker APK

Tapping auto clicker pro is an excellent auto clicker for Android devices to automate almost any repetitive tapping task. It supports incredible features that make the tool unique.

1. No Root Access

Tapping auto clicker pro is a simple and easy tool that works without root access on an Android device. You don’t need to get root access.

2. Floating Control Panel

This auto clicker supports a convenient floating panel that lets you start or end clicking conveniently. Feel free to add click points using the control panel. The floating panel makes the use of the tool more convenient.

3. Save Click Location

You can conveniently save the location of your click with the app activities.

4. Fast and Efficient Clicker

Tapping auto clicker pro is a fast auto clicker that automates all your tasks, including games and data entry.

5. Uses Accessibility Services

Tapping auto clicker pro works conveniently after you give it access through your accessibility settings. The tool needs accessibility services to work.

6. Compatible with Android 7.0 Versions

Tapping auto clicker pro is compatible with Android version 7.0 and above.

7. Free Version

The auto clicker supports a free and paid version. While the free version comes with ads, you can get the paid version to access more advanced features.

8. No Ads During Clicks

The free version of the tool has ads, but the ads are only played when the floating window is closed and not during your clicks.

Tapping Auto Clicker; Pros and Cons

This auto clicker has multiple features that make it functional, yet it also has some drawbacks.


  • Fast and easy clicker 
  • Save click location ideally 
  • Floating control panel for convenience 
  • Works well with Android 7.0 and above 
  • Perfect for playing idle games
  • No Ads during clicks


  • Faces app crashes and bugs.
  • Needs accessibility services to work.

How to Download and Install the Auto Clicker

Tapping auto clicker pro is free and can easily be downloaded. Follow these steps.

  1. If you have an old version on your phone, uninstall it.
  2. Go to phone “Settings” and open security. Turn on the option “Unknown sources” to allow installation from here.
  3. Download Tapping Auto Clicker Pro APK file.
  4. Now open the APK file by tapping auto clicker pro and tap on “install” to start and use it once it’s complete.


Tapping auto clicker is one of Android’s most fantastic automation tools, which is convenient and easy to use. Yet, it does have some notable drawbacks, like bugs and crashes.