Private Click Measurement | Get Advantage of PCM

On the web, classic ad attribution is usually done using cookies that carry device or user IDs. This also includes cross-site tracking. Websites shouldn’t attribute ad click data and single-user conversion in their large-scale tracking. Yet, online advertising should be supported in a way that helps the industry grow, while maintaining the security of the users. Hence, the private click measurement or PCM for short is a way to send attributions with only limited data using the private dedicated browsing mode that has no cookies, and the reports are delayed between 24 to 48 hours for disassociating events and to handle data on the device. Want to know more about private click measurement? What is it and how does it work? You’re at the right place. Allow us to explain!

What is a Click Measurement?

A click is an action performed by a simple mouse click on any website visited by an internet user. Click measurement is defined as the process of grouping different click types together like download, browser, action, and exit. There needs to be a difference defined between a visit and a click. A click is usually single, whereas a visit may contain other clicks as well during visits.

What is Private Click Measurement?

Private click measurement is a new plan developed by Apple to measure the effectiveness of your ad clicks in apps that navigate to the web, all the while maintaining your data privacy. Developed by WebKit, Private click measurement is defined as a way of performing click attribution that stops user cross-site tracking while offering a means to measure the effectiveness of online ads. This tool is built in the browser and will run on-device meaning that the vendor of the browser will not get to see the ads that are clicked or the purchases made.

PCM means private click measurement that is available for iOS 14.5 and iPad 14.5. It was designed as an alternative to the cookie-based measurement that had been blocked by Intelligent tracking prevention. This tool actively works with the Apple Safari browser and from iOS 14.5, and in iPadOS, and iOS apps. It had been proposed that private click measurement should be set as the standard and be brought to other browsers as well.

Features of PCM

Several features are offered by private click measurement.

  1. Privacy-maintaining ads click unit of measurement across different websites 
  2. Works from iOS apps to websites 
  3. Compatible with iPadOS 14.5 and iOS betas.
  4. Supports an 8-bit identifier on the click source side, meaning you can measure 256 parallel campaign ads on an app or website. 
  5. With the 4-bit identifier for the conversion side, 16 different conversion events may be easily distinguished. 
  6. Prevention of fraud through unlinkable tokens.
  7. Useful for large publisher apps like Facebook. 
  8. Enables private-friendly tracking.
  9. Ios measurement effectiveness 
  10. Sends attribution reports 
  11. Offers a stable attribution 
  12. Not enabled in private browsing mode.

Benefits Offered by Private Click Measurement

Overall the data PCM is a plus for advertising that offers several benefits that are described below.


1. Measure Click Through Rate Measurement Effectiveness

Private bits for clicks measure offers the benefit of allowing advertising networks to keep a track of the effectiveness of ad clicks across different websites from iOS ( or even iPadOS) apps to the websites.

2. Maintains Privacy

While allowing advertising networks to measure the effectiveness of ad clicks, it also ensures the privacy of users by maintaining their anonymity. It maintains user privacy because it does not allow cross-site tracking and prevents the collection of any personal data.

3. Saves the Advertising Industry

With the PCM link measurement, advertising networks can easily measure the effectiveness of their advertisement clicks across different websites using the iOS apps to other websites. Because it keeps the advertisement industry growing, it makes sure it doesn’t end. PCM gives the advertising industry the freedom to do what they need without having to make any compromise on the security of the people who open those ads.

4. Maintains Anonymity

Without enabling the private click measurement, disabling cross-site tracking, or using content blockers, the advertisers will be able to know what ad you had tapped on from a website or your iOS device to go to the website of the ad on Safari. Yet, there is no reason why advertisers should know this. By using the PCM, you can maintain your anonymity and periodically delete this data. Hence, you can maintain your anonymity and keep things to yourself.

Limitations of PCM marketing

Regardless of the benefits, some restrictions are necessary to maintain data privacy. These limitations are enlisted below.

  1. PCM does not support user mapping, thereby removing the option of capturing any demographic user features. 
  2. The ad click time is not transmitted, rather only the conversion time is. 
  3. The reports of attribution are not transmitted without a delay. A delay time is set between 24 to 48 hours after the event. Sometimes it can take even more time if the user browser is again running. 
  4. Only an 8-bit ID may be transmitted with an ad click per domain. A number may be chosen between 0 to 255, hence allowing 256 possible values per campaign. 
  5. A 4-bit ID is transmitted for a conversion. A number may be selected between 00 to 15, hence allowing 16 different conversion types per domain. 
  6. The attribution window has a limit of 7 days maximum only. If the conversion goes beyond the margin of 7 days after an ad click, it won’t be tracked. 


So, 1 click measurement PCM is a tool that is designed to enable private-friendly tracking, preventing the collection of one’s private data while enabling conversion tracking for the clicked ad. PCM hence is a very useful tool that allows advertising networks to track the effectiveness of ad clicks across different websites from iOS apps to other websites while ensuring the anonymity and security of the users. The best part is that it won’t kill the advertisement industry, rather it gives an alternative way to do what’s needed without any compromise on one’s security.