1 Minute Typing Speed Test

1 Minute Typing Speed Test
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Typing has become an essential part of our lives, which we cannot get away from. You need to type whether you’re at your job or writing an assignment. So, if you type often, you might have wanted to know your speed of 1 min typing. If so, we’re here to help you with our simple 1-minute typing test tool.

Why Does Typing Speed Matter?

The faster you type, the better you can do your typing job or work while saving time and energy. While it may seem like a few minutes at first, the difference may go unnoticed. Over time, these minutes will turn into hours, and you will end up saving more time and effort than you can imagine. So, a good typing speed not only helps you save time but also effort.

What is the Free One Minute Typing Test?

Our one-minute type test is a special tool designed to help you find out your typing accuracy and speed. This tool is free of cost and can be used on any browser to test your typing and accuracy of typing. You get WPM (word per minute), CPM (character per minute), Errors, and Accuracy. Moreover, this tool is designed in a user-friendly. So, take our 1-minute typing test NOW!

Why Do You Need the One Minute Typing Test?

This is the technology era, where the use of computers and other computing devices is inevitable. And most devices need input from us in the form of typing. That’s why you need to pay attention to your typing speed and how accurately you can type.

Moreover, sometimes, you need to switch between different devices like computer laptops. Your typing experience might be different, which is why you need to have a significant typing speed so that you can perform well on different devices.

How do you know at what speed you’re typing, or is your typing speed getting better if you’re practicing? That’s why you need to take the typing speed test to clear all the guesswork, monitor your progress, and see whether your speed is improving.

A Few Things to Know About the Test

If you’re interested in taking the test, here are a few interesting things about our test.

  1. Our 1-minute typing speed test has a gigantic database of commonly used English words. Our tool uses these words to check your typing speed and skill. 
  2. Our typing test is developed very accurately. So, you can rely 100% on the results produced after the test.
  3. Take typing lessons if you wish to become better at typing and improve your typing skills. These will teach you the right way of using the keyboard to achieve a faster typing speed. Moreover, your posture and sitting position also play a vital role.
  4. Don’t get disappointed if you don’t have a good typing speed at the start. Just keep practicing, and you’ll start getting better.

What's the Best Thing About Using Our Test?

The best thing about our tool is that it has a large database containing unique words. Moreover, you get to access our tool for free and use it anytime. Our typing test of 1 minute will also help you become familiar with your typing skills within a short time. Finally, you can easily reset and take the test again whenever needed.

How Can You Improve Your Typing Speed?

One way to improve your typing speed is to take our 1-minute online typing test. You also need to keep your fingers relaxed and take a deep breath. When taking the test, try to stay focused. Moreover, also try to maintain a good posture and stay relaxed. And finally, it all comes down to practice. Practice, practice, and practice. The more you practice, the better you’ll get at it. With these simple tips, you can easily improve your typing speed. Also read


Anywhere between 65 to 70 WPM (words per minute) is considered a good typing speed for 1 minute. Take the test and see what’s yours?

A one-minute typing test is a great tool to check your typing speed in one minute. You are given a paragraph to type in one minute. You need to type the words as fast as possible and as accurately as possible. You will be shown your typing speed and accuracy at the end of the test in the form of WPM, CPM, errors and accuracy percentage.

The passing score for the typing speed test varies based on the profession, job requirements etc.  For the typist, the passing score is 50 WPM, for the legal secretary, it is 50 - 60 WPM, for computer coders, its 60 WPM, and for transcription, it's 60-75 WPM. To pass this test, you need to meet the minimum score requirement. If you reach the score, you will pass the test.

It depends, however, the average typing score in 1 minute is between 38 to 40 WPM. To check how many words you can type in a minute, you must take the 1-minute typing speed test. This test will give the typing score, the number of words, the number of characters you typed in a minute along with number of errors, and accuracy.

In the typing speed test, you are only allowed to make 8% mistakes at maximum, so you need to have a 92% accuracy to pass the test. In simple words, you can make maximum 8 mistakes for every 100 typed words.