Is Wireless Keyboard Better for Space Bar Clicking?

Is Wireless Keyboard Better for space bar clicking?

With rapidly increasing technology, wired connections have been replaced by wireless links, and the latest keyboard technology in the market today is the wireless keyboard. Wireless keyboards are known to have several advantages over wired keyboards in terms of gaming, cable management, and switching between devices. A space bar clicker can tell whether you can click faster using a wired to a wireless keyboard.

Are Wireless Keyboards Faster Than Wired Keyboards?

Research has proven that wireless keyboards are about 79 milliseconds slower in responding than wired keyboards. This difference might sound insignificant but gamers can appreciate the importance of even such a small difference. Gaming requires super-fast reaction speed and quick action so even milliseconds make a huge difference. A spacebar clicker test can help you compare the speeds of wired and wireless keyboards for gaming.

The test tracks how fast your keyboard clicks in a certain time frame. The difference between the recorded reaction time between two keyboards can be because of a lag in signal transfer. The 79 milliseconds slower speed makes a noticeable difference when it comes to gaming. If you are to choose between a wired and a wireless gaming keyboard, a wired keyboard is a better choice because lightning-fast reaction time is a key to successful gaming. Games that require such speed, like the League of Legends, Apex legends, or Valorant, would be harder to play with a wireless keyboard.

Wireless Keyboards

Wireless keyboards are good for games that are non-competitive and are turn-based or are story-driven. These games do not demand excellent clicking speed. Spacebar clicking is best done at the fastest speed only with a wired keyboard as it does not include any signal lag. There is no debate about whether spacebar clicking is better done with a wired keyboard.


Wireless keyboards are likely to suffer signal interruptions because of other nearby wireless devices. If your gaming setup includes a wireless mouse, router, or cell phone nearby, signal interference is a likely problem.

What Benefits Do Wireless Keyboards Have?

Wireless keyboards are easier to set up as there is no cable clutter. Also, the absence of any wires frees you to move around and not be limited to your workspace. You can take it anywhere you want easily. Its signal strength should enable you to type from across the room easily. With no wires to handle, the keyboard is also much more portable than a wired keyboard.

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