Auto Clicker 1.0 Free Download for MAC

Mac Auto Clicker 1.0

Auto clicker is a tool that allows you to simulate mouse clicks on the computer screen. They can be used in automatically with any other running programs and act as if one physical button was pressed at all times, even when no actual input device (e.g., keyboard) has been triggered by another action or event occurring within your operating system’s functionality

Automatic clicking is a great way to give your computer an extra pair of fingers. There’s no need for messy wires or complicated interfaces, just set up the trigger and let the tool do all the work!

How Does Auto Clicker Work?

These automated clicking tools can simulate the act of right-clicking on an object by holding down a hotkey. The tool can also be useful for games because it simulates the pressing of each key at predefined time intervals.

Auto Clicker for Mac 1.0

Auto clicker advanced for mac by aspoy scribe is a great way to increase your mouse accuracy and speed! It has a built in feature that tracks the location of every movement on your computer, then simulates what it would be like if you clicked each key with perfect timing. This is especially useful for games where pressing keys at different intervals may seem tricky without this type of device by clicking them automatically as they’re needed.

Run the software on-screen and set the intervals after which you want a specific number of clicks without getting banned in online games or programs.

How To Free Download Auto Clicker for Mac and Installation Process?

Follow these instructions:

  • Download the auto clicker setup
    After clicking on download, the process of downloading the tool would be started, and wait a while to save the file.
  • Once everything is done, install the software and now the setup is ready to do every click automatically.
  • You can directly access the software with a folder or search in the taskbar to find it.
  • The final step is to set the interval between clicks, and other necessary settings to run the software smoothly.


Note: when you click the left mouse button to prevent any possible errors in downloading and installing the software, which may occur if you use only the left-click function of the mouse.


Yes, it is totally safe and secure to use this tool . But before working on any game, don’t forget to read the policies of the games and other websites.

Auto-clicking software simulates a mouse click after intervals, which makes it possible to help you in doing fast clicking against your competitors on games.

It’s fine to use the legit and 100% secure automation tool. But you must do some research about it before installation.

The software is totally developed by professionals, therefore, you don’t need to worry about its legitimacy.