Auto Clicker For iPhone Without Jailbreak

Auto Clicker For iPhone Without Jailbreak

Auto-Clicker is software that helps one perform the clicking action repeatedly without actually clicking. On your iPhone, while you are playing a game, and for example, you need to shoot many times, the auto clicker can do it for you instead of you breaking the screen with hundreds of forceful touches. iPhone users need to jailbreak their phones to use the auto clicker most efficiently. But there are ways in which one can use an auto clicker on an iPhone without jailbreaking their phone.

What Is Jailbreaking Your iPhone?

Jailbreaking your iPhone means getting access to the root operating system of your phone. It allows one to access all their phone’s features. It frees you from the limitations and precautions on your phone.

Why Does One Need An Auto Clicker?

There are multiple times when you need to press your screen continuously. Whether you are designing something on your iPhone or you are playing a game. There’s a chance that you can damage your screen by that rapid pressing on your screen. At this time, an auto clicker helps you be free from this fear. Auto Clicker records the position at which you need the clicks and the number of clicks you need. Once activated, it automatically acts.

Why Do We Need An Auto Clicker Without Jailbreak?

First of all, Jailbreaking your phone is considered illegal. It comes under the Digital Millennium Copyright act, addressing digital copyright issues. Other than that, jailbreaking your iPhone increases the chances of malware, which can result in viruses and other errors. Also, once the jailbreak is complete, the user must change the root password otherwise their iPhone can be hacked. Not many people know this and as a result, get in trouble. It’s better to go for a way to use an auto clicker for iPhone without jailbreak. The safer the better and that is the exact reason you are reading this article. Following are some ways through which one can use an auto clicker in iPhone without jailbreak

Auto Clicker Through iPhone’s Settings

To use an auto clicker in iPhone without jailbreak or any other application, all you need to do is follow these simple steps

  • Open your phone’s settings
  • Go into the General section
  • Click Accessibility
  • Scroll down to the bottom
  • Press Accessibility Shortcut
  • Select Switch Control
  • Go back to the accessibility page
  • Scroll up and select the Switch control page
  • Select switches
  • Select add a new switch
  • Select screen
  • Select full screen
  • Set it to Select item
  • Go to back to switch control page
  • Go to recipes
  • Select create a new recipe
  • Add a name
  • Then select assign a switch
  • Select Full Screen
  • Select Custom gesture
  • Now tap on the screen a few times where you need the auto clicker to tap
  • After that select save
  • Once done go back to the recipe page
  • Select Launch of recipe
  • Select the icon with the name you added earlier

Now you have successfully launched the auto clicker in your iPhone. Follow the following steps to know how to use the auto clicker,

  • Select the app in which you need to use auto clicker
  • Activate the auto clicker by pressing the home button 3 times
  • Now press on the screen and the auto clicker will automatically press on all the places you need multiple times
  • To deactivate the auto clicker again press the home button 3 times

The drawback is that it doesn’t allow you to just leave your mobile and let the auto clicker do all the job. As the auto clicker presses the screen for a very short time and you need to press again, it’s not that efficient. Of course, with jailbreak, it will be much more efficient but much more dangerous as well.

Panda Help Auto Clicker

The Panda helper team has devised an application Panda help auto clicker that works in IOS 13 and 14 devices, without jailbreak. It has been tested on games like Roblox for IOS and Summoner wars for IOS. To use Panda Help Auto clicker, follow the following steps,

  • Download the app on your device
  • Install and open the apps from Panda Helper
  • A floating Panda icon would appear
  • Click it 
  • Search for Panda Auto Clicker 
  • Click Get written along with it
  • Click on the “+” button to add target sights
  • “Swipe gesture” can also be used to add target sights or alter in some way
  • After pressing either of the buttons, move the target sight to places on the screen where you need your auto clicker to press continuously
  • Once the targets are set, Press run and the auto clicker will start doing its job and continuously press on the screen

Panda Help Auto Clicker allows you to add numerous target sights and even edit them. The settings provide users many custom options like they can set the duration of clicks, the delay before and after each click, the radius of the screen each click should cover, and much more. Panda Help Auto Clicker also has an attractive and simple interface, attracting users towards it. Especially, for using an auto clicker in IOS without jailbreak, Panda Help Auto Clicker proves to be the most efficient one. The only drawback it has is its limitation to work only on IOS 13 and 14 devices. 


Jailbreaking your iPhone for an auto clicker is not just a high legal risk but puts your phone’s security and functioning in jeopardy as well. Auto Clicker is becoming a common approach for android and pcs these days, so why should an iPhone user be left behind. That is why this article shows ways where an iPhone user can use an auto clicker without damaging his phone. Auto Clicker proves to be very handy especially if you are playing games or need to add a lot of coloring to your digital artwork. This generation is all about smart work, not hard work. So, you should also keep up your pace and benefit from the facilities provided for an efficient outcome.  

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