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For many people, naming characters, people, businesses, and/or pets can be a fun and interesting task. The Random name generator tool is a great option for those who are in search of creating random names for their characters for multiple purposes. Different Name generators offer different options, but our tool will make things easy for you by giving you all the options you need. If you are here to know more about the fake name generator tool, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get started! 

What is a Random Name Picker?

The Random name generator is a great online tool that is designed to generate a random name list for several different purposes. You can find multiple different names by just entering the minimalist details that you need. Just fill in the details and your random names will be generated. 

Uses of Random Name Generator

Our Random name generation tool gives you the freedom of generating names for multiple different purposes. We give you character names, human names, and fiction names as well. You can use our tool for several different purposes like:

-> Character name generation 

-> Human name generation

-> Male and female name generation 

-> First and last name generation 

-> Random person name generation 

-> Fake name generation 

-> Fantasy name generation 

How To Use Our Random Full Name Generator?

If you want to use our easy Random Name Picker tool, just follow the steps given below. 

-> Visit the page of the MyClickSpeed name generator tool.

-> You will see a box appear that says min length. Write the minimum length in numbers for the name you want. Then click the blue arrow button.

-> You will see another box appear that says, “max length”. Here write the maximum length of words for your desired names. 

-> The next box that appears says “start with”. Here, write the initial letter you want for the names, and then press the green tick button.

-> That’s all. Your list of names will instantly be generated and shown to you. The red arrow button will take you to the previous page, and the yellow refresh button will refresh the list of random names. 

-> Scroll all the names to find the one you like.

-> Whatever name you select, you can copy it to the clipboard with the “copy name” button.

Examples of Names Generated By Our Random First And Last Name Generator

Here is a list of names that are generated by our random name generator. You will find names like the ones listed below when you use our tool. 

-> Milekoh 


-> Aocdu 

-> Adofokoda 

-> Hujij

-> Hale

-> Hodu 

-> Bub 

-> Bil 

-> Deduk 

-> Dahood 

-> Robe 

-> Rugik 

-> Rabu 

-> Regam

Features of Our Random Name Generator

Our random name generator tool has several unique features that make this tool stand out from its competitors. Here is a description of these features. 

1. Multiple Names To Choose From

Our Random name generator tool gives you a great list of names to choose from. When you set the filters, you will see a list of names. Press the refresh button to get a new list of names. So, with our tool, you will never fall short of options to select names from. 

2. Choose The Minimum & Maximum Name Length

Our name generator allows you to choose the minimum and maximum length of words you want in your name. When you select these lengths, all names within this word range will be shown. 

3. Select The Initial Letter For The Names

Our random name generator also allows you to select the initial letter of the names you want. You can select the initial name letters of your choice. 

4. Names Generated Instantly

As soon as you enter the lengths and initial letters and press the tick, the name lists will be generated instantly, without any delays. 

5. Copy Names to Clipboard

When you’ve selected the name of your choice, you can copy it to the clipboard and paste it wherever you need. 

Benefits of Our Random Name Generator Tool

There are multiple reasons why our tool should be your choice for generating random character names. 

1. Easy to Use

If you use our random name generator, you’ll agree that it can’t get any simpler than this. There is no complex process. Just select your desired maximum and minimum name length, select the initial name letter, and you’re good to go. Just click the tick button, and you will instantly get multiple random names to select from.

2. No Download, No Space Usage

Since our tool is available on our online platform, there is no need to download it. You don’t have to download any app meaning that no space is needed on your device to run this tool. 

3. Multiple Options For Names

Our random name generator gives you multiple name options that you can choose from. The more options you have, the better it is because if you don’t like one, you can select the other. 

4. It is a Free Tool

Most quality name generation tools are available at a high price and you’d have to pay that to use the tool. Unlike others, our tool is absolutely free and free in the sense that there are no hidden charges. In simple words, you won’t need any upgrading to use the tool smoothly. 

5. Generate Unlimited Names

There is no limit to how many times you can use the tool. Our tool can be used an unlimited number of times to generate as many names as you want. Whether you want to generate names five times or hundred times, you’re free to do it with our tool. 

Why Should You Use a Random Name Generator Online?

In most cases, using a third-party random name generator is a hassle-free option, but the disadvantages can also not be overlooked. The good part about this name generator tool is that it doesn’t need to be downloaded and can easily be used on the browser. This helps save your device’s storage. You should use a random name generator because it is a free tool that doesn’t take any space on your device and allows you to generate random names for your characters with ease. 

Is This Tool Available For Free?

Yes, our random name generator tool is absolutely free for use. You can easily use this tool as many times as you want without needing to make any payment. Also, no restrictions are imposed like subscription or sign-up. Just open our website and use this tool for free and invite others to join in as well. 

Are The Name Choices Saved When Names Are Generated Using This Tool?

No. The names that you have chosen from the list are not being saved at all. No data is saved on the data servers, so don’t worry. You can safely use this tool without having to worry about your security. 

Is There A Limit To Generating Names With This Tool?

As we have mentioned above, there is no restriction on the usage of this tool. You can generate as many character names as you want with our tool. We provide you with a long list of name options based on the filters of max length, min length, and initial letters that you choose. It’s always better to have more options for choosing names. The more the options, the better it is! 

What Do You Mean By Good Fake Names?

Good fake names are those names that can bring a person or character to life. Based on the traits and characteristics of a person or character, a good fake name will be on that represents these traits in the best way. What may be a great fake name for one character may be the worst naming choice for another? So, when we talk about a good fake name, it all comes down to the overall personality of the character you are finding a name for. Using the random name generator to generate good name options is a great way to find great fake names for your characters. 

Why Am I Given So Many Options For Names?

When you come to our site in search of a name, you may either be narrowly or broadly looking for the names. When you make a start, you are searching for ideas and won’t need many options. But when you start narrowing down and specifying the names, that’s when these diverse options can come in handy. However, if you think the options are too many, you don’t have to search through all of them anyway. Just skim through a few and select the name you like. But multiple naming options can be great for those who are selective in their choices. Hence, we offer a diverse range of names for the users. 


The random name generator is a very interesting tool that generates multiple random names based on the filters you choose. You can use these names to name your characters in games or find real names for people. If you haven’t used our random name generator tool yet, maybe you should give it a try!