Random Clicker By Murgaa | Features, Versions, Free Download & Uses

Random Clicker By Murgaa

Whether it is gaming or other tasks that require constant clicking, many auto clickers like Mac Random Mouse Clicker are perfect for the job. Clicking the mouse, a hundred times, if not more can be a very tedious task. Why do it yourself when an auto clicker can do it for you? Random clicker by Murgaa is a well-developed automated clicking software that automates all your clicks for you. 

Mac Random Mouse Clicker

Mac random mouse clicker is an advanced automation utility by Murgaa software that allows users to automate the mouse button clicks. This software can automate different mouse buttons like the right click, left click, middle click, middle down, right down, and left down. Users can hold these buttons for as long as needed. This auto clicker allows users to set the click number, and the minimum or maximum delay. Moreover, hotkeys can be assigned and customized as per the need of the user. 

Mac random mouse clicker makes use of a very simple and easy user interface making it suitable for all users, regardless of their expertise. There are many benefits of using the MAC Auto clicker.

Random Clicker

Features of Mac Random Mouse Clicker

  • Automates right, middle, and left clicks 
  • Configure fixed or random delays 
  • Hold mouse button as long as needed 
  • Assign and customize hotkey 
  • Simple user interface 
  • Lightweight 
  • Set the number of delays 

Versions of Murgaa Random Auto Clicker

Random auto clicker by Murgaa has several versions including versions 1.0, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, and 3.0. 

How To Download And Use Random Auto Clicker By Murgaa?

Random auto clicker free download is a simple and easy process. To download this auto clicker, just click download. When it is downloaded to your device, just click the icon to install it. When installed, follow the simple steps below to use this auto clicker for Mac

Step 1: Double click the Random auto mouse clicker icon on your device. 

Open Random Clicker By Murgaa

Step 2: You will see the main auto clicker window open up. 

Main Auto Clicker Window

Step 3: Now choose the mouse click button. You will also see several customization options like the number of clicks, the minimum, and the maximum delay. Set these according to your need. Random Clicker by Murgaa Time Delay

 Step 4: After setting these, set your shortcut key for starting and stopping the clicks. Random Clicker by Murgaa Short Key

Step 5: Navigate to the location for automating clicks and press start. Your clicks will be automatically generated. 

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Random Clicker By Murgaa: Uses

Random clicker by Murgaa is used for automating all clicks tasks. It is often used in idle games like Roblox or Minecraft where gamers need to click constantly to win against their competitors.


Just download this auto clicker, install it to your device, customize your clicks, and click start to generate automated clicks.

Yes, the random auto clicker is functional and safe. It is free from viruses and malware.

Yes, auto clickers are safe to use because they do cause any harm to the device. These programs are free from viruses and malware. 

Yes, the random auto clicker has a paid version, but users can try out the trial version for free before making the purchase.

No, this auto clicker is not illegal because there are no laws against its use.