One of the most popular mods in Minecraft is dying. With so many different colors to choose from, there’s always something new to try.

But what if you want to use a dye that isn’t available in the game? No problem!

In this article, we’re going to show you how to get all the dyes in Minecraft.

A Little Bit About Minecraft

Minecraft is a game where players can build things and explore the world. The game is based on the block-building toy of the same name and is one of the most popular games on PC. Minecraft’s players use blocks to create structures, including buildings, roads, bridges, and more. In order to make these structures look different, players must dye them with colors.

What is the Function of Dyes in Minecraft

Dyes are an essential part of the Minecraft gaming experience. They allow players to customize their characters and environments in countless ways. Whether changing the color of the character’s skin, clothing, or tools, dyes add a level of personalization that makes the game more adventurous.

Dyes are items that can be used in Minecraft to change the colors of blocks and tools that are natural. There are 16 dye colors in Minecraft, and each dye has a different effect.

To dye an object, place the dye color on the crafting table and then place the item you want to dye into the crafting slot.

How to Get Dyes in Minecraft?

Here we have come up with some easy steps to get all the different color dyes in Minecraft, in addition to discovering all the dye colors in Minecraft.

Types of Dyes

There are primarily three types of dyes in Minecraft categorized as;

  • Primary dyes.
  • Quasi primary dyes.
  • Secondary dyes.

Primary Dyes

These dyes are produced, manufactured or crafted from the natural resources or items found in the world of Minecraft.


Primary Dyes


White Dye

Lily of the Valley

Bone meal

Green Dye


Red Dye

Rose bush


Red Tulip


Blue Dye


Lapis Lazuli

Yellow Dye



Brown Dye

Cocoa beans

Black Dye

Ink sac 

Wither rose

White Dye

White Dye Color in Minecraft

If you want to create white dye in Minecraft, you’ll need a bone meal. You can get it by opening the crafting table of the 3×3 grid. After that, put the bone in the middle of the grid. This way, bone meal will be crafted, creating the white dye. 

Lily of the valley can also be used to get the white dye color. For this, you will need to place the lily of the valley in the first box of the first row. After filling with the correct pattern, you will get the desired color.

Green Dye

The desert biome is one of the four biomes in Minecraft. It is a dry and hot place with little rainfall, which means that cacti are the only source of green dye. To get a cactus, you need to find it in the desert biome and place it in the upper cell of the furnace. After that, it is required to put your favorite fuel in the lower part. The green dye will be made, and you can place it in the inventory.

Red Dye

Red Dye Color in Minecraft

You can easily create the red dye with beetroot, poppy flower, or any rosebud. You can use this dye for coloring red to wool and other things.

To obtain the red dye from any of the resources mentioned above, you will need to follow the given patterns.

  • Place the one poppy flower in the first box of the first row.
  • Place the one red tulip in the first box of the first row.
  • Place the one rose bush in the first box of the first row.
  • Place the one beetroot in the first box of the first row.

After filling the crafting area, you will get red dye and can move it to the inventory of Minecraft.

Blue Dye

Blue Dye Color in Minecraft

A new dye item has been added to the Minecraft game – blue dye! You have to use the cornflower from the forest biomes to produce the blue dye. You can use this dye in place of lapis lazuli to dye items blue.

Yellow Dye

Yellow Dye Color in Minecraft

Some players may not know this, but sunflowers and dandelions can both be turned into yellow dye in Minecraft. Chests can also be used to create a similar yellow dye, so if you’re looking for a cheeky way to get your hands on some dye, then chests are the place to go!

Brown Dye

How to Get Brown Dye Color in Minecraft

Cocoa beans can be gathered from cocoa trees in the jungles of Minecraft. This simple crafting conversion makes it possible to create a dye using the flowers. The resulting brown color dye can be used to customize armor or accessories.

Black Dye

Black Dye Color in Minecraft

There are many ways to obtain black dye in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. One of the simplest ways is to kill squids. When you kill a squid, its ink sac will fall out and will be visible on the ground. Wither dyes can be obtained from Wither Roses, which spawn whenever a Wither kills another living mob. However, this is a much more high risk than the other one. So You can pick up the ink sac and use it to create the black dye.

Quasi Primary Dyes

These are dyes that are obtained from any single ingredient or by mixing two items together.


Name of Dye



Pink Dye

Tulip, Peony 

White + Red Dye

Lime Dye

Sea Pickle 

Green + White Dye

Orange Dye

Orange Tulip 

Red + Yellow Dye

Magenta Dye

Lilac, Allium

Purple + Pink Dye 

Red + Blue + Pink Dye

2 Red + Blue + White Dye

Light Gray Dye

Azure Bluet 

Oxeye Daisy 

White Tulip 

White + Gray Dye

2 White + 1 Black Dye

Light Blue Dye

Blue Orchid 

White + Blue Dye

Pink Dye

If you want to get pink dye, you need a pink tulip or peony as they are natural sources. You can also get pink dye by combining red and white dye in Minecraft.

Lime Dye

It has a light green color that is perfect for dyeing wool, leather, and other materials. Lime dye can also be used to create green stained glass blocks. It is obtained by mixing the white and green dye in Minecraft. While you can also use a sea pickle to get this dye through the smelting process.

Orange Dye

Orang Dye In Minecraft

It is one of the fantastic dyes obtained from orange tulip. But, if you don’t have the orange tulip, you can make the orange dye by mixing the yellow and red dye in the crafting inventory or table of Minecraft.

Magenta Dye

You can quickly get this dye with pink and purple dyes in the crafting box of Minecraft. It is the easiest and most straightforward way to get the magenta dye. There are other ways to get this dye, such as mixing red, blue, and pink dye or red, blue and white, in case you don’t have the pink dye. However, the natural way to get magenta dye is by Lilac or allium.

Light Gray Dye

Players can craft light gray dye by using flowers, including sky blue flowers, tulips with a white shade, and moon daisies. Furthermore, white and gray dye shades are also used to obtain this dye.

By mixing one white and one gray dye, you will get the light gray dye.

Furthermore, you will get light gray dye by combining one black and 2 white dye.

Light Blue Dye

Light Blue Dye In Minecraft

It is effortless to get blue flowers from biomes; from there, you can obtain the light blue dye by mixing the white and blue dye.

Secondary Dyes

Secondary dyes are obtained by mixing primary dyes;

Name of Dyes


Cyan Dye

Green + Blue Dye

Purple Dye

Blue + Red Dye

Gray Dye

Black + White Dye


Cyan Dye

Cyan Dye In Minecraft

Players need to mix green and blue dye to make cyan dye in the crafting grid. Once the ingredients are placed in the grid, players need to right-click on the grid to begin crafting. The process of making cyan dye is pretty simple, but it may take some time to gather all the necessary ingredients.

Purple Dye

Purple Dye In Minecraft

In the world of crafts, it is often hard to find colors that work together. Whether it be for a project or just for fun, many crafters are always on the lookout for new color combinations to try.

I am sure the pattern is becoming evident for those who have made it this far. You can get this dye by combining blue and red dye. However, there is one crucial difference – this particular recipe requires acid.

Gray Dye

How to Get Gray Dye in Minecraft

Its formation is just like cyan, but in it, you will need to combine white and black dye. It is one of the great dyes in Minecraft.


There are many ways to get dye in Minecraft. Some of these methods are more difficult than others, but all of them will allow you to get the colors you need for your project. So, choose the method that works best for you and get started!