T Rex Dino Game

Running T-Rex
T-Rex Dino game from Google Chrome offline mode ripped by ZKVDigital.
Press "Space" to jump your Dino and start the game.

We are sure you’ve been there once, if not more; the internet signal dies and you feel like you’ve entered the stone age. It’s pretty frustrating, isn’t it? Being in the middle of an article, game, or task being fully involved, and the internet connection dies all of a sudden. What do you do? In today’s world where the internet is our lifeline, a “no internet connection” signal can be devastating. Thanks to Google, your entertainment will continue even if your internet doesn’t work. While you wait for your internet to come back, the dinosaur game online can be a great escape.

How Did the Internet Dinosaur Game Come into Existence?

According to Sebastien Gabriel, the developer of chrome, it is believed that the no wifi dino game is a tribute to prehistoric times, the times before the era of technology. The pixel style of the game is also a reference to the error illustrations of Google browser. The engineers of the game had thought about adding more features such as kicking and roaring, but then agreed on keeping the game prehistoric and simple therefore staying with the jump, run, and duck actions. In the honor of arc Bolan, who was the frontman of “T-Rex” the 1970 legendary band, the Offline dinosaur game got nicknamed “Project Bolan”.Cacti and desert were a part of the first project of the game.

In 2014, the no internet dino game was introduced for the first time but around this time it didn’t work with Android OS versions. Only after the Google developers completed the project, was it made available for these devices in December.

We are very excited to offer this dinosaur jump game on our website where you don’t need to wait for the internet connection to break to play the game. Our version is a real copy of the original dinosaur game no internet. You can easily play this game with your family and friends. As a very popular game that is being played by almost 270 million people around the globe, do you know how to play a dino game? Let’s find out.

How to Play the Dino T-Rex?

If you want to play the game, you can launch it in your chrome browser on your mobile or desktop. Playing this dino game offline is no hard task. You just need to play the game with two controls, the down arrow, and the spacebar. To get the game started, you have to press the spacebar button after which the dino will sprint in the infinite runner mode.


The obstacles in the dinosaur game offline are the birds and cacti that come in the way of the dinosaur. You have to press the down button to duck and the spacebar to jump. If you touch any of the obstacles, it’s a game over for you. If you wish to pause the game, you can use the “Alt” button.

The T rex game play requires the gamers to jump using the spacebar when the cacti approach in the dinosaur’s way. Birds are the other obstacles but they fly at differing heights so it’s upon your judgment whether you want to jump or duck to save yourself. As the game proceeds, the speed of the game keeps increasing. The purpose of the dinosaur wifi game is to keep going as long as possible.


After you reach specific milestones, the background shifts from light to dark, the day and night alteration. While the T-rex game is a great way to stay away from getting bored, it is addictive and can strain your eyes as the game speed increases.

The Highest Score in the Dinosaur Jumping Game

Before we talk about what the highest score in the game is, we must remember that this game is a never-ending runner game which, the author claims, has a playtime of 17 million years. This is equal to the age where the tyrannosaurus or T-rex were alive and roaming the earth. Talking about the highest score in the dinosaur game no wifi, the highest possible score of the game is 99,999. Once you reach this score, the game resets and returns to the score of zero.

How to Play Dino Game No Wifi with the Internet Connection?

For the most part, the jumping dinosaur game is played when your internet does not work. But what if someone wants to play it even when their internet is working? Dino game online are possible. We offer a replica of the t rex no internet dinosaur game that you can play online whenever you want. It offers the same fun and excitement even when you have a stable internet connection.

Apart from that, if you wish to play the game, you can also type “chrome://dino” in the address bar and open the “no internet” window. You can then start the game with a spacebar press and play it.

The t-rex google game is a simple companion in frustrating times when the internet shuts down for extended periods. You can play dino game to get rid of boredom. It is a quite addicting and fun game, regardless of one’s age group. The problem, however, is that once your internet connection is back, the game turns off. To avoid this, you can always play the chrome dinosaur game online on our website.

Play the Dino Game on Mobile

While many games are played on laptops and computers, the new generation is usually glued to their mobile phones. From working to playing games, everything is done on the mobile. While T-rex games are often played on computers, people want to have the same pastime fun on their phones as well.


The best part about the space bar click test Dino game is that it is also mobile-friendly hence is able to work on most devices. To play the game on mobile, it’s not necessary to wait for your internet connection to break. You can easily turn the “airplane mode” in and play the T-rex game. These simple steps can be followed to play the T-rex game on Android phones.


  1. To start, turn your phone to “airplane mode”. Alternatively, you can turn off your phone’s internet connection.
  2. Now open the chrome browser and then enter any URL you wish.
  3. The “no internet” window will open.
  4. You just have to tap on the screen to start your game.
  5. On your mobile device, tap on the screen to make your dinosaur jump and avoid obstacles.

If you wish to play the game on your iOS device, you will have to follow the instructions below because chrome is not pre-installed on iOS devices.


  1. Go to the app store and install Chrome’s latest version. 
  2. After the downloading is complete, turn on your iPhone’s flight mode. 
  3. Open the chrome browser and enter any address in the web address bar. 
  4. How to turn on the dinosaur game? Now, the “no internet connection” page will show on your screen. 
  5. Just tap on your screen to start the infinite dino runner game.

Yes, the T-rex game is fun to play on your mobile but it cannot beat the experience of playing the game on a laptop or computer.

Can the Dino T-rex Game be Hacked?

This simple dinosaur game is a great way to kill your boredom. Cheating isn’t fun, but the t rex runner hack allows your dinosaur to become immortal with ease. If you worry about the dinosaur game-ending, this hack will ensure your game never ends. Even when you touch the cacti or other obstacles, you will not lose. While this is not fair, it can be done for fun’s sake. Follow these steps to hack the dino game and become immortal.


  1. First, go to the ‘no internet’ page where you will see your dino. 
  2. Then start the game with your space bar.
  3. Once the game becomes active, right-click and select the inspect option. Or you can press the “Ctrl + shift + I”. this opens the chrome dev tools. 
  4. Go to the console tab and type “var original = Runner.prototype.gameOver’ and then press enter. 
  5. Then in the second line type ‘Runner.prototype.gameOver = function (){}’ and then press enter. 
  6. Then exit the DevTools and continue playing your T-rex game. This will make you immortal. 

After this hack, your dinosaur will not be impacted by birds and cacti. Just sit and watch to get more points.


The Verdict

Enjoy your favorite T-rex game on our website because we have the exact replica. The best part is that you don’t have to wait for the internet connection to drop to play the game. You can play the game yourself and invite your friends and family to join you as well. Why get bored when you can play this interesting game with or without an internet connection. This game is very addictive. If you don’t believe us, give it a try for yourself. We are sure you will love it.