Razer Pro Click Wireless Mouse Review

Razer Pro Wireless Mouse Click

The market of technology has filled with a variety of advanced latest technology. Each day the revolution comes in the technological world. You are also surrounded by the ocean of technological devices. There are large numbers of different devices which are used in the world of technology. Among all these technological devices today we are discussing the latest advanced mouse.

Razer Pro Click Wireless Mouse

Razer Pro Click Wireless Mouse

Although there are many models of mouse available with different designs and features. The most Hi-tech mouse with multiple features is the Razer pro click mouse. This mouse is the top priority by many gamers, programmers and employees because of its striking features. It is easy to use and it helps in increasing Mouse CPS.

Design Of The Mouse

Multi Host Connectivity

The design of the mouse is very slim and sleek and delicate in look. The curves of the mouse are so skillfully designed that it gives a smart look to the mouse. The bottom of the mouse has finished with a silver lining that gives a stunning look to the mouse. On the top left, two buttons are functional. The scroll or wheel made of metal is present in the middle of the mouse. Below the mouse, there is an LED indicator and toggle button. The logo of the Razer is printed in the area where the palm is placed while working. 

Coziness Of Mouse

Both sides of the mouse are attached with the fine grip which is grey in color so that the hand is placed properly on it. The curve of the left side of the mouse has protruded outward so that you can place your thumb on it easily. 

The front of this mouse will provide you with the attachment for USB cable for charging and also wire for use in the wired style. At the bottom of the mouse, there are two PTFE feet present in the front and back. They provide gliding in the excess on the surface area. The optical sensor is present in the mid with a wireless toggle switch and LED on either side. You can also hide your dongle when not in use in the small removable cover hides. For its ergonomic design, it is the most hand favorable mouse for all the users.

Specifications Of The Razer Pro Click Mouse

1. Optical Sensor

Optical Sensor

The mouse has the feature of a 5G optical sensor. This advanced optical sensor senses the image quickly on the different textures of the material

2. Connectivity

It provides smooth connectivity with a 2.4GHz hyper-speed dongle.

3. Buttons & RGB Lights

8 Programmable Buttons

This mouse is suitable for right-handed people and having no RGB lights. There are 8 efficient buttons present in this mouse for multiple and extended control. The side buttons of this mouse are programmable so they are used in photo shop. They work in an outstanding way for mapping the save work and in copy-paste tasks.

4. Sensitivity Of The Mouse

The sensitivity of the mouse is 16000 DPI and the maximum acceleration is 40G. The sensitivity provides the precise tracking of the mouse. It helps in the maximum provision of productivity and efficiency while working. The mouse provides you with mechanical switching and has a 50 million clicks limit.

5. Wired or Wireless Mouse

This Razer pro click wired or wireless gaming mouse is functional with or without wires. You can attach USB-A to a small USB holder to charge the mouse or you can use it with a wired mouse.

6. Configuration Of The Mouse

The mouse is used independently without any software. For the configuration of its button and DPI, you have to install Razer synapse 3 for the configuration.

Benefits Of The Razer Pro Click Wireless Mouse

This type of mouse provides you with multiple benefits. Razer pro click mouse benefits are given below which pursue you in the buying of this mouse.

1. Comfortable Design

The mouse has an ergonomic and comfy design which makes your prolonged work easy. The mouse is designed by keeping in view human easiness while working. The design of the mouse doesn’t produce strain in the arms and improves the posture. The design keeps the angle of the arm at 300. The mouse has been designed in collaboration with the human scale which is the world’s top manufacturer of cozy devices.

2. Bluetooth Features

It provides you with Bluetooth features and a high-speed dongle. Bluetooth allows you to connect with multiple hosts. 

3. Battery Life & Synchronization

The battery life of the mouse is satisfying as it is up to 400 hours. The battery of the mouse will last 400 hours when you use it by connecting with Bluetooth. The life of the battery is 200 hours when you connect it with 2.4GHz wireless. If you are using a 2.4GHz dongle then the mouse works 7hours in five days of the week. When you use it with charging then it will take 4 hours to fully charge. It syncs with more than one device easily so that you can move from one device to another easily.

4. Time Saver Device

This mouse is time-saving for those workers who work mostly by switching between the PC and laptops all day. The mouse connects up to three devices via bluetooth and one with USB.

When you press the button for pairing, it will switch you to the next device to which you will connect. At the same time, the red, blue, or green light will start on; depending on the device you connect.

5. Working While Charging

In addition to the prolonged battery life, the mouse works in the charging as well. The indicators are starting work when the battery gets low. If the green flashes it shows that the battery of the mouse is more than 75%. If the light turns yellow then it means it is in between 51-75%. Orange indicates 26-50% and the red light indicates the battery life less than 25%.

In Gaming

The Razer pro click mouse for gaming is an outstanding device for gamers in multiple controls of function during gaming. Gamers use this device because of its snug design. The multiple programmable buttons provide a macro purpose for gaming. It works continuously without any hindrance during gaming. The mouse needs to work non-stop while gaming. It works well in windows working, photo and video editing.