4 Ways To Increase Clicking Speed on Mouse in 2022

ways to increase clicking speed on mouse

Clicking with speed and preciousness has never been an easy task. Clicking with speed needs so much effort as well as the hell of practice. Clicking with speed requires good reflexes, a good internet connection, a better server to respond to, and a Good mouse. Clicking is Mostly dependent on these factors told above. Click per second is a sort of unit which is used to measure the speed of clicking. The user clicks with the speed is measured by this tool. Click per second speed could be improved by various methods. Most users try to improve their speed as well as precision. Users can even check their speed by a click speed test. There are various methods of improving the speed of click per second described below:

Some Techniques of Improving CPS:

Various techniques could be used to help users to improve their Click per second. 

Jitter Clicking:

jitter click test

It is one of the most prominent and Difficult techniques to learn. This technique needs a lot of practice. Users should have to practice for weeks and months to get a hold of it. This technique needs Patience and regular hard work to learn and it is useful as much as it needs hard work. Jitter Click Technique improves your click per second from 16 CPS to 29 CPS. This technique works with your arm and Hand. Muscles used to cause vibration in the arm and hand that used to click the mouse. Excess use of this technique can cause serious pain in your arm. The user needs a break after a while using the jitter clicking technique.

Butterfly Technique:

butterfly clicking

It is another technique just Like the jitter click technique. It is also used to improve click per second speed. It uses two fingers of the hand for clicking the mouse. This technique is Much effective in improvement of click per second. Butterfly technique needs a lot of practice to learn. The user learned this technique could improve its Click per second from 16 CPS to 31 CPS. This technique works with the function of two fingers. These two fingers lie on the same button which use to move with speed. These fingers will tap the button as one and after. These fingers present the look of a butterfly when they use it to move with speed.

Drag Clicking Technique:

drag clicking

This technique is one of the fastest techniques as discussed above. It can be learned with practice but it doesn’t need that much pressure as needed from other techniques. It improves click per second from 40 CPS to 100 CPS. This shows an amazing score that can be scored by using this technique. 100 score can not be done easily. Drag Clicking technique works with dragging your hand mouse from one corner to the other. The speed movement of the hand Can Cause this huge CPS score.


gaming mouse

It is said to be another type of Technique used to improve your Click per second. Users can improve its Click per second speed by Entertaining and practicing as well. There are a lot of clicking games around the world that are mostly played by using the mouse so that they play a vital role in the improvement of click per second speed.

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