How To Make A Successful Click Funnel In 5 Steps?

How to Create a Successful Sale Funnel

A man has to experience a journey through the concept of marketing if he wants to obtain an item or service. 

As the stages of the sales funnel are crossed by the potential customer, it shows a high value of commitment to the goal of purchase.

Stages Of Click Funnel

The basic steps of click sales funnel are as follows:

1. Awareness

The knowledge about your brand and services are highlighted to the prospect at this stage. This can be done through social media platforms like TwitterFacebook, etc. 

2. Interest

Best possible solutions to sort out the issues are discovered by the prospects so that they can achieve their desired goal. You need amazing content to attract the audience to like your product or service. 

3. Decision

This stage means the prospect has made a decision to buy the product. As it’s the time to buy something, make an offer the person can not resist. 

4. Action

When the prospect buys a product from your company, he becomes your customer. The line of purchase must be crossed with your customer as you need to build a friendly relation with them. 

How To Make Successful Click Funnel?

Some of the steps to make a successful click funnel are as follows

1. Identify The Target Audience

identify the target audience

To begin your funnel for sales, you better understand your audience. Keep these points in mind when doing your research:

  • Problems you want to solve must not be forgotten
  • The platforms of social media being used
  • Things people are most interested in
  • What annoys people about online shopping

2. Create The Personas Of The Buyers

Create the Buyer's Persona

You need to target the campaigns of marketing and build various personas of the buyers for different segments of the customers. It requires proper research that justifies the following questions

  • Why should our product be bought by them?
  • How can the customers be influenced to buy the product?
  • How will the product be used after being purchased?

3. Generation Of The Traffic

There will be no sale if people do not know about your product. That is why various strategies of lead generation are required so that customers can be attracted to your website or platform. In this regard, following elements must be followed.

  • Campaigns of PPC
  • Search engine optimization
  • Optimization of the landing page
  • Marketing of an influencer
  • Marketing of the social media

4. Keeping The Audience Engaged

Engage Your Audience

If you are unable to engage the audience your efforts of lead generation will go to waste. People need to have knowledge about the product and the services you are offering. This goal must be availed with the help of different techniques listed below,

  • Building blocks of high quality
  • Producing effective videos
  • Asking influencers to take part in your campaign and give you feedback about your products
  • Using different social media platforms to promote your content
  • Make use of email marketing for the promotion of the blog posts.

5. Leads Conversion

Lead Coversion - Final Step of Sales Funnel

A click sales funnel of high conversion must be created. The final step of this whole process leads to conversion where the visitors attain the level of paying customers. The whole process of purchase must not take a lot of time. This can be done if:

  • The number of form fields is reduced 
  • Completion of purchase involves fewer steps
  • Option of only one click is needed for signing in and signing up


Every business want to generate more revenue, but only a few are able to do so because of their highly research and successfull sales funel. As a business, you must understand your target audience deeply so you could connect with them. You need to introduce your product/service in the best possible way that resonates with them and they develop an interest in it. Once your audience find value, and worth in your product/serivce, they will most likely buy it, and that’s the goal as a business.