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Perfect Automation

Perfect automation is a very handy and lenient tool to be used for the sake of perfection and quick task provider. You can save your time and of course money with this application. Perfect automation would never let you down regarding its efficiency and control. It can perform multiple tasks precisely, saving your time and space. You don’t need to have various tools for different tasks. Here’s the one doing multiple tasks for you.

It makes your clicking process fast and smooth. You can do this via mouse or keyboard. It will help in the fast clicking providing you better game experience.

Functions of Perfect Automation

The tool can perform the following functions very accurately.

  • Recording the keyboard and mouse activity.
  • Editing the scripts.
  • Launching the hotkeys.
  • Scheduling the clicking process.

It deals with the executable files by providing them with a safe launch. It does not require any high-level programming, and it’s a piece of cake for beginners. Although, expert programmers can go for the trending advanced programming. It can create and help you launch any kind of hotkey. You can create any keyword or command. Perfect automation auto clicker schedules your clicking process by defining each task after a certain period of time, as per choice by the worker. It gives full customization to set your own setting.

How to Download Perfect Automation?

Perfect automation free download version is Free of cost, full of all the above-defined features, and easy to install. You can simply download the free version and access all the required equipment in this tool.

  • Get the tool downloaded from the button given below.
  • Once it is downloaded, install the application to your device. 
  • To install, you will have to select your preferable language.

Language Setting While Installing Perfect Automation v2.7.1

  • After this step, an installation window would appear. Click “Next”

Installation Window For Perfect Automation v2.7.2

  • Proceeding forward, a license agreement window would appear. Read the agreement and move forward.

License Agreement for Perfect Automation v2.7.1

  • After that, you are required to decide and select the file destination.

Select Destination Folder for Installing Perfect Automation v2.7.1

  • You installation process would begin.

Perfect Automation Will Start Installing on Your Device

  • When the tool is downloaded successfully, a window as follows would popup.

Perfect Automation Installation is Complete

The perfect automation tool is as easy to set up as described in the above steps. You can access the recordings of your keyboard mouse from the folder you have created. The interface is very simple to use and all the necessary schedule options are already defined on the top screen. You can schedule the events, or set up some hotkeys for your program to launch.


The macro function is completely free to use when you install this application to your desktop. You can access any features easily.

No, it doesn’t spam any of your work. Although, it has a diversity of features. It handles all of them properly.

The auto clickers are defined in such a way as to make the auto-clicking phenomena very fast and smooth. Download auto clicker and after learning a few basics, you are good to go.