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Mouse Grip Tape

If you are a gamer who loves customization of gaming setup, then using a mouse grip tape is not only full of advantages in a war zone, but also super cheap. It is a must in the kit of a professional player for a better gaming experience by providing a complete hold and grip on the mouse. The use of mouse grip tape is a cost-effective way to avoid slipping of your hand on the mouse and increase your mouse’s speed. This is really helpful when you’re  at a peak moment in the game.

In the past, hockey or racket players used this material to get a better grip, but now it is emerging as a trend for mouse users. It not only gives your mouse a good look but also enhances your productivity. Moreover, it is a much-needed thing for those types of clicking that require extra friction, like drag clicking.

Why Should You Use Mouse Grip Tape: Features & Benefits

As a gamer, you might already know how grip tape helps you, its importance and uses. But if you are not aware of this, then here I am sharing what grip tape does on a mouse and why it is a must for you or how it helps you.

1. High Friction

The surface of a grip tape is rough and has different patterns to perform its function. These patterns add friction to enhance mouse functionality. For example, using mouse grip tape for drag clicking, can help you register maximum clicks.

2. Sweat Absorbent

During a tournament, you have to play for hours, and extensive clicking causes sweat production. These oils and sweat make the mouse’s surface slippery, affecting clicking speed, and it becomes difficult to hold the mouse properly. In contrast, a mouse with grip mouse tape absorbs sweat and keeps your mouse unaffected.

3. Cost Effective

In comparison to other accessories, the mouse grip tape is the cheapest one for your gaming system. It enhances your performance and gives precise control over the mouse.

4. Easy to Adjust and Apply

Mouse grip tapes are adhesive from one side and easily attached to the mouse surface. It gives a neat and clean finish to the mouse without creating any hassle. Moreover, to get a perfect fit and easy installation, pre-cut grips are available in the market. However, un-cut plain sheets of grip tape are also available that are cheaper than pre-cut grips.

5. Customization

The mouse grip tape is available in different colors and patterns to complement your gaming setup as a perfect updating tool. Moreover, if you can’t afford a new mouse, then the use of cheap grip tapes can give you a fresh feel.

6. Keep Your Mouse Like New

Intense clicks and oils from your hands affect the mouse surface with every passing day. As a result, it not only starts looking older but also decreases mouse functionality. In comparison, mouse grips create a protective layer and keep it new for a more extended period.

7. Enhance Productivity

Almost every clicking type requires a rough surface to get high clicking speed. A grip tape with patterns provides maximum friction that helps you to generate maximum clicks. Moreover, it allows you to get a firmer grip on the mouse without applying extra force. This feature consumes less energy, and you can play for some extra hours.

8. Add Aesthetic

Mouse grip tape is an excellent skin for your mouse. You can choose different colors, patterns, and sizes to get a feel of the new mouse. Moreover, its uniform design gives it an aesthetic look.

Best Mouse Grip Tapes of 2021

1. Razer Mouse Grip Tape - for Razer Viper Mini

If you are searching for a super grip tape for your viper mini, pick razer mouse grip tape. These grips are highly textured that makes them anti-slippery, and give you complete control over your mouse. Moreover, these are made up of good quality material Polyurethane that absorbs sweat and provides easy handling irrespective of what mouse grip styles you want to use. 

The soft material of grip tape absorbs sweat and oils from your hand to keep the surface mate. Moreover, these grips are self-adhesive, so you don’t need to use glue to stick them. These pre-cut grip tapes are easy to apply. Remove the back paper and stick it to your clean mouse. However, it can only be used for razer viper mini, but if you want to use it for another type of mouse, you can cut it according to your mouse shape with the help of a pair of scissors.


  • Super grip
  • Highly textured
  • Polyurethane material
  • Self-adhesive
  • Soft material
  • Easy application
  • Absorb sweat
  • Anti-slippery


  • No potential drawbacks

2. Hotline Games 2.0 Plus DIY Version Anti-Slip Grip Tape

If you want to purchase something affordable but effective to increase the grip of your mouse, then the hotline games DIY version is perfect for you. The diamond textured surface gives you a complete hold on your mouse, and its sweat absorption capacity prevents your hand from slipping. In addition, the adhesive power of American 3M provides a firm grip that makes it stay for months and resist peeling off for a more extended period.

Hotline grips are available in many pre-cut designs, but this DIY version is cut to fit. It has a sheet of grip tape so you can cut it according to your mouse design and shape. This feature makes it universal, and also, you can be creative with it and use it for other devices like mobile phones, cameras, etc., to get a better hold. 

The hotline DIY grip set includes a grip tape sheet, a tweezer for a precise application, and a cleaning cloth to remove dirt before application. You can use a cleaning cloth again to keep your mouse clean. However, texture fades after a few weeks, but it is still the right pick that fits your budget and works amazingly for almost every mouse.


  • Affordable price
  • Diamond texture
  • Sweatproof
  • High absorption power
  • Cut to fit
  • Universal use
  • Highly adhesive


  • Texture starts to fade within a few weeks.

3. Lizard Skins DSP Computer Mouse Grip for PC Gaming

Lizard skins are one of the leading brands in the market of grip tapes. It provides perfect grip with durability. In addition, these skins are thin and lightweight to avoid weighing down mouse buttons. Moreover, it is made up of DSP (Durasoft Polymer) to prevent a synthetic feel.

You can use lizard skin for gaming mouse and also casual use like for mobiles. DSP material also makes it super comfortable and prevents your hand from slipping. Moreover, you need to put pressure for a stronger grip that causes muscle pain, while lizard grips are textured enough that you don’t need to apply extra force to get control of the mouse.

Firstly, these cut-to-fit tapes were introduced in the form of long strips that make it tough to DIY easily. But now, it is available in the form of sheets for users’ convenience. Moreover, If you are fond of colors and different patterns, then these sheets are available in 10 colors, and you can pick the one that compliments your gaming setup. So choose this high-quality grip tape to improve your productivity and also give your mouse an aesthetic look.


  • Strong grip
  • Ultra-comfortable
  • Slip-resistant material
  • Lightweight
  • Cut to fit
  • Available in 10 colors
  • Small triangle pattern
  • No more dealing with a long strip like before
  • DIY feel


  • No mentioned cons

4. Glorious Gaming Mouse Grip Tape (Model O- (Minus))

Glorious grip tape is designed to provide you with maximum sweat absorption and slipping resistance. The thickness of this tape is 0.5 mm, which makes it thin and lightweight. Moreover, it is available pre-cut to make application easy. For application, just peel it from the pack and then place it in the targeted place.

It comes in a set of many cuttings that cover the whole mouse, and it offers a firm grip. Moreover, the texture of this mouse has a very refined look, and its quality makes it the right fit for drag clicking. A full-body mouse grip tape covers the beauty of the mice but increases their productivity. Moreover, this is a bit expensive for the majority, while the Glorious gaming mouse grip results are worth their money.


  • Textured surface
  • slip-resistant design
  • Sweat-wicking properties
  • 0.5 mm thickness
  • Optimal comfort
  • Precut full-body design
  • Great for drag clicking


  • Little expensive
  • Fits ONLY Model O-(Minus)

How to Pick the Best Mouse Grip Tape: Ultimate Buying Guide

There are many mouse grip tapes available in the market. Although these are available at affordable prices, you still only opt for the best one. To know what type of grip tape to get for your mouse, keep these following features in mind to pick the right one for you.

Material and Durability

Before buying a grip tape, you must check upon its durability. No doubt, you have to change it after regular intervals because friction reduces with time. For durability, you should look for a suitable material that is less plastic.

Strong Grip

The actual worth of a mouse grip tape depends on its gripping power and how precisely you can handle the mouse. Pick a tape with a uniform pattern and also look for appropriate friction, not an extra one.

Light and Thin

You have to cover your mouse with mouse grip tape to do your job. It should be light and thin so as not to put pressure on buttons and make it easy to handle for good results. Moreover, a thin layer can easily adjust at the folding areas.


A good grip tape should be absorbent enough to absorb your sweat during a gaming session. The reason behind the use of this product is to add friction. Therefore, it should be sweat absorbent for functioning to make it anti-slippery and ensure a power play.


A plain roll of mouse grip tape needs cutting according to mouse shape, which is a time taking process. Therefore, pre-cut grip tapes are available to save your time and make the installation process easy. However, if your mouse is significantly different in size and shape from other standard mice, you should look for a universal grip tape that you can custom cut accordingly.

Color and Pattern

There are different types of mouse grips based on colors, patterns, and textures available. Pick color and design wisely that compliments your gaming setup because a wrong pick can disturb the aesthetics of your gaming setup. Therefore, choose the one that suits your gaming zone, style and taste.

How to Grip Tape Your Mouse?

For mouse grip tape application, follow these steps

  • Define the area where you want to apply tape and then measure it
  • Cut the tape precisely according to size
  • If you are using a pre-cut grip tape, then directly move to the next step
  • Now clean the mouse surface to get a powerful attachment
  • Now remove the paper from the tape to expose the adhesive side
  • Place the tape on the section and press gently
  • If the grip tape that you’ve is not adhesive, you will have to use some glue to stick the tape to your mouse.

How to Clean Mouse Grips?

Mouse grip tapes are a bit fragile to handle; therefore, you have to be careful and precise while dealing with them. Make sure you only remove oil, not adhesive material; otherwise, it peels off the tape. 

If you don’t know how to clean the grips on the side of the mouse, then don’t panic. For this, you need a paper towel and liquid soap or isopropyl alcohol. First, put a few drops of any of these liquids on a paper towel. Then, use this paper towel to wipe the oils and dirt gently without putting extra pressure. Your mouse grips are now clean to execute a good performance.


Mouse grip tapes are the cheapest but highly productive accessories for a gaming setup. It increases your clicking speed, your control on the mouse and makes it easy to hold the mouse without applying extra pressure. Moreover, you can buy it in various colors and patterns to change the look of your gaming station.

There is a wide range of mouse grip tapes in the market that can confuse you and make it tough to pick the most suitable one. Moreover, if you are a person who knows less about the specifications of grip tape, then this article is for you. In this article, we’ve enlisted only the best mouse grip tapes and written detailed and honest reviews, so you can choose one that suits you the most. Then, add this to your gaming collection to increase your productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use any appropriate super glue to stick the grip back. But always apply a thin layer, so you can remove the tape whenever you want to exchange it with a new one.

Here, you have different options, like sticking it back by using glue or replacing it with a new one. However, if your grip tape comes with a warranty, check it and ask for a new one.

Professional players often use the claw mouse grip because it provides maximum control over the mouse. With claw grip, only your hand grip the mouse and handle all actions while your arm stays still.

For gaming, you need to be quick in action; therefore, the palm grip is preferable. It allows you to move your arm and shoulder freely.

No, electrical tape cannot fulfill the purpose of grip tape because of the absence of Texture. A grip tape has a textured surface to provide friction and let you grab the mouse in a more controlled way.

Razer universal mouse grip tape suits all types of mice. This is a sheet of mouse grip tape, and you can cut and place them according to mouse design.

You can buy the above mentioned grips tapes by clicking the given links. Please read our detailed reviews with pros and cons, then pick the right one for you.