Auto Clicker By Shocker | Features & Uses

Auto Clicker By Shocker

Fast clicking is no longer a choice for gamers, rather has now become a necessity if they want to win against their competitors. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have the amazing finger strength to perform several clicks together? Yes, it surely becomes tiring to click the mouse more than a thousand times continuously. Is there a shortcut for clicking? Absolutely! We bring you the auto clicker, a program that generates automated mouse clicks for multiple games so that gamers can enjoy playing and completing the game levels instead of having to repeatedly click with the mouse. Auto clicker by shocker is one of the many auto clickers that gamers can choose from. Let’s get to know more about this auto clicker. 


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What Is An Auto Clicker By Shocker?

Auto clicker by shocker is a freeware auto-clicking application that imitates your mouse clicking at the set intervals. This auto clicker offers different possibilities for clicking like choosing between double or single clicks that can be performed using the right, middle, or left mouse buttons. The user interface supported by this auto clicker is small and simple, making it easy to use.

Auto clicker by Shocker is free software that can be downloaded from the website. The latest version of this auto clicker 3.0 supports new features like stopping or pausing clicks, spacebar/enter clicks, clicks with the right mouse button, and also mouse wheel clicks.

Features of Auto Clicker By Shocker

  • Choose automatic clicking for middle, left, or right mouse buttons 
  • Set the intervals for mouse clicks 
  • Set the desired number of clicks to stop automatically when the number is complete. 
  • Use the hotkey to stop the clicks anytime. 
  • “Random autostop delays” – the auto-clicking can be paused for X milliseconds, where X denotes any random number. 
  • Supports two auto-clicking modes at the chosen dynamic location of the cursor. 
  • Good loop collection 
  • Quick performance 
  • Supports new languages 
  • Has great graphics and a good user interface

Auto Clicker By Shocker; How To Use

Auto clicker by Shocker is a great option for automated mouse clicking that supports many customization options. Users can choose from the Right, left and center mouse buttons for completing their commands. Users can also perform either single or double clicks using the auto clicker. The pointer can also be paused or frozen, set the time duration, and repeat the click numbers. 

There are several shortcut keys that can be used to save time like this auto clicker’s hotkey that stops and starts the clicks. Set by default, the F9 key is used, but it can be changed at your convenience. Moreover, the Auto clicker by Shocker can be kept visible or hidden till the process completes.

Auto Clicker By Shocker

Auto Clicker Shocker 3.0


Auto clicker by Shocker comes is designed as a freeware software for laptops or PCs supporting a windows operating system of 32-bit or 64 bit. It falls under the automated category and is open for free downloading for all software users. 


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Auto clicker by Shocker is useful in many different ways. It can be set to start automatically when windows are turned on. You can set the number of clicks and leave the auto clicker running so those clicks can be automatically performed.