How To Make An Instant Health Potion Of Healing In Minecraft?

You can brew a potion of healing in your Minecraft game to get instant health effects with the addition of a health bar to point 4. You can craft it and get it added to your inventory. If you don’t know how to make instant health potions in Minecraft, follow this step-by-step tutorial. 

What’s Needed To Make a Minecraft Health Potion?

To make an instant health potion in Minecraft, you need the following materials. 

  1. 1 Blaze Powder (crafted with 1 blaze rod)
  2. 1 Water Bottle 
  3. A Crafting Table (4 wood planks needed to craft)
  4. A Brewing Stand (crafted with 3 cobblestones and 1 blaze rod)
  5. 1 Nether Wart 
  6. 1 Glistering Melon

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How To Make Instant Health Potion?

Follow these steps. 

  1. Craft one blaze rod and one blaze powder. Craft 1 Blaze Powered Item
  2. Now make a crafting table with four planks. You may use any plank type like crimson planks or warped planks. Make a craft with 4 wood planks
  3. Place this crafting table on the ground and then click it to open the 3×3 crafting grid. Crafting Table On Ground
  4. Craft the brewing stand and set the blaze rod in the top row in the middle. Then in the second-row place three cobblestones. Craft a Brewing Stand
  5. Next place your brewing stand on the ground and then interact with it to open up the brewing menu. Place brew stand on ground
  6. At the far left of the box, set the blaze powder to activate your brewing stand. Activate Brewing Stand
  7. Now add a water bottle to any of the boxes from the three located at the brewing menu bottom. If you add water bottles to all the bottom boxes, you can make as many as three potions at the same time. Add the Water Bottle
  8. To the box located at the brewing menu top, add the nether wart. Add the Nether Ward
  9. Wait a while. When the progress bar completes, you will get the awkward potion in your bottle.Wait For progress Bar to Complete (Awkward Potion) 
  10.  At the box located at the brewing menu top, add the glistering melon. Add The Glistering Melon
  11. Let your progress bar be complete. After completion, your bottle will have the potion of healing, instant health potion. Potion of healing instant health

Once your potion is ready, add it to your inventory by dragging it down.


How To Make Instant Health 2 Splash Potions?

If you also want to know how to make instant health 2 splash potions, follow these steps. You can make it by adding only one more ingredient to the instant health potion. 

  1. Open up the brewing menu again and add your instant health potion (potion of healing) in any of the bottom boxes. Add Potion of healing 1 at the bottom of the grid
  2. Now add Glowstone dust to the box located at the top of the brewing menu. Add the Glowstone Dust
  3. The progress bar will load. Wait for it to complete. Once it’s complete your bottle will have the instant potion 2 of healing. After potion 2 is ready, you can drag it to the inventory and use it when needed.Potion of healing instant health II

Following the simple steps above, you make a potion of healing that can add 4 points to your health bar instantly. You can either add this potion to your inventory and use it, or turn this potion into the instant II health potion.