The Microsoft surface pro is a very versatile and modern computer device, combining the features of a laptop and a tablet. It works much like a regular touchscreen tablet. Alternatively, you can also use it as a computer using your mouse controller. Off course, with the mouse connected, it’s easy to right-click, but what if you have to right-click without the mouse? 

The surface pro is an excellent device with great precision features. With it being such a perfect device, you can forget about carrying your mouse with you. But before you do, make sure to learn about making right clicks in surface pro without a mouse. How to right-click on surface pro? We have compiled a guide here. 

The basics of the operation are very easy. You just need to make a soft press on the touchpad to get one mouse click. And double-tap and holding the button will result in a right-mouse click. You can also click the lower-right touchpad end for a right-click. Let’s head to the details of learning how to right-click in surface pro.

How to Right-Click on Surface Pro

1. How to Right-Click on Surface Pro by Using Touchpad

If you have a surface pro with a touchpad, you will have the left-click and right-click buttons on your device. So you can easily right-click using the touchpad’s buttons.

2. How to Right-Click on the Surface Pro by Using Screen Touch

To right-click on your surface pro device, you will have to long-press on the screen. So, touch the screen and hold your finger pressed till you see a small box outline appear. The right-click options will open.

3. How to Right-Click on the Surface Pro 4 Without Using a Mouse

If you want to right-click without a mouse on surface pro, follow the simple steps given below. 

  1. Turn on your Microsoft surface pro.
  2. For making a right-click, hold your finger to make a long press. Touch where you want the right-click options and hold till you see the box outline. This means your finger is recognized. 
  3. Now, remove your finger after the box outline appears. You will be shown the right-click menu. 

You can use your stylus or finger to press and hold the screen to make a right-click and open the menu. How to right-click on surface pro without keyboard? Well, the process is the same here too. Just long-press on the screen to open right-click menu.

The Verdict

The surface pro supports many amazing features like most other tablets on the market. Many new and useful features include swipe, zoom, scroll, and more. Right-click is also one of the many amazing features that surface pro supports, allowing you to get complete functionality. Above, we have covered everything about right-clicking on the surface pro. We really hope it proves beneficial and helps you. With complete mouse functionality, you won’t need to worry about carrying a mouse with you for your surface pro!