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If you want to build your castle, a tower, or a strong boundary around your Minecraft world, then you need a Minecraft circle generator. Here you can use only square boxes to create anything you desire, but you need circular shapes to build everything, which is not an easy task. Therefore, we have a useful guide and circle generator to make it simple for you. 

In addition, you don’t need to add command codes or any complex thing in this generator. Also, you can download it in PNG or SVG form. Moreover, this tool can generate other circular shapes, like an oval or sphere, in whatever size and width you want

Why You Need a Minecraft Circle Generator

Your Minecraft gaming experience is incomplete without a Minecraft circle maker. Because this is a one shape world that is square, you cannot create everything with just one shape. Therefore, a circular shape is a much-needed thing to build an entire kingdom. Moreover, if you want to create a 360 structure, then circular shapes are a must. 

You can create a Minecraft circle chart by using different techniques. However, with this tool, you can generate simple pixel circles by using single pixels. With this generator, you can make any shape with circular shapes as its building block. 

How a Circle Formed in Minecraft

It is quite confusing; when everything in Minecraft is made up of squares, even zombies are like straight lines, how can you create a perfect circle. However, our screens daily make us fool by showing round things that are in reality made up of square pixels. A similar technique you can use to draw your circle by placing blocks at the right position so that it makes the whole thing a circle. 

For better understanding, see these graphs to know how the right placement of blocks can show magic. so, with this illusion, now you can build anything you want. Use your imagination and build a castle and other buildings to rule like a king/Queen. 


Force Circle: This tool has a force circle option that automatically adjusts the circle horizontally and vertically. You select the width, and it instantly sets the length of the circle. 

Support Different Shapes: With this tool, you can create oval or spare shapes easily. The only thing you need to do is mention the diameter of the circle. 

Block Count: This feature counts and tells you the number of blocks used for that specific circle

Type of Circle: there are three types of Circles i.e., thin, thick and filled. You can pick any type according to circle use and purpose. 

Scale: The scale feature lets you zoom in and zoom out the screen so you can examine your circle precisely. 

Download: You can download the created circle in two formats, i.e., PNG and SNG

Minecraft Circle Guide

Minecraft circle guide is a simple chart for beginners. It has diagrams of circles with different widths and lengths so you can precisely build a lighthouse, a tower, or a house. Use this guide to make your work easy. Moreover, you can download this guide in PNG form.

How to Build a Circle With The Help of Minecraft Generator

Method to Generate a Perfect Minecraft Circle

To create one or more refined circles, then kindly follow these steps. 

Firstly, you need to define the width and length of the shape that you will use for structure building. 

Next, choose the type of circle according to the task you want to do with it. 

If you want a basic circle, then choose the thin one. 

Tick the force circle option in case you want a perfect circle. 

This feature automatically provides the required rows and columns for each dimension, i.e., horizontal and vertical.

Block count feature to help you to count blocks that are used for each particular circle.

You can generate circles in different sizes, depending on the will and structure you are constructing. Moreover, this tool lets you zoom in or zoom out the circle

How to Build a Filled Circle

You can generate three types of circles, and the filled circle is one of them. To generate a filled circular shape, follow these steps. 

Go to the tool on top of this page.

Here you have to customize a few options to get a perfect circle according to your wish.

Define the width and length of the circle.

If you want to create a circle, click on the force circle. It automatically adjusts the rows and columns of the circle. 

For a different circular shape, off force circle feature.

As your circle is ready, but for filling, change the circle type to filled circle.

Now you have a perfect filled circle.

Download it in suitable format PNG or SVG

How to Build a Circle With No Fill

To get a simple but thick Minecraft circle, follow these guidelines. 

Go to the tool on top of this page.

Define customizable factors to get a perfect circle according to your wish.

Adjust width and length of the circle.

If you want to create a circle, click on the force circle. For a different circular shape, off force circle features to get maximum customization power.

Change the type of circle into thick or thin.

In a thin circle, the boundary is precise and made up of a single block, while in a thick one, the boundary is made of two blocks.

Now you have a perfect filled circle to make your structure.

Download it in the picture form and enjoy your Minecraft construction. 

Build a Circle With The Help of Blocks

In a horizontal row, firstly, put 5 blocks. 

Move the first block and keep moving until it reaches the 5th one.

Now place another 6 blocks, but you need to place them in different rows. 

You have to follow this process till you leave with a single block. 

On the top right corner, move a single block and add 2 blocks vertically.

Do the same process till you add 10 blocks in the column that cover 5 vertical lines.

Repeat the same process for the left-hand side.

Again, in reverse, repeat these steps.

In the circle, place 4 blocks vertically and go down till you reach the starting vertical block.

Horizontally put 2 blocks in the center and keep doing the process until you outreach the 5th block in a row.

How to Generate Oval Shape

It is as easy and similar to the previous processes. To generate an oval shape, follow these simple steps. 

Enter the length, width, and type of circle.

The oval shape has different lengths and widths. Therefore, to enter different measurements, uncheck the force circle box. 

Now you can add your needed diameter of oval shape.

Your oval shape is ready to download. 


This article covers every possible important information and guideline to keep it the best and easy for beginners. If you never use any such tool, this article will help you. Use this tool to enhance your Minecraft experience of building a house, a tower, lighthouse, an ocean, etc., and add fun to your life. 


To construct a perfect circle, you need to take care of the following things.
Always begin with the longest line.
Then follow it with a shorter line.
Keep repeating this process until you leave with the smallest line.
Next, turn and follow the same process.
Do this for all sides to get a perfect circle.

Type equation ( x^2+y^2=r^2 ) at the place where you want the radius of the circle.

With a 10 by 14 blocks base, you need 244 blocks to take a full beacon.

It takes a circle with 160 diameters to drain an ocean monument.

To create a circle, follow the given guidelines available on the tool page

Minecraft uses pixels to create different interesting models, and this technique is called pixel art.

In Minecraft, everything is square and line form; even the zombies are square and linear in shape. However, with the right placement, you can form any shape you want.