RuneScape Auto Clicker Free Download 2022

What is Runescape And How Can We Use Auto Clicker in Runescape

For all the RuneScapers out there, we bring you a complete guide on auto clicking which will help you score massive at RuneScape.

Auto Clicker for RuneScape sounds dubious, but today, things have become pretty much easier and convenient for gamers. So YES, the auto clicker for RuneScape is not unbelievable anymore.

What is RuneScape?

Jointly developed and published by Jagex and RuneScapers, RuneScape is a widely popular multiplayer online role-playing game. Since the launch of RuneScape in 2006, the game has garnered strong impressions, resulting in more than 200 million accounts created on this gaming platform to date. RuneScape also holds the record of being the largest multiplayer free online role-playing game, which clearly represents its popularity among gamers.


The game comprises multiple levels, from traveling through different cities and with multiple characters and unlimited quests; RuneScape takes you to a fantasy realm of Gielinor. The player has to go through all the levels to collect rewards. There is no specific plot to be followed in RuneScape because the player is free to choose his goals and objectives. Various players can interact with each other by playing multiple quests or competing in mini battles. 

At some stage of RuneScape, you need to take help from certain tools to score big. A few tasks such as map exploration, attacking enemies, cutting wood, converting items into gold coins, or completing any quest can take multiple clicks. Obviously, clicking on a mouse repeatedly to perform a task can be extremely bothersome and time-consuming.

To save players from this sort of effort, Auto clicker is there to take control.

RuneScape Auto Clicker

Clicking on a mouse for extended hours to complete a series of tasks can be extremely tiring and causes muscle fatigue. Also, it can make the player feel bored, or maybe at some stage, he loses his interest in the game. RuneScape auto clicker does not let you do this cumbersome series of clicks and do the job for you.

RuneScape auto clicker is a piece of software that automatically generates the required number of clicks at those stages where multiple clicks are required. The tool is highly efficient and time-saving as well and does not let the player’s energy collapse.

Benefits of Using Auto Clicker in RuneScape

  • RuneScape auto clicker is a time-saving, fast-performing tool with efficient results.
  • It can be used in alching, mining, fighting monsters, building blocks, etc
  • Auto clicker saves players from muscle fatigue.
  • The auto-detection feature works exceptionally well to maximize the player’s performance.

How to Download Auto Clicker for RuneScape – STEP BY STEP GUIDE

Downloading an auto clicker for RuneScape is straightforward, and pretty much anyone can do that. There are a variety of auto clickers available which offer plenty of features and functionalities. Although RuneScape auto clickers are entirely free, in some of these, you need to purchase a premium version to access premium features.


  1. Choose the auto clicker of your choice and visit its official website.
  2. Access the Download button on the web page and click it to download.
  3. Once the auto clicker is downloaded, you can see its icon in the download folder. Click on it to install the setup on your PC. It will take a few seconds only.
  4. After installing the setup, the auto clicker is ready to run and use.

How to Do Customizations with the RuneScape Auto Clicker?

There are specific features and functions of an auto clicker that you can customize for playing RuneScape according to your requirements.

Let’s look into the most commonly found customizations.

Select the Buttons for Auto Clicking: The ‘Select Button’ feature allows you to choose the left or right button of the mouse to perform auto clicking.

Set the time intervals: From the ‘Time Settings’ section, you can adjust the following settings:

Current: counts the number of clicks being performed.

Click Interval: Sets the time interval between two consecutive clicks. (Usually in milliseconds)

Stop After (clicks): Stops the auto clicking after a certain number of clicks are performed.

Stop After (mins): Stops the auto clicking after a specific time limit is reached.

auto click options

Features of RuneScape Auto Clicker

  • RuneScape Auto clicker speeds up the game by generating multiple clicks simultaneously.
  • It is very light in size and does not take a lot of space.
  • The auto clicker for RuneScape is completely FREE.
  • Once downloaded, you don’t need an internet connection to use it.
  • It is generic and can work on any computer model.
  • You can program the auto clicker based on current parameters.

Is Auto Clicker Legal to Use in RuneScape?

Clearly, it’s not legal to use auto clickers on RuneScape because it is considered unethical and is against sportsmanship. Once the action is detected by the RuneScape bot, there is a high chance of your RuneScape account getting banned.

The parent company of RuneScape, i.e., Jagex, detects mouse movements and player’s behavior while he plays. So once the RuneScape bot detects any malicious or third-party involvement behind the mouse click, it can get your account banned permanently. 

But to tackle the bot, you can make customizations on time intervals to make the bot think that the clicking activity is being done by an actual human being.

Final Word

RuneScape auto clicker is a very beneficial tool to level up your game and save your fingers from all the tiring clicking actions. Not just it enhances your efficiency level, but it also makes you enjoy the game even more. From mini battles to lengthy quests, RuneScape auto clickers help you enable clicking actions through every stage. 

For all the RunScapers out there, using and customizing auto clickers will enhance a seamless and pleasant gaming experience. The game itself is very much exciting, and with an effective auto-click tool, the experience of each RuneScape player becomes memorable. 

So what are you waiting for? Get your RuneScape auto clicker installed and amp up your RuneScape gaming experience in less time.