7 Best Budget Keyboard for Typing

7 best budget keybaord for typing

With a shift to the technological era, we have seen everything digitizing. From work to entertainment, everything is now done on devices. Typing is no different. Whether you’re an employee, a student, or a gamer, typing is essentially a crucial part of our lives. You don’t just need a good test typing speed to get the work done quickly and efficiently, but the keyboard you use is equally essential. A good keyboard can make your typing tasks much more manageable. Yet, a good typing keyboard doesn’t always have to be expensive.


A quality keyboard can offer you many features that an expensive keyboard offers, only at a lower price, thereby saving you tons of money. Yet, searching for an excellent budget-friendly keyboard is no easy job. So, after testing several keyboards, we have made a list of the 7 best keyboards for you.

Here is our list of the cheap good keyboards that are budget-friendly yet offer the best features you need in a keyboard. We have reviewed them for you.

Top Budget Friendly Keyboards

1. EVGA Z15 RGB Gaming Keyboard

EVGA Z15 is a great best budget keyboard that gives you the precise feedback that you type with its Kailh speed silver switches that have N-key rollover. The hot-swap sockets supported by this keyboard enable you to customize your experience. With a Cortex-M22 USB core, 32-bit processor, and a polling rate of 4,000Hz, you can enjoy an unbeatable typing experience. The 4K Hz gives four times better responsiveness with more precise inputs.

Enjoy complete customization with the EVGA Z15 gaming keyboard’s per-key RGB lighting effects. It supports 14 pre-set lighting effects that can be customized using UNLEASH RGB software. The software allows you to adjust the lighting effects with the function combination keys for LED brightness.

Get absolute control at the touch of your fingers with the special multimedia keys and volume scroll wheel. Another fantastic feature offered by the EVGA Z15 RGB gaming keyboard is its detachable palm wrist that guarantees comfort as you type for long hours.


  • Color: Black 
  • Style: Clicky 
  • RGB keyboard lighting 
  • Hot-swap sockets 
  • Kailh Silver Speed switches supporting N-key rollers 
  • 4000Hz polling rate 
  • Single button RGB lighting 
  • 14 preset lighting effects, customizable with UNLEASH RGB software 
  • Detachable magnetic palm rest 
  • Multimedia keys and volume scroll wheel 
  • 32-bit Arm Cortex-M33 core USB microprocessor




  • Switches are a little loud 

2. Redragon K630 Dragonborn 60% Wired RGB Gaming Keyboard

Redragon K639 is the best-wired keyboard you can find because it supports a unique 60% layout that is popularly used today. The NKRO 61 keys are ultra-compact and minimalistic in design, and the keyboard size reduces the clutter and leaves more space on your desk. The brown hot-swappable tactile switches offer a soft bump without a click and are durably designed to last for around 50 million keypresses.

With a vibrant RGB system with up to 11 preset backlighting modes, you can set the flowing speed and brightness as per your preference. With the available software, you can expand your options of effects and modes to customize your experience. Set different key bindings and macros for enhanced typing and gaming.

The 60% compact Tenkeyless design with detachable cable gears it up for ultimate portability. Whether you’re gaming or typing, the no-slip feet ensure your keyboard is firmly fixed to the ground. Its ultra-compact, space-saving and a unique design with durable switches make this keyboard a suitable option for long hours of typing. This keyboard won’t be out of your budget even with all these advanced features.


  • 60%, Tenkeyless layout 
  • NKRO 61 keys 
  • Hot-swappable brown switches 
  • Up to 50 million key presses 
  • 11 RGB presets
  • Pro software customization 
  • Ultra-portable design 
  • No-slip stand 
  • Two-level 3°/8° adjustable angle




  • 60%, Tenkeyless design makes this keyboard ultra-portable.
  • NKRO 61 keys and compact design reduce clutter and free desk space. 
  • Hot-swappable brown switches are quiet. 
  • The switches are durably rated for 50 million keypresses.
  • Vibrant RGB backlighting with customization options.
  • No-slip stand and feet ensure the keyboard stays in place. 
  • The two-level adjustable angle provides comfort. 


  • The cable is a little short

3. EVGA Z12 RGB Gaming Keyboard

EVGA Z12 RGB gaming keyboard is IP32-rated spill-resistant, ready to withstand any accidental spills. Accidents naturally happen, but this gaming keyboard ensures you don’t experience any damage. Moreover, this keyboard has five dedicated keys that can be programmed using the stunning UNLEASH RGB software. EVGA Z12 also has a complete set of media keys giving absolute control to your hands. Another fantastic thing about this keyboard is the standard Cherry MX layout and system. 


With Z12’s five customizable RGB LED zones, illuminate your keyboard like never before. With the UNLEASH RGB software, you get to customize your RGB lighting as you wish. You can choose between the Breath, Wave, Pulse, Trigger, and Static options. 


As it is a budget-friendly keyboard, it may lack additional, high-end features, but it still has everything you need for typing. Moreover, the rubber-dome switches are elementary to press for easy typing. The EVGA Z12 gaming keyboard is, therefore, an excellent choice for those who have to do several typing tasks because of its great built, complete set of keys, and customization options.


  • IP32-rated, water-resistant 
  • 5 dedicated, programmable keys 
  • Customization supported through UNLEASH RGB software 
  • 5 zone RGB lighting 
  • 5 preset lighting effects 
  • Standard keyboard layout 
  • Cherry MX style keycap compatibility 
  • Rubber-dome switches 




  • IP32-rated waterproof and spill resistance saves the keyboard in case of accidents. 
  • 5 dedicated, programmable keys for customization. 
  • Soft, rubber-dome switches for easy typing. 
  • Complete control of the RGB lights with the UNLEASH RGB software.
  • 5 customizable RGB LED zones. 
  • A complete set of media keys gives you full control at your hands.


  • More expensive than other keyboards 

4. Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard Black

Microsoft is the best cheap keyboard you can find in the market. It supports a unique, slim, and modern design that gives this keyboard an exceptional value. This keyboard is durable and solid in its design, and the best part is that it is a wireless keyboard. You can easily connect your laptop or device with Bluetooth through an easy pairing option.

What sets this keyboard apart from the rest is that it supports some amazing built-in shortcuts, including emoji keys, office 365 research, apps, easy media control access, calculator, volume, screen snipping, and much more. One thing that lacks is the RGB lighting support that people often appreciate as an additional feature in a good keyboard.

Enjoy the solid and sleek feel of this modern keyboard that supports an extra-long battery that can last up to 2 years, based on your usage. By quickly being paired through Bluetooth, you can end up saving a lot of space on your desk. Because of its durability, solid build, and noiseless operation are ideal for typing tasks in different environments like an office setting.


  • Slim and modern design 
  • Durable and solid built 
  • Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth 
  • Built-in shortcuts 
  • Rubber dome switches 
  • Windows 10 operating system




  • Slim and contemporary design with great value
  • Solid and durable built
  • Wireless connectivity for easy use to save desk space and reduces clutter 
  • Built-in shortcuts save time 
  • Long battery life of up to 2 years 
  • Low-profile design and ergonomic handling 
  • Quiet operation suitable for typing


  • It lacks backlighting

5. Kensington Pro Fit Ergonomic Wireless Keyboard

Kensington Pro Fit ergonomic wireless keyboard has a unique split and sloped design that supports an adjustable reverse tilt to position the arms and wrists in a comfortable place for typing. With a natural alignment of the hands and wrists, you are sure to stay at ease as you type. It supports a double wireless design with 128-bit AES encryption delivering 2.4 GHz flexibility and 4.0 LE giving the best government-grade encryption. 


This keyboard has uniquely quiet typing keys that give non-disruptive, smooth, and easy operation. The keys are designed to be spill-proof, making them easy to clean and maintain. The built-in wrist support guarantees comfort and cradles the wrist as you type, offering superior comfort all the way. With the power-saving, three-mode switch, you can easily toggle between Bluetooth, 2.4GHz, and Off to get the best battery life. These features make this cheap USB keyboard suitable for typing for long hours.


  • Split and sloped design. 
  • 128-bit AES encryption security. 
  • Government-grade encryption. 
  • Quiet keys. 
  • Spill-proof keys. 
  • Three-mode power-saving switch. 
  • 2, 4GHz Bluetooth. 
  • Built-in wrist rest. 




  • The sloped and split design supports adjustable reverse tilt keeping hands in the best position.
  • Built-in hand wrist for comfort.
  • Quiet keys give non-disruptive and smooth operation.
  • Spill-proof keys ensure easy and fast cleanup.
  • Power-saving, the three-mode switch offers toggle for best battery life.
  • Amazing features make it convenient and easy to use.
  • Ergonomics-approved design offering superior comfort.


  • Small-sized keyboard 

6. Logitech K845 Mechanical Illuminated Keyboard

Logitech K845 mechanical illuminated keyboard supports a great adjustable 4-8 degree tilt option along with a slim keyboard front that makes it easy for you to type at a comfortable angle. This keyboard gives you the unique option of choosing between Blue, Red, or Brown switches for selecting the perfect tactility and sound level you need. With the 5 pattern backlighting, you can be productive even in the dark.

The durable and modern design of the Logitech K845 keyboard gives you all that you need in an excellent mechanical keyboard for typing. The best part about this keyboard is that its design incorporates a full-sized keyboard, ensuring no keys are missed. It supports FN keys and a number pad, all of it in a surprisingly compact design. This keyboard supports a slim front and curved profile to ease your typing tasks, creating a natural angle for you to work with utmost comfort.


  • 4-8 adjustable tilt angle 
  • Slim keyboard front 
  • Blue, Red, and Brown switches 
  • 5 backlighting patterns 
  • Durable and contemporary design 
  • Full-size keyboard




  • Adjustable 4-8 degree tilt to maintain the correct position for typing. 
  • The slim front makes it easy to sit at a comfortable angle. 
  • Choose between switches to customize your sound and tactility. 
  • Durable and modern design, made to last long. 
  • A full-sized keyboard covering all the required keys, including FN keys and a number pad.  
  • Compact design, saving desk space.


  • Less RGB lighting 

7. Keychron K2 75% Layout Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard


Keychron K2, a 75% wireless keyboard, is one of the best cheap Bluetooth keyboard because of its 75% maximum, 84 key layout covering most of the keys you need to type. Moreover, it supports a compact design that includes arrows and shortcuts keys as well.
The Broadcom Bluetooth 5.1 chipset can effortlessly support up to 3 devices so that you can use it conveniently with your laptop, iPad, smartphone, or laptop. Moreover, it also supports type-C USB wired connectivity, allowing you to switch to wired connectivity as needed. Its unique Mac layout supports all the required Mac function keys and is also compatible with Windows


The Keychron K2 can last up to 72 hours when typing or around 7 days with its 4000 mAh long-life battery. It supports a mechanical N-key rollover (NKRO) on the wired mode and 6KRO with the wireless mode. With Keychron K2’s Gateron G Pro blue mechanical switches, you can get unbeatable, clicky responsiveness with a durability of up to 50 million keypresses. The LED backlight makes this keyboard suitable for use in a dark environment.


  • 75%, 84-key layout 
  • Retains arrow and shortcut keys 
  • White LED backlight 
  • Bluetooth 5.1 chipset connects up to 3 devices 
  • Wired Type-C connectivity 
  • 4000 mAh battery
  • 72 hours typing, or 7 days usage
  • Gateron G Pro blue mechanical switches 
  • 6KRO on wireless mode and N-key (NKRO) rollover on wired mode




  • 75% layout, compact size retains arrow and shortcut keys for ease of use 
  • Connects up to 3 Bluetooth devices
  • Suitable for office, home, etc.
  • Supports both wired and wireless connectivity 
  • Unique Mac layout with all necessary functions for Mac and Windows 
  • Long 72-hours typing battery life
  • 50 million durable keypresses 
  • Amazing white LED backlight 


  • It makes a lot of noise on a keypress. 

Things to Consider When Buying a Keyboard for Typing

When your keyboard wears out, it’s evident that you’d need to replace it with a new one. At the same time, you’ll typically be going with a keyboard similar to the previous. With the great variety of economical keyboards out there, you may want to search well to get a newer one. Before buying a new low-price keyboard, be sure to consider the factors below to ensure that it matches all your needs.

1. The Form Factor

When choosing the best inexpensive keyboard, you’d need to decide what type of keyboard you’re looking for. These keyboards are available in different sizes, ranging from full-sized number pads and Tenkeyless (TKL) keyboards. Of course, the one you need will depend on how you will be using the keyboard. 


If you use the computer to make spreadsheets, you can’t work without a number pad keyboard. In this case, the Tenkeyless keyboard, one without a number pad, will not be for you. 


Alternatively, if you’re using the keyboard for typing or gaming, you may appreciate a TKL, Tenkeyless keyboard because of the space it’ll save on your desk. Other keyboards include, for example, the 60% keyboard that omits the navigational and arrow keys but saves desk space. So, based on what you need the keyboard for, you should consider the form factor before buying one. 

2. The Type of Keyboard Switches

Not all mechanical switches are made equal. The variation comes in terms of the travel distances, actuation points, and feedback. The key buttons or keystrokes should be the first things you check when buying a keyboard. You won’t want a keyboard that works like a typewriter. So, before making a purchase, check how the keys feel. While some keyboards have soft, sensitive, and feather-like touch, others may need extra pressure to work. These are the three types of switches you should know about.

Linear Switches

Linear switches are easily pressed because no tactile bump is present. Gamers prefer these because they are convenient to press repeatedly and also don’t make much noise.

Clicky Switches

These types of switches tend to make noise whenever they are pressed. This is a preference of those who either work alone or want to be noticed for the click-clacks of their keyboard. 

Tactile Switches

Tactile switches have a noticeable bump that gives clear feedback on being bottomed out. This can increase the actuation force required. Typists prefer these key switches because it is easier to feel the keypress with these keyboards. 


These switches further have many other options as well that apply to most buttons in a mechanical keyboard. Knowing about these keyboard switches is vital to make the right decision about which one will be best for your use. 

3. Backlighting

Tactile switches have a noticeable bump that gives clear feedback on being bottomed out. This can increase the actuation force required. Typists prefer these key switches because it is easier to feel the keypress with these keyboards. 


These switches further have many other options as well that apply to most buttons in a mechanical keyboard. Knowing about these keyboard switches is vital to make the right decision about which one will be best for your use. 

4. The Compatibility Options

Checking your computer’s compatibility with the keyboard is one of the essential things to consider. What’s the use of buying a keyboard that can’t work with your device? Most keyboards available today connect via either the USB port or Bluetooth. The older PS/2 ports are now almost obsolete.

Most wireless keyboards connect to your device with software already installed; therefore, it can get a little tricky, unlike the USB cord attachment. To function the keys correctly, you also need some software installed. In either case, make sure to check the compatibility of your device with the keyboard before buying one.

5. The Overall Design of the Keyboard

The overall design of your keyboard will make a significant difference in your experience of using it. Keyboards are classified and grouped based on ergonomic, gaming, and standard structure.


The most commonly used keyboards are the standard ones that have a set of 104 keys. On the other hand, gaming keyboards are uniquely designed with multiple functioning keys specific to gaming. 


The ergonomic keyboards reduce strain and provide maximum comfort to the user. For those who use computers in the dark, an illuminated keyboard can be a great choice for those who use computers in the dark. There are foldable and flexible keyboards available, and if you need a durable keyboard prone to accidents, you can get one that resists liquids.


Programmers may prefer DVORAK layout keyboards, while QWERTY works for most people. Either way, you need to figure out what your keyboard needs to select the design you want. 

6. Wireless or Wired

Another thing to decide is whether you want a wired or wireless keyboard because both have pros and cons. The wireless system can reduce the clutter of cords in your desk; however, the signals can be disturbed by those of other wireless devices. 


For gaming, wired keyboards are preferred to reduce the chances of lags or disturbances in the gameplay. Wireless keyboards are suitable for typing because they leave more space on your desk and are easily managed. Yet, these keyboards are battery-powered, so the battery needs to be replaced after some.


Since both types of keyboards have their pros and cons, it’s up to you to decide which one suits you best. Additionally, some keyboards have wired and wireless options together, offering you the best of both worlds.

7. Keys for Extra Functions

Many keyboards offer extra function keys for controlling volume, music player, launching apps, etc. These also include power management keys, customizable shortcuts, and unique character layouts that can be very beneficial in most cases. Some keyboards also have a mini joystick or a touchpad to be used in place of the mouse.

8. The Price of the Keyboard

The keyboard price depends on what features are incorporated in the keyboard. For the most part, the more features a keyboard supports, the higher the price will be. Nevertheless, if you’re shopping on a budget, you need a keyboard with all the features you need and available within your budget. 


When shopping for a keyboard for typing, see which features you need so you don’t spend on extra features that won’t come to use. Therefore, the price of the keyboard is one thing you should consider.

9. The Tactility and Softness of the Keyboard

A good keyboard for typing usually has a tactile base and soft-pressing keys. With softer keys and a tactile keyboard, you will be able to type faster, even with a bit of force for making a keystroke. Even though most keyboards claim to offer soft keys, you may want to check them for yourself before buying one. Moreover, the keyboard keys should have enough protection to prevent the inscriptions from fading over time. 

10. Comfort

Since you’re going to spend a lot of time typing, you need a keyboard that offers comfort.  Choose a keyboard that supports a wrist rest, so your hand stays comfortable even in long typing sessions. While comfort is an additional feature that may add a little to the cost of the keyboard, it’s a feature that will keep you at ease with multiple typing tasks. Your comfort should always be a priority. We know you’d thank yourself later for considering this as an essential factor.


There you go! Here is our hands-on guide on the best affordable keyboard options within your budget. These excellent keyboards are worth your money because, with all the required features, these keyboards fall within budget. All keyboards deliver more or less the same features but what differentiates between them is price and additional features like backlighting, comfort, N-key roller, etc.

Whenever you head out in search of a keyboard for typing, you have a specified budget in mind that you are planning to shop in. In your search for a budget keyboard, make sure not to compromise on the quality. Finding the right balance between the features you need and the cost of the keyboard is undoubtedly a daunting task. So we hope that the list of the best 7 budget keyboards above will help you search for the best one.