Best Mechanical Keyboard for Typing in 2022

Best Mechanical Keyboard for Typing

A good keyboard for typing has become the need of the hour in the technological world today. A keyboard isn’t just necessary for gaming, and it also becomes essential if you’re typing to complete your assignments or doing your work at your office. The keyboard also impacts on how fast you can type. If you have a good mechanical keyboard you will experience a noticeable change in your typing speed. With the long list of good mechanical keyboards available in the market today, how can you find the best mechanical keyboard for typing? We are here to help you find the best keyboard for typing. Let’s explore some of the best options along with a guide to help you select the best ones.

Why Mechanical Keyboards Matter?

Mechanical keyboards have switches under each key to make typing faster, easier, and more accurate. These mechanical keyboards for typists will make audible clicking noises on being pressed, which tends to be very satisfying for most people. Also, they last longer than regular membrane keyboards.

These keyboards are suitable for Mac and PCs, so whenever you decide to get one for yourself before this, make sure to check for compatibility. These keyboards are customizable and also last longer. However, they are louder and more expensive than their counterparts for some people.

Best Mechanical Typing Keyboards

Can’t find the best mechanical keyboards for typing or gaming? Here are our top picks. Let’s have a look.

1. Keychron K6 Mechanical Keyboard

Keychron K6 mechanical keyboard compact is a great 65% layout keyboard with RGB backlight support designed for Windows and Mac. This wireless, Bluetooth mechanical keyboard is minimally crafted to maximize productivity and workspace. It supports a unique Mac layout with dedicated arrow keys, giving you access to all the necessary multimedia keys using keypress combinations. Moreover, with its compact size, you can easily reach your mouse. With the Bluetooth 5.1 Broadcom chipset and switch, it supports multitasking.

Keychron K6 is a great keyboard for office, home, and light gaming. You can easily connect it to your laptop, smartphone, or iPad or use the type-C USB port if you like. You can have superior responsiveness and longevity with the 50 million keystroke lifespan. With a 4000mAh battery, K6 can last as long as 200 hours. The bottom frame and adjustable feet offer ergonomic support. However, you cannot fully customize the RGB lights, but overall, it is the perfect keyboard for fast typing and provides excellent functionality.


  • 65% layout 
  • RGB lighting 
  • Windows and Mac compatibility 
  • Bluetooth 5.1 chipset supported 
  • Connects up to 3 devices 
  • 50 million keystrokes 
  • 4000mAh battery


  • 15+ RGB lighting for a smooth experience 
  • 65% layout offers more space 
  • Extra caps for Mac and Windows 
  • Reliable Bluetooth connectivity 
  • Wired mode is also supported 
  • Durable 50 million clicks


  • RGB lights aren’t fully customizable 

2. Varmilo VA87M Koi TKL - MX Brown

Varmilo VA87M Koi TKL – MX Brown is a great wired mechanical keyboard for those who want a space-saving design. Even though it is made of plastic, it supports a very durable body where the switches have a metal plate support. It supports the genuine Cherry MX brown switches, is built with solid quality, and has great PTB keycaps that are smooth as well. These linear switches offer responsive and great gaming. Even though it doesn’t have a wrist rest, it tends to be comfortable enough for use without causing fatigue. The latency tends to be a little high, which doesn’t favor the gamers.

Although the Varmillo VA87M Koi’s TKL form factor lacks the number pad, it offers a space-saving design because of its compact shape. It follows the basic QWERTY ANSI layout, featuring a full USB N-Key rollover and several multimedia shortcuts.


  • TKL form factor 
  • Genuine Cherry MX Brown switches 
  • Supports full USB N-key rollover 
  • Features multimedia shortcut keys 
  • Follows the basic USB N-Key Rollover 
  • Two-stage rubber feet, cable routing grooves 
  • USB-C interface 
  • 60-inch theme-matching cable


  • Great built quality 
  • Supports genuine Cherry MX brown switches 
  • TKL form factors give a space-saving design 
  • Comfortable gaming experience 
  • Won’t need a lot of force for actuation


  • Latency too high for gamers 

3. Drop CTRL Mechanical Keyboard Tenkeyless TKL

Drop CTRL mechanical keyboard is a perfect combination of feature-loaded functionality and durable construction. The TKL, tenkeyless wireless design makes it suitable for every purpose. It is designed with a solid aluminum frame, magnetic legs, rock-solid CTRL, and a built-in switch plate that makes it all set for every use.

This CTRL mechanical keyboard is equipped with Cherry MX Blue switches that make a distinct “click” sound whenever pressed. These tactile and loud switches are durable and long-lasting. With the hot-swappable switch sockets, you can customize the CTRL with ease in just a few seconds without soldering needed. The CTRL mechanical keyboard is optimized with unlimited colors and customizable RGB underlighting and backlighting. You can set the LEDs to custom rainbow wave patterns or one color light, just as you desire. So if you’re looking for a good wired mechanical keyboard for typing, this can be a great choice.


  • USB, USB-C connectivity 
  • Tenkeyless versatile keyboard design 
  • Solid aluminum frame 
  • Built-in switch plate 
  • Cherry MX Blue RGB switches 
  • Hot-swappable switch functionality


  • Combines feature-loaded functionality and solid construction.
  • Tenkeyless keyboard design for minimizing space. 
  • Solid and durably built. 
  • Equipped with RGB Blue switches. 
  • Loud and tactile keypresses.
  • RGB backlighting and underlighting for customization. 
  • Single color LED option or rainbow wave patterns.


  • The press may be too loud at some times.

4. Durgod Taurus K320 TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Durgod Taurus K320 TKL mechanical keyboard comes with a sturdy case along with adjustable feet so you can set the keyboard at an angle that suits your wrists. It supports 2 different positions for your use. Supporting the Durgod Zeus engine software, you can set complex macros as you desire. This mechanical keyboard is really well-built with Doubleshot PBT keycaps and a solid plastic frame.

Durgod Taurus TKL mechanical keyboard is compatible with Windows and Mac OS versions and perfectly suited for all office and home environments. This TKL, 80% keyboard, is simple, elegant, and supports a compact design, leaving more space for moving your mouse. It also offers great flexibility for keyboard positioning. The Cherry MX switches are designed to offer great functionality and boost your typing experience.


  • Features a sturdy case 
  • Adjustable feet 
  • Supports Durgod Zeus engine software 
  • Two different cables 
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac 
  • Doubleshot PTB keycaps 
  • OEM profile


  • Sturdy, durable case 
  • Adjustable feet for setting the keyboard to relieve wrists
  • Set complex macros with DurGod Zeus engine software
  • Two different cables 
  • Keypuller and logo included 
  • Suitable for every use; office and home 
  • Doubleshot keycaps that never chip or fall off 
  • The dust cover also included 


  • No wrist rest included 

5. EPOMAKER NiZ Plum Atom 68 Electro-Capacitive Bluetooth Keyboard

Epomaker NiZ Plum Atom 68 Bluetooth mechanical keyboard is another great option that supports electro-capacitive key switches. It combines tactility and reliability with a perfectly silent keyboard operation. The rubber dome houses a slider, and the printed circuit board gives you low resistance and a consistent and pleasant feel with the individually weighted keys. This mechanical Bluetooth keyboard comes with durable PBT keycaps that help resist oils that may build up with use over time.

Another amazing thing about this mechanical keyboard is that it is programmable, meaning that you can set the keyboard layout as you desire. Being macro-compatible and programmable, you can set each macro and customize it individually. It supports the latest USB type C connection; Epomaker NiZ Plum mechanical keyboard is not just fast but equally efficient. Moreover, this keyboard also ensures reliability and durability. The RGB version also supports programmable RGB lighting for amazing aesthetics.


  • Electro-capacitive key switches. 
  • Individually weighted keys.
  • Durable PTB keycaps. 
  • Programmable and macro-compatible. 
  • Supports the latest USB-C connection. 
  • Programmable RGB lighting in the RGB version.


  • Supports both wired and wireless connections 
  • Silent operation 
  • Tactile and durable 
  • Limited resistance 
  • Durable PTB keycaps that resist oil building up over time 
  • Program the keyboard as you desire


  • Unsuitable power port positioning 

6. KINESIS GAMING Freestyle Edge RGB Split Mechanical Keyboard

The kinesis gaming edge RGB split mechanical keyboard is a uniquely designed keyboard that supports an amazing ergonomic design for typing and gaming. You can adjust and set the right and left modules separately or bring them together for superior key coverage. The modules can be separated to shoulder-width for ergonomic posture, and the lift kit tenting accessory will reduce forearm strain. Thick and cushioned palm pads are supported by palm supports, thereby offering greater comfort.

The 100% cherry brown MX mechanical switches give great durability and unbeatable responsiveness. With 50M clicks, this is the best option with 16.8M color RGB backlighting and 10 customizable effects like a wave, pulse, or rain. You can enjoy immersive gaming or typing with this keyboard’s signature look. All the 95 keys supported by this mechanical keyboard are fully programmable for customization with the SmartSet key. The 9 game keys can be remapped for easy left-hand access.


  • Versatile split design 
  • Cushioned palm pads
  • 100% mechanical switches 
  • 16.8M RGB lighting 
  • 95 fully programmable keys 
  • 9 remappable game keys 
  • 9 different custom profile layouts 


  • Suitable for typing and gaming 
  • Ergonomic typing posture and superior comfort 
  • Professional-grade responsiveness with 100% mechanical switches 
  • Immersive RGB lighting for an amazing look 
  • 95 fully programmable keys for convenience of use


  • Takes more space 

7. Realforce R2 Keyboard

Realforce R2 mechanical keyboard is equipped with Topre capacitive switches that offer the best efficiency and precision while needing just a gentle push for keystroke registration. With the full N-Key roll-over (NKRO) function, you can type as fast as you like. 

The real-force Topre keyboards ensure that you always stay in power, have full control over your keyboard, and register as many keystrokes as needed. Realforce R2 keyboard supports an ergonomic, step sculpture design that gives you smoother key movement and comfortable operation. The keyboard keys are designed with top-grade PBT that offer a smooth, matte silky finish. Dye-sublimated prints ensure that they never turn off over time. 

This keyboard’s key setting and contoured frame always give you a smooth movement reducing finger and hand fatigue. Another great thing about this mechanical keyboard is that it supports a space-saving design by removing the number pad, giving way to a 20% smaller keyboard.


  • Topre capacitive switches 
  • NKRO, Full N-key roll-over
  • Contoured frame 
  • Space-saving design 
  • Premium PTB keys 
  • Ergonomic design 
  • 20% smaller keyboard 


  • Topre capacitive switches offer efficiency and precision 
  • Gentle press required to make a keystroke
  • NKRO keyboard lets you type as fast as possible 
  • Key settings and contoured frame gives smooth movement
  • Takes less space


  • A bit noisy key clicking

8. Das Keyboard 4C TKL Wired Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard

DAS keyboard mechanical keyboard supports a compact 87-key and a tenkeyless design that delivers comfort and versatility as you type. With the number pad removed, this keyboard offers a space-saving design. The ultra-modern design supports accented grey charcoal PBT keycaps and gives it a sophisticated, polished look.


Cherry MX Brown mechanical key switches offer amazing, accurate audio and tactile feedback, allowing you to execute keystrokes at lightning-fast speed and precision. The large-sized, factory lubricated keys offer smooth and easy typing with bumps on the F and J keys for ease. With Das mechanical keyboard, you can enjoy a good typing experience with just enough sound to satisfy your needs.


The durable Cherry MX brown switches can register up to 50 million keystrokes, and the charcoal PBR keycaps offer great durability. This keyboard also supports full N-Key rollover. The compact size gives you more space on your desk to work. Das keyboard 4C TKL has an extra-long cable to help you keep the area neat and clean.


  • 87-key design 
  • Cherry MX Brown mechanical key switches 
  • Large keys 
  • Bumps on the F and J keys
  • Up to 50 million keystrokes 
  • Full N-key rollover 
  • USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Hub 
  • Black anodized aluminum top panel


  • The 87-key tenkeyless design offers versatility and comfort.
  • Ultra-modern design features. 
  • PBT keycaps. 
  • Cherry MX Brown switches offer tactile, accurate, and lighting-fast precision. 
  • Extra-long cable maximizes workspace and keeps area neat. 
  • Ultra-modern and sleek design offers a space-saving function. 


  • Heavy for the size 

9. Leopold FC660M Grey/Blue PD (Cherry MX Brown) Keyboard

Leopold FC660M mechanical keyboard is one of the smallest keyboards this company offers. It supports a 60% size that has Cherry MX brown switches. The small size offered by this keyboard gives you more room for other items like the mouse. 


Without any compromise on the functionality, it takes less space, making it suitable for people who like a small form factor. Unlike the other 60% keyboards, the Leopold FC660M still has a dedicated delete key and arrow keys, making it suitable for almost every productivity. 


Leopold offers only high-quality built products, making them suitable for all uses. This minimalistic mechanical keyboard doesn’t have LED backlighting, but it is perfectly suited for users who want simplicity and functionality in one place. The gray double shot PBT keycaps give this keyboard great functionality and durability.


  • Cherry MX brown switches 
  • 60% size 
  • Small size 
  • High-build quality 
  • Dedicated delete key and arrow keys supported


  • Durable Cherry MX brown switches 
  • 60% minimalist, small design saves space 
  • Durable and long-lasting, built with professional quality 
  • Arrow and delete keys makes it usable for most tasks 
  • Smallest mechanical keyboard by this company


  • Not suitable for those who want aesthetics.

10. Keychron K1 Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboards

Keychron K1 Bluetooth keyboard has an ultra-slim tenkeyless design that supports 87 keys. This wireless mechanical keyboard offers high productivity and an amazing tactile typing experience.

This mechanical keyboard can easily be connected to up to 3 devices with the reliable 5.1 Broadcom Bluetooth chipset or USB type-C wired option. Keychron K2 Bluetooth keyboard also supports a unique Mac layout that has the necessary keys for Mac functionality and is yet suitable with Windows operating system.

This keyboard supports a durable 48% low profile, an ultra-thin body, and durable Gateron switches that give unbeatable responsiveness. The linear red switches offer a lifespan of around 50 million keystrokes. It also supports amazing white LED backlights along with a modern keycap that lets you sync your mode easily. You can lighten all your dull and dim environments with these LED backlights. Moreover, it supports NKRO, N-key rollover on its wired mode, and the 6KRO on its wireless mode.


  • 87-key, tenkeyless design 
  • LED backlights 
  • Connect up to 3 devices through Bluetooth 
  • Broadcom Bluetooth 5.1 chipset supported 
  • Unique Mac layout 
  • Gateron low-profile mechanical switches 
  • 48% slimmer design


  • Tenkeyless, ultra-slim design offers tactility and productivity 
  • Reliably connect to 3 devices easily with Bluetooth
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac with unique Mac layout 
  • Durable Gateron switches for unbeatable responsiveness 
  • Durable switches up to 50 million switches 
  • LED backlights for great aesthetics 


  • Heavy keys 

11. EVGA Z15 RGB Gaming Keyboard

EVGA Z15 RGB gaming keyboard is an amazingly customizable keyboard that supports hot-swap sockets to let you customize the experience according to your desire. With the Kahil Speed Silver switches, along with the N-key roller, you get the detailed feedback that you’re looking for to enjoy the best typing and gaming experience.


With a 4,000Hz polling rate and 4K Hz, you get one of the most advanced gaming experiences, which is more responsive and precise. EVGA Z15 RGB gaming keyboard supports a great per-key RGB lighting feature that comes with 14 preset lighting effects that you can customize with the help of UNLEASH RGB software. With the multimedia keys and volume scroll wheel, you get complete control at the tip of your fingers. Moreover, the magnetic detachable palm rest gives you complete comfort as you type.


  • Hot-swap sockets.
  • Kahil 3 pin mechanical switches 
  • N-key roller 
  • 4,000Hz polling rate
  • Per key RGB lighting 
  • 14 preset effects for lighting 
  • Magnetic detachable palm rest


  • How swap sockets allow full customization 
  • N-key roller and Kalih Speed switches offer great feedback 
  • 4,000Hz polling rate gives an advanced gaming experience with better responsiveness
  • Detachable magnetic palm rest offers ultimate comfort 
  • Control at your hands with multimedia keys and volume scroll


  • Loud key presses

12. ANNE PRO 2, 60% Wired/Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Anne Pro 2, 60% mechanical keyboard, is a minimalistic design keyboard that allows you to do more work with less. It requires some level of hand movement while giving you access to every functionality. The best part about this keyboard is that its minimalistic design makes it compact and portable, thereby saving space on your desk. With a portable design, you can carry this keyboard around easily, best for home and being on the go.

With decent Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily connect up to 4 different devices and switch between them seamlessly. Revamped obinskit simplifies setting up your key layout, lighting, and creating macros. Anne Pro 2 mechanical keyboard supports both wired and wireless modes for users’ convenience. It also supports 16 macro keys that you can program for advanced typing and gaming.


  • 60% keyboard 
  • Wired and wireless support 
  • 100% anti-ghosting 
  • Full-key rollover 
  • 16 macro keys 
  • PBT keycaps
  • Premium mechanical switches
  • Decent Bluetooth support with 4 device connectivity


  • Minimalistic design requires less space and hand movement 
  • Gives access to all functionalities 
  • Portable, making it easy to carry around
  • Compact design saves space on your desk 
  • Bluetooth allows connection of up to 4 devices along with seamless switching 
  • Unlimited backlight customization


  • Small battery capacity 

Tips to Buy a Mechanical Typing Keyboard

When selecting the best keyboard, you need to make some serious considerations. If you are new and confused about picking the right keyboard according to your typing needs, here we have a list of the things you should consider when buying the best typing keyboards. Moreover, after considering all these vitals, don’t forget to test the mechanical keyboard that your buying.

1. Type of Switch

With so many options out there, not all mechanical keys supported by these keyboards are the same. Each mechanical switch offers a different click type, so you need to be careful when choosing one.

If you want a noticeable bounce and strong feedback, a spring-based switch like “clicky” Cherry MX blue switches may be suitable. However, if you’re in search of a mechanical keyboard with a quiet actuation and light keypress, you may want to get the “silent” Red switches.

While these switches offer some of the features mentioned above, others can offer the very best of both worlds, like the Topre switch, which offers positive, rapid responsiveness along with muted sound and light touch. So, when choosing the right mechanical keyboard, you need to select the type of switch you find suitable.

2. Backlighting

If you are using your mechanical keyboard for gaming or use it in a darkened area, you may want to get one of the coolest mechanical keyboards that come with backlit, RGB lighting effects. You can even sync some of them with gaming consoles and other peripherals that give an amazing dynamic light show. So, if you’re using your mechanical keyboards for such a purpose, you may want to get one that supports RGB backlighting.

3. Layout and Size

A full size mechanical keyboard usually has 104 keys, including a numeric keyboard and 12 function keys. This can be very helpful and offers extra convenience for typing, especially when working with numbers or using spreadsheets. A small-sized keyboard can be a good option for those who want minimal mechanical keys and are looking for a compact mechanical keyboard that takes less desk space. 


A full-sized keyboard (100%) has all the keys, including the function row and number pad. These tend to be best for those who have to do number entry tasks. You have a size down the 1800 compact keyboard (96%) that supports all the keys as a full-sized keyboard but does not have space between each key. The Tenkeyless keyboards support 87 keys and do not have a number pad. This is suitable for those who don’t use number pads and like spacing between the arrow keys. 


The 75% keyboards, though less common, are a smushed version of the TKL keyboard. The  65% keyboard lacks the function row, and the shape tends to be compact. The 60% keyboard lacks the arrow keys, but other keys can be functioned to act like them. You also have 40% keyboards, but these aren’t very practical, hence rarer. So, when choosing a mechanical keyboard, you may want to consider the size and layout.

4. Important Features

While most of the factors mentioned are important considerations when buying a mechanical keyboard, other features tend to be just for the sake of fun. You want a mechanical keyboard for gaming, and you also want to get one that supports RGB lighting.

People look for other features like hot-swap, Bluetooth, media keys, additional USB ports, etc. While these additional features aren’t necessary, they just improve overall efficiency and satisfaction.

5. Cost

One of the biggest considerations when searching for a mechanical keyboard is the price. There are plenty of options to choose from, ranging from simple budget models to fancier models. While budget keyboards range around $50+, moderately priced ones are between $70-$100. The high-end priced keyboards can be as high as $150+. So, select the keyboard based on the price range by looking at your budget.

Why Are Mechanical Keyboards Better for Typing?

When talking about cute mechanical keyboards for typing, you should know why they are better for typing or why people like them in the first place. Here are some factors that make these keyboards a better option for typing.

1. Comfort

Mechanical keyboards are a top preference because of the comfort they offer while typing. Since a separate switch underneath it supports every key, it makes your keyboard presses much more convenient. Moreover, you also get a better and quick response as you type.

2. Precision

One other thing that mechanical keyboards offer is precision. Since these keyboards help make your typing more accessible and accurate, they reduce the chances of pressing the wrong key. By offering precision, these keyboards increase the productivity levels for those who have a lot of typing tasks. 

3. Long-Lasting

Several mechanical keyboards lie between 20 million to 100 million keypresses. This is much higher than a usual membrane-based keyboard rated for only around 5 million. So, mechanical keyboards also tend to last longer. 

4. Heavier Than Others

The heaviness of mechanical keyboards can be both a pro or a con based on how it’s used. Being heavier than other keyboards, it is less likely to move around on the desk as you type, and it will also be more durable.

5. Customizable Layouts

Another amazing thing about mechanical keyboards is that they are available in many sizes. From a full-sized keyboard to 75%, 60%, and a miniature layout, you have multiple options to select from. So, because these keyboards are available in plenty of sizes, you can easily select the one that suits your needs best.

Are Mechanical Keyboards Better for Gaming?

With some of the coolest keyboards out there, it can be hard to select the best ones. But the question is, are mechanical keyboards better than regular keyboards for gaming? With so many positive traits of mechanical keyboards being discussed, gamers and experts can tell you how it makes a difference. 


One of the most important aspects of a mechanical keyboard that sets it apart from a regular one is its accuracy. While membrane keyboards have rubber switches that are wobbly and dust can quickly gather up in these keyboards resulting in inaccurate presses. Also, a mechanical keyboard has a separate switch for each key, giving more accurate clicks and reducing the risk of wrong key presses. 


Mechanical keyboards are loved for their durability, sturdiness, and tactility. Finally, these keyboards are more responsive and make it easier to type. Because of the benefits mentioned above, gamers often prefer mechanical keyboards over regular keyboards because they improve the gaming experience. However, they can be a little costly compared to a standard keyboard, but mechanical keyboards can be a great option if you’re a gamer or have work that requires a lot of typing.


It is believed that mechanical keyboards are a great option to improve your typing or gaming. They are long-lasting and offer more accurate keypresses, thereby avoiding mistakes. Mechanical keyboards are great for typists because the tactile switches offer loud and tactile presses, leading to better typing. Yet, not every mechanical keyboard is suited for you or meets all your needs. This is why choosing the best one requires a lot of search and effort. We hope that this article has helped you search for the best mechanical keyboard. Before choosing the best one, make sure to consider all these factors. While this can be a costly investment at first, it’s all worth it if you use it right!