Top 5 Digital Tally Counters

Digital Tally Counter

A tally counter is a simple and easy tool designed to help you keep count of certain things. The mechanism of a handheld digital counter can either be mechanical or digital. While most tally counters are handheld, others exist in the form of software that is installed on your device. Manual tally counters usually come with a metal case that protects the inner mechanical components of the counter. On the other hand, a digital finger ring tally counter comes with a plastic case that helps in protecting the inner electronic components and circuits. 

Handheld tally counters are commonly used for different purposes. Swimmers, runners, cyclers, and other sports athletes tend to get the most benefits from these simple, handheld tools. In other cases, the sports audience may want to use these counters to keep a track of the scores, or laps. Moreover, a finger tally counter may also be used for sales calls tracking, prayer tracking, event people tracking, and research. For anyone who wants to keep a track of numbers, this tool is just the right thing. When it comes to finding a Hand tally counter, there are multiple options available in the market. If you’re here in search of a good digital tally counter, we are here to help you out with a few of the best options. Tally counter functionality and working are very easy.

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Here is a collection of the top tally counter amazon for you. Let’s have a look. 

1. Digi 1st TC-890 Digital Tally Counter

Digi 1st TC-890 digital finger counter clicker is one of the best counters available in the market that offers most of the functions you need. It counts numbers up and down from number 0 to 9999 with individual buttons for + and -. The addition and subtraction are very easy with these individual buttons. It starts with the 0 number as the preset and can be reset to 0 at any time.

Digi 1st TC-890 Digital Tally Counter

You can turn the sounds off or on as required. To do this press the middle black button for 3 seconds. The auto-sleep feature ensures of this tally counter offers a long-lasting battery and lower power consumption. Being light in weight, this tally counter is perfect for using to count game scores, lap runs, and other such activities. Buttons are also present on the left and right apart from the functional buttons.

The Digi TC-890 is a great tally counter that can be used for tallying. We believe it to be a great choice because of its major functions offered. Because of its diverse functionality, we present this tally counter as one of the best choices.


  • Suitable for multiple purposes like swimming lap counts etc.
  • Great, functional buttons; simple to reset, subtract and add
  • Portable, pocket-size 
  • Intuitive and simple use 
  • Separate buttons to add and subtract numbers 
  • Supports an audible arm for easy usage 
  • Supports a good counting range from 0 to 9999


  • The battery can be problematic for some people



2. KTRIO Metal Hand Tally Counter 4-Digit Tally Counters

Ktrio hand counter clicker is a mechanical type counter that also supports a lanyard. It supports a durable and solid metal body case with a smooth yet sturdy ring that wraps your finger securely, to ease usage. This tally counter can count up to the figure of 9999 maximum, with only a few clockwise rotations to reset. You can reset the counter to zero with a few rotations easily. The best advantage of this mechanical counter is that it doesn’t require a battery to operate.

KTRIO Metal Hand Tally Counter 4-Digit Tally Counters

It works with its mechanical components so you can use this counter for extended periods without needing to worry about the power. The disadvantage of this counter in contrast to a digital one is that the reading cannot be subtracted. If you’ve made a wrong click, you can subtract the number. You would have to subtract it when you end the counting. You can reset the counter even though you cannot subtract the numbers. Regardless, this counter functions pretty well without any battery. Moreover, it is easy to use. The metal case makes it a long-lasting counter. You can rely on this pocket-sized counter if you are worried about a battery issue. The Ktrio metal hand tally counter can be used for a vast range of purposes including sports events, labs, concerts, etc.


  • A classic, durable tally counter 
  • Reliable and durable counter 
  • No battery required 
  • Easy-to-use 
  • Study and durable 
  • Diverse and multiple uses 
  • Long-Lasting 


  • Requires a manual reset
  • No button for subtracting



3. Electronic Finger Counter

If you’re looking for a small and simple counter, there can be no better option than this one. This electronic finger counter is designed to be wrapped around one of your fingers. The recommended finger is the index finger. All you have to do is to press the button with your thumb to add numbers. The LCD screen supports 5 digit counts ranging from 0 up to 99999. The most important advantage of this counter is its tiny size, making it a portable choice. Moreover, the strap makes this counter easily wrap around your finger so you can use it easily.

Electronic Finger Counter

As small as it is, it still supports the reset button to reset with just one click. Another benefit is that it comes in a pack of 7, meaning that you can get one for your family. The five-digit reading display is also a great option, allowing you to have a big count limit. As it is easily wrapped around your finger, it isn’t just easy to use but also easy to carry. The plastic is durable and eco-friendly. Moreover, the colors are attractive as well. This small, portable, and easy-to-wear finger counter is one of the best digital counters you can purchase for use in different places like lap counting, crochet, sports score counting, etc.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to hold as it wraps around the finger
  • Pack of 7 counters
  • Convenient use and handling
  • Attractive and colorful


  • Large to be worn on the finger 



4. EASTON HOME / ROAD Dual Pitch Counter

Easton Home/road dual pitch counter is designed in a professional way that allows you to use one counter for both thumbs, instead of your two different counters. In this way, you can count two different things at the same time. This is perfect if you are keeping a track of sports scores. This tally counter is ergonomically designed to fit in the hand easily and is also light in weight. While it may be a little heavier than a plastic counter, it gives a solid feel and a professional look.

EASTON HOME / ROAD Dual Pitch Counter

The clear counting display of this counter makes it easier to read after each pitch. The rugged and durable plastic case makes it suitable to stand in harsh conditions. The ergonomic build of this tally counter makes it comfortable for one-hand use. It isn’t as heavy as to not fit into your pocket. The ergonomic design and light weight make it suitable as the team coach’s tool. If you are a sports coach, you would need to have the Easton home/road pitch counter in your pocket for sure. Moreover, since this counter is a manual one, it does not require any battery for operation, hence you wouldn’t have to worry about the battery running out.



  • Perfect for counting two things at the same time
  • Requires no battery to operate 
  • Ergonomically built for one-hand operation 
  • Solid and professional 
  • Durable metallic body 
  • Easy to carry


  • Heavier in weight than plastic counters 
  • Needs to be reset manually



5. SC SPORT COUNT Lap Counter

The SC sport counter lap counter is designed as a basic tally counter. The best part about this counter is that it is waterproof, hence can be used in water. Moreover, it is designed exclusively to fit around your finger. If you are an athlete, this counter can help you keep track of all your exercises whether it’s running, cycling, or swimming. The small and handy size makes it suitable for carrying anywhere. All you need to do is to wrap it around your finger.


This counter displays the essential counting range from 0 up to 9999 which is enough for counting the laps you have made. If you’re using it for swimming, it can work down to a depth of 50 meters which is more than enough. The main contrasting thing about this tally counter is that it doesn’t support a reset button. It just has a single button for counting. What to do about that? The same counting button functions for counting and resetting. To reset the counter, hold this button for 3 seconds till the reading goes to zero. You can also reset it by leaving it unused for half an hour. This will shut the device down automatically. 


  • Waterproof, making is suitable for swimming 
  • Suitable for games that require your hands to be free like swimming or cycling
  • Straps to wrap the counter around the finger
  • Easy to use with one large button for counting 
  • Ergonomic design supports one-hand operation


  • Supports no reset button



How To Choose The Best Tally Counter?

When you’re searching for a good tally tracker, there are certain things that you’ll need to keep in mind. Here are a few things that you should consider when choosing the best tally counter. 

1. Digital vs Mechanical

When buying a thumb counter, one thing you’ll need to consider is whether you want a mechanical or a digital one. While the mechanical counter can operate with a battery, the digital one uses it. The digital counter, however, is much easier to reset. With the mechanical counter, you need to turn the knob many times to make the reading go back to 0000. While both counter types have their own pros and cons, you need to decide which one you need to get before getting one.

2. The Purpose

Your desired purpose of using a counter will also determine the best choice for you. Even though it isn’t a necessity, it helps to make things easier. While you can easily count with a general counter, things are easier when you have one wrapped in your finger. Moreover, if you’re using a counter to count your swimming laps, you will need a waterproof tally counter. Alternatively, if you are using a tally counter to count the scores of the teams that are playing a sport, you’d need one that supports two counters. So, in this way, the purpose of the counter becomes an essential consideration in deciding a counter for your use.

3. The Size

Another thing that matters when choosing a tally counter is the size. A small digital counter will be good, one that can easily fit into your pocket. If you wish to hand it around your neck, it should be small and lightweight. If you need a finger counter, a small and elegant one will be good. Either way, you need to consider the size of the counter when you’re buying one. 

4. The Number Of Things You Need To Count

When choosing a counter, you also need to consider the number of things you’re counting at a time. The number limits of each counter vary, so if you’re counting scores, a counter with a small number limit will work. However, if you’re wanting to count more numbers at a given time, you will need a counter that supports a great number limit.

5. The Speed Of Counting

Another thing you need to consider when buying a counter is to see your speed of counting. If you need to count fast, get a counter that can calculate numbers quickly. If the speed of counting isn’t as significant, any regular counter could work. So, make sure to check your required speed of counting beforehand.

What Is The Use Of Tally Counters?

Tally counters have a very diverse usage and this offers several benefits. They are used widely in different places for different purposes. These benefits and usage of tally counters are described below. 

1. Counting Sports Scores

Handheld digital tally counters are simple devices that can be used to count the scores during a sports game. The audience or the sports head may hold a tally counter in his/her hand to easily count the scores of the teams that are playing. One main usage of a tally counter is, therefore counting the sports scores in different games.

2. Tracking The Sales Calls

Sales agents also need to keep a track of the number of calls they receive and make during the day. A tally counter is a useful way of tracking these sales calls with ease. So, one way you can use the tally counter is to track the number of calls that are received or dialed. 

3. Counting The Number Of People At An Event

At large-scale events, it is nearly impossible to manually count the number of people who attend the event. This is where a handheld attendance counter can come to use. Handheld tally counters can be held at the entrance to track the number of people who attend an event. 

4. Use in Research

While this may seem a little out of the ordinary, a tally counter can also be easily used in the research fields like in experiments where researchers need to count the number of red blood cells, for example. 

5. Simple And Easy To Use Devices

Finally, these tally counters are very simple and easy-to-use devices that can be used for diverse purposes like the ones described above. Their ease of use is the main factor why these are so widely used today. 


Tally counters can be very useful devices for keeping a count of things whether it’s sports, people entering an event, or tracking the number of calls. Because of their ease of use, they are now used widely. When it comes to finding the best counters available in the market today, there are multiple options to choose from. Our list above consists of the 5 best tally counters that you can choose from. Hopefully, our article will help you make the right choice in buying the best tally counter for your use. We have also made a list of the things you need to consider before buying one, so before you decide the one you want, make sure to consider all the factors mentioned. 


The first tally counter was invented by Anton Vanveen W Attorney patented on 23rd October 1951, in the United States patent office hand-operated counter R tally, Canton center, Conn. 

Your tally counter can be silenced by pressing the appropriate buttons. The beep of the counter can be turned off. 

Yes, the tally counter tool is available online as well. You can use this tool on your device by opening the website on the browser.