Best Gaming Keyboards Review

Best gaming keyboard reviews

Best 22 Gaming Keyboards Review 2022

It is well-known in the gaming world that a good gaming keyboard translates into better gaming skills and more success. If you are a gamer intent on climbing up the ladder of success in this world of online gaming, you need to make an investment in a gaming keyboard.

How Are Gaming Keyboards Different From Simple Keyboards?

Gaming keyboards are best suited to gamers because they are designed specifically for that purpose. Gaming requires quick action and this requires a keyboard with a fast response time. While regular keyboards prioritize ergonomics and comfort, gaming keyboards are designed for faster action that is key to gaming. The major difference between regular keyboards and gaming keyboards is the keyboard layout and the kinds of switches.


The technology difference between the two kinds of keyboards is that the gaming keyboard uses mechanical keys while the simple keyboards use membrane technology. Mechanical keyboards are ideal for high-intensity situations that gamers often encounter and allow for more accurate and faster input. On the other hand, membrane technology with dome switches is cheaper and has a quieter key press. Membrane keyboards have silicone domes under each switch that transmit the force of compression to the circuit underneath.

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Best Gaming Keyboard

The key feature that makes a gaming keyboard stand out is its speed and you will not find a faster keyboard than Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard. Its Opto-mechanical switch technology gives unparalleled speed while its key stabilizer guarantees precision and accuracy. Its programmable digital dial will let you optimize quick action functions and will make gaming much easier and more successful.

Razer Huntsman Elite

Gaming keyboards, no doubt, are hefty investments that you want to last so your money doesn’t go to waste and this gaming keyboard is durable; it supports as many as 100 million clicks and the product comes with a 2-year warranty. Its aluminium top frame cover promises great quality. To make things easier and more convenient, this gaming keyboard can easily sync with all popular online games. This keyboard has wired connectivity and since wired gaming keyboards are more responsive, this product is perfect in all respects.

This gaming keyboard is unique in the way it operates; its razer analog optical switch technology lets you optimize an actuation point that matches your playstyle. Alternatively, you can get a smoother control with its analogue input. Its durability is an additional bonus; with its Doubleshot PBT keycaps, the hard keyboard keys can withstand more intense use than most other gaming keyboards. Its labels will not wear down over time or fade away because of their Doubleshot moulding process.

Razer Huntsman V2 Analog

This keyboard also offers just the right feature to make your gaming much more interesting! With all its blazing variety of colours, you are bound to enjoy any online game you engage in. Its Razed Chrome RGB with 16.7 million colours give the keys a spectacular underglow that also reacts with more than 150 integrated games. The best part is its ergonomic design that includes a magnetic wrist rest of plush leatherette that guarantees maximum comfort. This keyboard is a perfect choice for any gamer because it includes all the necessary features and more.

This tournament edition of the Razer Huntsman gaming keyboard goes a step ahead of other mechanical keyboards with its Razer Linear Optical switch technology. Its beam-based actuation lets it register clicks at a stunning speed with an actuation distance of only 1 millimeter. An interesting and advanced feature of this gaming keyboard is its fully programmable Macros with Razer Hypershift that lets all keypress combinations be remapped.

Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition

One of the very precious things in a gaming keyboard is durability because gaming will definitely involve rough and intense use. The matte aluminium top frame is durable and its oil-resistant Doubleshot PBT keycaps prevent grime build-up. Its thermoplastic material for the keycaps will give a premium finish to your ultimate gaming keyboard.


The Razer huntsman tournament keyboard uses a detachable C cable that allows easy attachment and minimum fuss when you need to move it around. From Chrome RGB lighting and PBT keycaps to linear optical switches, it has it all.

If you are finding a gaming keyboard that gives you the ultimate gaming experience with all necessary features and much more, the Razer CYNOSA V2 promises just that. With its amazingly low sound profile, configurable media keys, cable routing connection, and unique programming, this keyboard has got it all. Its fully programmable keys let you design your keyboard profile uniquely and save several profiles and macros.


If you are an enthusiast gamer then you surely would love a gaming keyboard with such dynamic per-key lighting effects. Its stunning response rate and speed let you give as many as ten commands at a time.


What makes the offer much better is its amazing durability and longevity. Its unique design makes it spill-resistant so any accidental liquid splashes will not affect the keyboard. It can support up to 80 million clicks and has a 2 years warranty.

Steel series Apex 3 is another gaming keyboard that is all-rounded and encompasses an amazing range of features that gamers look for in gaming keyboards. This water-resistant keyboard includes a magnetic wrist rest to cater to the need for comfort in addition to speed; a feature that most gaming keyboards do not include.

SteelSeries Apex 3

It’s brilliant 10-zone RGB illumination gives an amazing rainbow effect that reacts when you are under attack in a game. This feature is bound to make gaming much more exciting! Interestingly, unlike most other gaming keyboards that are noisy, this one is whisper quiet because of its low friction switches. Its unrivaled durability allows it to go as many as 20 million key presses.


Use its dedicated multimedia controls for easy operation. Its clickable metal roller and media controls can be used to adjust the settings and volume easily. This budget gaming keyboard has all the vital features at a remarkable price.

Corsair K55 Pro XT has got you covered if you are in search of a keyboard that encompasses comfort, efficiency, and exciting features to enhance your gaming experience. Corsair K55 introduced dynamic lighting that can react to a number of iCUE-integrated in-games. Its system-wide light synchronization, per-key vivid RGB backlighting, and customizable vibrant light effects will let you personalize your gaming experience to a new level of interest!

Corsair K55 Pro XT

You can set up its macro keys easily with iCUE software and use the simple dedicated media and volume keys for quick control without interrupting your intense gaming session. With intense gaming, comfort is essential otherwise you will tire your hands and perform badly.


Corsair K55 Prop XT includes a soft detachable rubber palm rest that will minimize stress on your wrists and let you play comfortably for long stretches of time. It is a cheap gaming keyboard that you should certainly consider for your priority list.

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum is one tough cookie. It can withstand a lifetime of active and intense gaming because of its rugged durability. As a gaming keyboard, it is designed to withstand such pressure and its mechanical switches guarantee the excellent speed with 1.2 millimeter actuation. Its 6 programmable G keys can be assigned single or multiple keystrokes combinations. To make things even better, the keys are backlit with dynamic multi-color lights, the intensity of which can be adjusted.

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

What makes it unique is its 8MB storage for storing up to 3 separate profiles to be used instantly, independent of the external software. Compared to its strong and tough build, this gaming keyboard is lightweight (weighing only 2,92 lbs) and portable. Yes, it is costlier than most other keyboards in the market but carefully consider and compare the features before you select or reject this keyboard.

Logitech G915 Lightspeed is a bestselling wireless gaming keyboard that delivers excellent speed performance coupled with a hassle-free wireless connection. With no tangled cords to deal with, you can enjoy a clean battle station free of troublesome cords. Its low-profile mechanical switches promise great speed, response, and accuracy. These GL Clicky switches are half the height compared to other mechanical keyboards and offer a distinctive sound.

Logitech G915 Lightspeed

The device has a spectacular thin and rigid design using an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy that promises durability. It can withstand long periods of intense gaming and with this keyboard, you can go up to 30 hours straight gaming time on a single charge. When the battery falls to 15% it will give an indication via a battery LED and popup notification. It takes only 3 hours to charge so no need to worry about interference or breaks in gaming. Charge it overnight and enjoy the entire next day!

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT keyboard is an amazing aesthetic and super-fast gaming keyboard for quick action. Its RGB backlighting, nearly total customization, and low noise even with full-intensity work, all make this a wonderful choice for enthusiastic gamers. Its 6 programmable macro keys give you an in-game advantage. With the keyboard’s 8 MB onboard storage you can store up to 5 personalized profiles.


Every gamer is aware of the importance of speed and responsiveness of gaming keyboard for online games and the Corsair K95 RGB platinum XT keyboard has mechanical keys that can guarantee a super-fast speed with 1.2-millimeter actuation. This ultimate gaming keyboard is durable and can last as many as 100 million keystrokes.


What makes it even better suited to intense gaming sessions is its detachable soft cushioned leatherette for providing palm rest. You can go through intense gaming marathons without tiring your hands one bit.

Logitech G413 is a pro-grade gaming keyboard that promises responsiveness and durability; two things that are key to gamers because gaming requires speed and demands intense work that the keyboard should be able to withstand. Its precise lighting through each keycap ensures that the keys are always clearly visible and you have no trouble even during late-night gaming. The keyboard promises great data speed and 100% power input with its USB cable connectivity.

Logitech G413

It has fully functional keys that you can use to control volume, mute, toggle lighting, game mode, and play and pause controls. It includes a full set of essential features in a brushed aluminum-magnesium top. The keyboard is perfect for professional gaming because it is nearly 25% faster than most other mechanical keyboards. Its dramatic black and red colour is both aesthetic and will create the ideal gaming environment for intense gaming.


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Tenkeyless gaming keyboards are those that do not have the number keys so that the keyboard can be made compact. Logitech G915 Keyboard is a Tenkeyless keyboard that offers amazing speed with pro-grade performance, flexibility, and hassle-free use with a wireless connection. Its mechanical keys promise speed and accuracy that make gaming more efficient. Being half as high as other mechanical keyboards, these are less noisy and more aesthetic. Its Tenkeyless characteristic makes room for the mouse on your desk space and the USB receiver can easily be tucked in the back for portability.

Logitech G915 TKL

This durable keyboard is an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy device; thin and super robust. Ona single charge, it can go as long as 40 hours of intense gaming and when the charging drops to 15%, you will get an indication of the Keyboard LED and as a popup notification on your computer. This Logitech G915 TKL keyboard has it all!

Razer BLACKWIDOW V3 PRO is a wireless keyboard that promises flawless performance and connection to up to 3 devices via Bluetooth with easy toggling between them with a single click. It also includes a USB-C cable that lets you charge it when being used. The keyboard uses razer mechanical switches that are both tactile and smooth, each keystroke silent and seamless. The keyboard is designed uniquely aesthetically with a marvelous transparent design with a completely clear display for bright RGB lighting. To top it all off, it includes a plush leatherette wrist rest for perfectly comfortable intense gaming sessions. It is aligned with the keyboard and will relieve any pressure on your wrists.


Razer BLACKWIDOW V3 PRO also has 4 media Multi-function keys that can be configured to control pause-play-skip operation and to adjust the volume or brightness. The keys have Doubleshot ABS keycaps that never wear off and have extra-thick and tough walls. This durable and top-grade keyboard is perfect for intense gaming!

From seamless wireless connection to durable Double Shot ABS keys and super speed, this keyboard has got it all. Razer BLACKWIDOW Mini Hyperspeed has everything that the Razer BLACKWIDOW V3 PRO has but in a smaller, more compact, and lighter design. This makes it the perfect choice if you are short of desk space but need a gaming keyboard that has all one should. Its wireless connection allows for hassle-free setup on your desk and allows connection to up to 3 devices with easy switching between them. Coupled with a long battery life of 200 hours, it makes for the perfect uninterrupted gaming session.

Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed

Durability is another important consideration when buying gaming keyboards because there is no doubt that the keys will be subjected to intense use. Razer BLACKWIDOW V3 mini has Doubleshot ABS keycaps that are thick-walled and the labels of which will never wear off.

HyperX Alloy Elite RGB keyboard is another one of the best gaming keyboards in the market with its CHERRY mechanical keys that are available in RGB red, brown, or blue. In a variety of colors you are promised just the reliability you need in a gaming keyboard. Its key switches include dedicated media controls and lighting buttons that let you control media and keyboard lighting with a single click. The device has a solid and reliable steel frame to withstand the intense action that is inevitable in online gaming sessions. The keyboard works with HyperX NGenuity software which lets you customize your game mode and set up per-key lighting easily.

HyperX Alloy Elite RGB

To make your midnight gaming sessions much more interesting, the keyboard includes unique dynamic RGB lights and has an appealing light bar. You can easily connect the keyboard to your computer devices using a USB 2.0 port and thereby minimize all clutter on your desk space. With a blend of style, durability, and ease of use, this is a great option.

If you are looking for a full-size gaming keyboard, the GMMK Gaming keyboard is one option you should consider. The keyboard has full modular mechanical keys that have standard keycaps and no branding. The floating keycap style makes it aesthetically pleasing while the 16.8 million colour RGB lighting will make your gaming sessions all the more exciting. The keyboard offers all the essential features at an affordable cost.


The best part is that the keys are replaceable and it takes no more than 5 seconds to change a switch. If you ever grow bored of your keyboard and wish to change it, you don’t have to buy a new one! Simply get yourself a new switch pack and replace the keys. This means that you can change your key combinations whenever you want to without having to invest in a new keyboard.

The Kinesis Freestyle RGB gaming keyboard introduces a unique split design to break through the monotony, a feature that makes it perfect for both typing and gaming. When gaming, you can move out one module so you have more space for moving your mouse freely and improve your precision.

Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB

Or rotate the left module to make more space and adjust according to your available desk space. If you wish to use both, split them and move them apart to make space in the middle for your mouse or stream mic! This design also promises great ergonomic use because you can simply move the keyboard modules shoulder-width apart so your forearms are not strained. To aid further in terms of comfort, it has two detachable palm supports, thick and cushioned, to maximize ease wherever you are.


It’s 100% mechanical keys promise maximum responsiveness, speed, and unparalleled durability. together with RGB lighting, customizable backlighting effects, programmable keys, and plug-and-play compatibility, this gaming keyboard should be on your priority list!

Fnatic Streak65 keyboard is characterized by ultra-fast, silent, and linear key switches that operate at only 1.0mm actuation distance. It guarantees wonderful hand ergonomics, compact design, full RGB lighting with 16.8 million colour options, and an onboard memory to store up to 4 profiles. You can customize your key profiles with or without software and store the profiles on your keyboard directly. Even the light modes can be adjusted to meet your taste and the demand of the game you are engaged in!

Fnatic Streak65

Its aluminum metal solid build weighs much lighter than you would expect it to and promises maximum durability and wonderful portability. Positioned at the top left corner, the USB-C port is ideally placed to allow maximum convenience and no hassle when setting up. The height of the keys is 35% lower than other mechanical key switches, enabling a healthier and more comfortable wrist position. This makes up for the absence of wrist rest.

This gaming keyboard features a unique zone based AlienFX RGB backlight that gives every key an amazing glow bound to enhance your nighttime gaming experience. For customizing your experience with its dynamic lights, you can use static animations and control the zones.

Alienware Pro Gaming Keyboard AW768

Its brown mechanical keys, programmable macro keys, and adjustable leg angles will make your next big game all the more fun! The keys are smooth and responsive, giving maximum control and accuracy. All keys have an anti-ghosting effect and on-the-fly recording. The keyboard is a durable and efficient choice; it can last as many as 50 million keyboard lifecycles. Whether you are a novice or an expert, Alienware Pro gaming keyboard keys are perfect for you. The keys give solid and tactile feedback, requiring very low actuation force and producing a very low click noise. If you want a gaming keyboard that is all-encompassing, this is just the thing for you.

HyperX alloy elite 2 is a mechanical gaming keyboard with HyperX switches that combine excellent responsiveness with accuracy and the perfect actuation distance. The Pudding Keycaps are translucent durable ABS caps that give more than ordinary brilliance. Together with a tremendously solid steel frame, the keyboard promises perfect durability and its weight prevents slippage when gaming gets intense.

HyperX Alloy Elite 2

The dedicated media keys for profiles and game mode, and big volume wheel allows easy control with a single finger press. Its advanced customization includes customizing per-key lighting and other effects. To add to the convenience, the keyboard is compatible with multiple platforms including Xbox, One, PS4, PS5, PC, and more with an easy USB-A type connection. This means you need not to get a separate keyboard for your console and PC gaming. Together with a signature light bar, these features make this keyboard a good choice for you.

This simple yet efficient keyboard is a reliable, high-quality, and compact device that will surely improve your next gaming session tremendously. The detachable gaming keyboard uses a USB Type-C cable and is super compact because of its Tenkeyless layout. With no number keys, the device is perfectly sized for a desktop where you also need sufficient space for a mouse.

G.Skill KM360

Investment in this keyboard will last you long as it is highly durable and resistant with wear-proof keyboard ABS dual-injection keycaps. The keyboard will last 50 million keypresses and its high-durability solid aluminum top with floating key switches also makes for very easy cleaning. G.Skill KM360 also includes a perfect ergonomic design with an N-key rollover to give maximum comfort. Compared to other gaming keyboards, although it does not include all colorful lights, its unique style is also good enough.

This best-seller is the perfect combination of portability, speed, quality, and durability. Its tenkeyless layout occupies minimum space and leaves enough room on your desk for easily manipulating the mouse while gaming. The USB-C cable connectivity makes it portable so you can carry around this travel-ready keyboard without any problem.


Its mechanical keys promise optical speed and actuation with stunning responsiveness that gamers value. The optical switches are contactless, durable, and rust-proof, giving them a very long life of 100 million keystrokes. It’s AIMO intelligent lighting with transparent switches gives the keyboard a spectacular shine. To maximize comfort, the keyboard is low-profile with a design that keeps the hands flat and prevents fatigue; while the mixer-style audio controls are within very easy reach. In all, this keyboard combines style with ease.

This ultimate gaming keyboard combines an aesthetic design with a sturdy brushed aluminium frame. The durable construction makes it reliable and this study device can last 50 million keystrokes. It can manage a stunning 3000Hz polling rate with its Element V2.


Couple all this with dynamic RGB lighting and you have a keyboard that will enhance your gaming sessions tenfold. With its customizable immersive and reactive lighting, you can personalize your gaming experience and make the best of online gaming. Its intelligent RGB lights are responsive to game events so your next big game will be a lot more exciting than right now.


The Whirlwind FX element includes a number of colors, brightness intensities, and display patterns that you can personalize according to your personal taste and preference. This exciting gaming keyboard will be a wonderful addition to your gaming station.


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Mechanical switches are superior to membrane switches because of their longer life span and greater ability to withstand intense situations. Such situations are bound to happen when gaming and membrane keyboards cannot withstand the abuse as well as mechanical keyboards can. Gaming keyboards have mechanical switches because they are designed for intense use by gamers.

The type of switches has a major impact on your gaming experience, as you may well know if you are an experienced gamer. When choosing a new keyboard, this is the most important consideration. Cherry mechanical switches are the most common type of keys that gamers prefer but there are many alternatives as well.

The keyboard size is certainly a defining feature when it comes to gaming keyboards. Full-sized keyboards have more features but if you do not have sufficient desk space for keeping the keyboard, a smaller keyboard should be your choice. Tenkeyless boards, those that do not have a number pad, are a good choice if space is a concern.

Gaming keyboards have a better performance that can help in both gaming and typing. Gaming keyboards have a faster response time than membrane keyboards and thus will also be better for fast typing tasks. The input lag for gaming keyboards is about 15-25 milliseconds while a membrane keyboard has a lag of 30 seconds.

If you land yourself with a product worth its price and with all the essential features including N-key rollover, mechanical switches, and a wired connection, then the investment is surely worth it. If gaming is truly important to you, then a gaming keyboard will be the best possible investment for you.

In general, a wired keyboard is a better choice when it comes to gaming because it offers unrivaled responsiveness, is stable, and does not need to be charged. A wireless gaming keyboard, although a more advanced technology, cannot support such responsiveness which is crucial to the art of online gaming.

A gaming keyboard is, of course, more expensive than an ordinary keyboard because of the mechanical technology that is much more costly than membrane switches and the additional features they have that make them special for gaming. A typical gaming keyboard that includes all essential features costs 50 to 150 dollars/pounds.

Yes, because the operation and functions of a gaming keyboard are the same as a regular keyboard. Either of the two can be used in gaming because both have all the essential keys. Gaming keyboards only have a better response time and actuations that makes them more suited to efficient gaming.

Both can be great assets for a gamer. The mouse offers comfort and allows easier adjustment than gaming keyboards. A gaming mouse is super precise and has fast response, much like a gaming keyboard. On the other hand, the gaming keyboard can serve the purpose of typing in addition to gaming, unlike the mouse.

Mechanical keyboards are much more tactile and durable than membrane keyboards. Their faster response rate ensures that you can play online games more successfully. Although the benefits of mechanical keyboards for gaming are obvious, some users still prefer membrane keyboards because they are cheaper, smaller, and more portable.