For the most part, a good typing speed is essential in any job or work. But the demand for the average typing speed may be higher for programming. So, what should be the average typing speed of a programmer? This has been a popular question on different platforms. Let’s look at the average typing speed required for a programmer to get a good job!

Why Does a Programmer Need to Have a Good Typing Speed?

When people start any job, they may not have a fast typing speed. At the start, people use the hunt-and-peck method to type, where you look at the keyboard and then press the key. However, as you continue your typing work, you’ll start getting used to your keyboard and typing without needing to look down. 

As a programmer with the core skills of problem-solving capabilities, programming languages, logic and mathematics, you also must have a good typing speed because coding becomes much more time-efficient. Being able to type fast increases the chances of getting work done quickly, especially when it comes to large projects where a lot of structures or components need to be coded and designed.

As Jeff Atwood had mentioned, typing is an essential skill in the field of programming. He says you need to become a good typist before becoming a good programmer. So, you need fast typing speed as a programmer because it takes less time to code.

Alternatively, others believe that accuracy is as important as typing speed. You don’t just need to type fast as a programmer but also need to type accurately. If you are curious to find out your typing speed with accuracy, you can check your typing speed here.

Programmers; How Fast Can They Type?

A programmer coding on laptop

Most software programmers or coders are able to type around 40 to 70 words per minute. This, however, depends on the problem and code. At the same time, the typing accuracy is approximately 94%. 

While this is the average, the fastest typist can reach around 160 to 300 words per minute. When talking about coding and programming, this seems challenging. The average typing speed according to words per minute for programmers is considered good if it’s 57 or above. Moreover, programmers need to maintain typing accuracy as well; otherwise, it’s like typing nonsense.

Are all Programmers Fast Typers?

Well, no. Not all programmers are fast typers because most can only type around 40 words per minute. The WPM test is a tool that will help you find your typing speed per minute.


As a programmer, you need a good typing speed to get things done quickly and efficiently. The hunt-and-peck method takes a lot of time, so it’s better to learn typing if you want to type fast. While a good typing speed isn’t essential, you can always work faster and more efficiently with fast typing.