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created by ZKVDigital – my best time: 1.39s!

created by ZKVDigital – my best time: 1.39s!

As time passes, everything is getting faster, from personal to professional life. Because of digitalization, it is a must to know the basic computer use and fast typing speed. To improve your typing, firstly, it is important to recognize the alphabet with the help of type alphabet tools and set your typing pace, then move to the complicated typing tests.

What is Type the Alphabet?

It is an online tool to evaluate the typing speed of alphabets in order in a few seconds. Anyone can use it without paying charges yet get accurate results. Moreover, it is fun to use because you can compare your previous scores to improve alphabet typing. Also, you can use it as an alphabet typing game with your friends to determine who has the fastest alphabet typing speed or who can type the alphabets fastest on their keyboard whether it’s a PC or mobile.

Features of Alphabet Typing Tool

Online Free Tool

This is an online tool; you don’t need to download and install it. To use the alphabet typing test, you only need a keyboard, fast internet connection and determination to get the fastest typing speed. Also, you can use it for free for unlimited time on any device without any worries.

Restart Hotkey

It is extremely convenient to restart the game by clicking the restart hotkey, i.e., enter button. Also, to start the game, you just have to type a, and the timer begins instantly. While playing this game, you don’t need to mess up with the mouse because you can control it with keyboard buttons.

Quick and Detailed Result

As you reach the end of the game by typing the last alphabet z, the abc type test shows the result on the screen immediately. Also, the result displays the time difference in seconds between two alphabets. Because of clear results, you can find the alphabets where you take longer and hence you can practice, again and again, to harmonize typing speed for all alphabets.

Unlimited Attempts

With this abc typing test, you can practice till you achieve the speed you want. This free tool has no limited number of resets, and you can do it hundreds of times in a single day.

Mobile Friendly

Typing is not only a Pc feature; therefore, you can use this tool on your mobile phone with exact same effectiveness. Type the alphabet mobile looks and works the same as for PC.

Easy to Use

This tool has a simple interface and everything on a single page. There are no next steps or confusing settings. Also, you don’t need to add your Gmail to keep a record. You only have to do fast alphabet typing to enhance it.

How to Use Type the Alphabet

The use of this tool is easy because of the absence of complicated options and settings. To use this tool efficiently, follow these guidelines.

Uses of Type the Alphabet

As a Game

If you are getting bored and want to do something productive and fun, then this type of alphabet tool helps you do something fun. Once you start playing it, you automatically get interested in achieving higher and higher speeds. Also, you can use this tool as an Abc typing challenge to compete with your friends and family by typing faster from each other.

Letter Recognition or Childrens

Abc keyboard game is a learning platform for kids, and you can let them type here and read the alphabet loudly. Also, it is the best way to motivate kids by challenging them to type all alphabets in a short time.

Improve Typing Speed

If you are willing to make a new world record by typing the fastest alphabet in the minimum time. Then this is the right place to practice. Also, you can use the abc speed test to improve your overall typing speed if you are new in the computer field or for professional purposes.

World Record in Type the Alphabet

On the Keyboard

It is important to add a space after each alphabet to make the world record. SK Ashraf in India on 10 October 2017 made the world record by typing complete alphabets in just 3.37 seconds. The record had been unbroken since 2012, and he successfully broke it.

On the Mobile Screen

On 10 June 2021, the world record of fastest alphabet typing on the mobile screen was made by Abhishek Trehan in Batal, India. He practiced for about 7-8 hours every night to make his dream true.

Choose our type the alphabet to improve your typing speed with fun. Because this game is like an addiction, once you start playing it, you never stop yourself unless you achieve the goal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this type the alphabet tool different from others?

Here to start or restart the game, you don’t need to use a mouse. Also, type the alphabet game works smoothly on PC and mobile screens without any glitches.

How fast can I type the alphabet?

The fastest time to type the alphabet is 3.37 seconds, and if he can do it, anyone can type the alphabet in 3.37 seconds, including spaces. But for this, you have to do regular practice to achieve the goal and break the world record.

How does it improve my typing speed?

Practice is the key to success; you can practice your typing with the alphabet speed test without paying any charges with this tool. Do regular practice to beat your current typing score.

What is the world record for fastest alphabet typing without space?

World record for the category does not exist till now, but Manoj Warma holds the Indian record of complete abc typing in 2.16 seconds without spaces. Also, his words per minute rate is 80, with a 95% accuracy rate that is double of an average person.