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Panda Auto Clicker

Panda auto clicker is one of the best clicking tools for iPhone and Android to automate clicks and gestures on the mobile screen. Advanced technology supports all types of gestures; therefore, this tool works for nearly every game, apps, and activity on your device. The use of a panda auto clicker helps you to save time and energy by automating your task. Moreover, its simple and user-friendly interface lets you enjoy all benefits without facing difficulties. 


Many factors make the panda auto clicker stand out amongst all competitive tools. Let’s throw some light on these factors.

Easy to Use

The interface of the panda auto clicker is simple and easy. So, you can use it perfectly without facing any difficulty, either you are an expert or a beginner. Everyone can use it efficiently to automate tasks. 


Panda auto clicker allows you customization, including activity recording, time interval, and the number of repetitions. In addition, you can switch mode between the auto clicker and auto touch according to the job requirements.


You can use this tool on your android device and iOS devices or any mobile device you have. In addition, it can be used for any game or apps on your device. Two core features, auto clicker, and auto touch maximize its compatibility. 

Floating Control Panel

A floating control panel is the best way to get complete control of the tool. The floating panel lets you play the recorded action any time while you are on another app. With the help of the floating control panel, you can stop it anytime in between the process. Because of a control panel, you can manage every action of the panda auto clicker without leaving the app you are using. 

Free to Download

Panda auto clicker is free with all these fantastic features. You can download it from a browser by searching it or from our website; just click on the download button, and after minimum changes in the device, you can install it. 

How to Install Panda AutoClicker on Android and iOS?

Panda auto clicker is a simple clicking tool, but it needs some modifications to your device before installation. First, you have to allow background refreshment features of your iOS and Android devices. This step is different for both devices. So let’s learn it individually.

On iOS

  • Go to settings
  • Search for battery and open it
  • Here if low battery usage mode is enabled, turn it off
  • Come back to the main setting page
  • Search for general settings
  • Find background app refreshment option
  • Set it on, and it is better to allow on both cellular and wifi
  • Now your iOS device is ready to install panda auto clicker

On Android

  • Similar to iOS, go to settings
  • Click on the battery option
  • Turn on the high-performance mode; if you don’t have this option, let it go
  • Your Android is ready

Installation Process For Android and iOS

The installation process for both types of devices is the same. Follow these guidelines to install the panda auto clicker.

  • Click on the given APK file to download the tool
  • When you click on download, it starts compiling files that are needed to install it
  • It takes few seconds
  • The interface shows some files, download and opens these installation files
  • Install all files and keep each one open for almost 30 sec
  • Go back to the installation page
  • The installation has been completed
  • Now restart your phone
  • After restart, you can find the panda auto clicker on your device

How to Use Panda Auto Clicker?

As the panda auto clicker is downloaded, now you want to use it. There are two core options, i.e. panda auto clicker and panda autotouch. They are different in functioning; the auto clicker automates clicks while the auto touch lets you automate your gestures like swipe up, swipe down, swipe left, and swipe right.

How to Use the Panda Auto Clicker Feature?

  • Open the app and choose the auto clicker mode
  • Set the time interval between clicks
  • Automate it by turning it on
  • It starts clicking on the defined place

How to Use the Panda Auto Touch Feature?

  • Open the app, and choose auto touch mode
  • Here you find a record and play option
  • Tap on it to record your command
  • From a display button, you can start recording
  • It starts recording your actions
  • Pause it after you are done
  • Rename the job for future use
  • Now again, click on auto touch mode and select the playback
  • Select the recorded file
  • On the next page, you can customize how many times you want to repeat and the time interval

In this way, you can automate any task, and you can stop this any time with the help of the display button.

Where You Can Use Panda Auto Clicker?

Perfect for Gaming

In games, you can use auto-clicking mode and auto touch mode according to game need. Auto clicking is best for games where you have to fire and run continuously. On the other hand, for games in which you need to spin the wheel multiple times or any similar task where clicking can’t work, auto touch mode helps do these tasks. 

Assist to Achieve Targets

The recording feature is the best for office tasks like data entry or any repetitive tasks that take hours, and now panda auto clicker does this and saves your time. During that time you can rest and do other jobs. 

Compatible with All Apps

You have iOs or Android, and this tool is compatible with both devices with 7+ versions. Through this tool, you can automate games as well as other apps like TikTok. For example, without any effort, this tool likes the video and swipes to the following video.

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Panda auto clicker is the right choice for you whether you are an android user or an iOs user. If you want relief from random repetitive tasks that suck your energy and leave you dull for important tasks, the only solution is a panda auto clicker.

In gaming, it sets your fingers free and clicks in your place. Furthermore, the compatibility with all types of mobile apps allows repetitive tasks like swiping, adding likes on social media, opening the lucky box, etc. To enjoy all these features, download it now.