Best Wireless Trackball Mouse For Gaming & CPS

Best Wireless Trackball Mouse For Gaming & CPS ​

Ever since it started somewhere in 1968, the regular computer mouse hasn’t developed much over the years. Due to this lack of advancement, unsatisfied users are forced to look for other alternatives. When it comes to professional gaming and CPS, the mouse is crucial to your success. As professional gaming becomes more popular, gamers are now in search of high-quality gaming gear. So, a standard computer mouse just won’t do!


Trackball mice have been on the list of favorites for a long time, but it’s only now that gamers realize the convenience and accuracy of using a trackball mouse for their gaming and CPS. Yet, many gamers are new to hearing about the trackball mouse. If you are also new to using a trackball mouse, let us introduce you to it, along with offering some of our favorite trackball mice choices. We have also prepared a buying guide to help you choose a trackball most suited for your gaming and CPS. 

Why Do You Need a Trackball Mouse!

A trackball mouse is a very unique invention! While the traditional working of a mouse required swiping it on a wide surface to make the cursor move, the new trackball mouse is unique in the sense that users are required to move the ball all over their thumb. Trackball mice are stationary, meaning that they will use less space on the desk. You don’t need a large mousepad anymore, because the trackball mouse doesn’t need to be moved. 

When it comes to gaming and CPS, a trackball mouse can be very useful because it relieves strain for users who normally experience it with a traditional mouse. Because gaming sessions or CPS require long hours of playing, trackball mice are a great option to keep the user’s hands relaxed throughout. Moreover, these mice are designed keeping in mind the ergonomics, so are a great way to fight against problems like carpal tunnel. Trackball mice are also better at clicking because they use more speed and less energy to operate. As these trackball mice are wireless, the cord will never come in the way of gaming! 


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List Of Best Wireless Trackball Mouse For Gaming & CPS

Product Reviews

Scroll down our favorite variety of wireless trackball mice for CPS and gaming. 

1. Kensington Expert Wireless Trackball Mouse

Kensington expert wireless trackball mouse has an optical diamond eye-tracking and a large 55mm ball design to give superior control over the cursor. The large ball is a perfect sphere shape that gives superior precision for gaming and CPS. With this mouse’s patented scroll ring, you can scan down and up your pages easily. An ambidextrous design with an ergonomic, detachable wrist control offers great comfort to your hand during long hours or gaming. This ambidextrous design also makes this trackball mouse suitable for both lefthanded and righthanded users. 

The Kensington software allows you to customize the cursor and scroll speed. It also has a four-button design for easy use. You can connect to this software easily with wireless Bluetooth connectivity. To conserve battery life, this expert wireless trackball mouse supports an auto-sleep function. Kensington expert wireless mouse is compatible with different operating systems including macOS versions 10., 8 and onwards, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10, and Chrome OS 44 and above. With a three-year warranty and 24/7 technical support, this wireless trackball mouse ensures longevity. Adding it all up, this expert-level wireless trackball mouse gives ease of use and exceptional comfort to gamers. 

2. Kensington Orbit Trackball Mouse

Kensington Orbit trackball mouse uses optical tracking technology that gives superior accuracy and precision in cursor movements so that you can easily get where you want on the screen. Because of the precise control, you don’t need to move your hands or wrists. The  40mm blue ball is perfectly spherical with a hard surface, offering precise cursor control and tracking. This trackball mouse supports a special scroll ring that allows you to easily scroll documents or web pages up and down. The unique ambidextrous mouse design is suitable for left and right-handed users. 

It supports a detachable rest for the wrist that carefully cushions the wrist and the hand during long hours of gaming. The Kesingtonworks software can be downloaded for free that allows users to assign different functions to the 2 mouse buttons. Kensington orbit trackball mouse works with a wired USB connection that removes the need of using batteries and gives a continuous performance. Kensington Orbit trackball mouse has diverse compatibility with OS including macOS, Windows, and Chrome. With its reliable wired connection, just plug in to get started. This trackball mouse supports a terrific ergonomic grip that never ties you during your long gaming and CPS sessions! 

3. Kensington SlimBlade Trackball Mouse

Kensington Slimblade trackball mouse supports a low profile shape and a perfect metallic silver finish that delivers ergonomic comfort combined with an aesthetic look. Because of its precise and sensitive movements, the SlimBlade trackball mouse does not require much movement of the arms or the wrist. It also requires less space than a traditional mouse. This trackball mouse’s perfect ambidextrous design makes it suitable for lefthand and righthand operation. 

Similar to other Kensignton mice, this one also supports the free downloadable KesingstonWorks software for the customization of buttons. This trackball mouse is compatible with Windows and macOS operating systems. The ChromeOS users can avail of the HID trackball functions but cannot use the KensingtonWorks software to customize the device. You also get a 2-year warranty for this Kensington slim blade trackball mouse when you purchase it from Authorized Kensigtion resellers. The Kensington SlimBlade trackball mouse is set apart from the other mice because of its twist scrolling feature. To scroll your pages up and down all you have to do is to spin and move the trackball sideways. While the dual lasers make precise cursor movements, the low-profile mouse design delivers a great ergonomic grip.

4. ELECOM Wired / Wireless / Bluetooth Thumb-Operated Trackball Mouse

Elecom thumb-operated trackball mouse supports a superior optical tracking technology that supports accuracy and sensitive cursor movements to get you easily where you want. As this trackball mouse supports precise movements, the least hand or wrist movement is required by the user. This trackball mouse has different connectivities available; Bluetooth, wired, and wireless. 

Elecom trackball mouse supports as many as 8 functional buttons that can be assigned custom functions using the Elecom mouse assistant software. This gaming mouse is custom designed for gaming and CPS hence supports DPI buttons that can switch between 500, 1000, and 15000 DPIs to set cursor movements according to your choice. With 2.5mm artificial ruby bearings, the mouse movement is very smooth. The large size of the ball prevents dirt or dust from entering, so you won’t have to clean the trackball mouse very often. For cleaning this mouse, the ball can easily be removed by pushing it via the hole at the bottom. To prevent battery consumption, the power button located at the backside of the mouse can be switched off when the device isn’t in use. Users can also switch between low-energy and high-speed modes according to their needs.

5. ELECOM Handheld 2.4GHz Wireless Thumb-Operated Trackball Mouse

Elecom handheld trackball mouse supports a very sensitive rolling ball that gives precise cursor movements. Engineered to fit the shape of your hand, you can easily move the cursor around without having to move your arm. The ergonomic grip is designed for both left hand and right hand users. Setting it apart from the rest, this trackball gaming mouse has 10 functional buttons that can be assigned different functions using the Elecom mouse assistant software. This software can be downloaded from the website. 

The unique DPI cursor can be adjusted between 500, 1000, and 1500 DPI to make slow or fast cursor movements based on the user’s need. The ball is smooth and has a large size to prevent dust or dirt particles from entering the mouse so that you don’t have to clean it more often. As this trackball mouse is extremely portable, you can take it anywhere you want. This trackball mouse is perfect for gaming and CPS because it supports great compatibility with multiple operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Android. With a superior ergonomic grip and portable size, the Elecom handheld trackball mouse will be your perfect travel companion! 

Buying Guide

Some parameters that you should consider when buying a trackball mouse for gaming and CPS are described below.

1. Ball And Button Size

While most trackballs are designed to be suited for gaming, you may want to consider ball size and the number of buttons on the mouse trackball. More trackball buttons may offer multiple options in some games, but a large ball offers more precision. So, before buying the one, consider comparing the trackballs of the available models. 

2. Compatibility Of The Mouse

You must remember that not all mice will be compatible with your operating system. Make sure to consider the compatibility of the trackball mouse to the operating system because you simply cannot change the OS for using the trackball mouse. So, choose a trackball mouse that is compatible with your device’s operating system.

3. The Mouse Design

The design of the trackball mouse also matters because you must test to see whether it is ergonomically fit for you or not. You must choose a mouse that gives you a good grip for long gaming sessions. If, suppose a mouse has additional wrist support, consider yourself lucky! Consider the mouse design because it does matter if you want to play for long hours. 


There are many different wireless trackball mice available in the market for gaming and CPS. We gave you a list of our favorite ones, along with a few factors to consider when buying a wireless trackball mouse. So, before you decide upon the one you want, be sure to conduct your research. 


A trackball mouse pointer will move in the spin direction. They don’t usually require much movement from the body. Based on which trackball mouse you are using, it can be used with a finger while your hand rests on the mouse. The other fingers are used to turn wheels and click the buttons. 

You can clean your trackball mouse using a cotton ball and toothpicks. Hold the cotton ball between two toothpicks. Disconnect your trackball mouse and open the body. Take the trackball out, and clean the whole body with the cotton ball set on the toothpicks. Be sure to gently clean all the areas. 

There are many different trackball mice available in the market for first-person shooters. While many gaming mice are best for this purpose, the Logitech G5 pro trackball mouse is seen as best for FPS.  

To connect the Logitech wireless trackball mouse use the easy-switch button to choose one channel. To enter pairing mode press and then hold this button for a few seconds. The quick LED blinking shows that the connection has been successful. 

Wired trackball mice are those which have a cord to be connected to a device, whereas the wireless trackball mouse will be connected wirelessly using Bluetooth. 

While you can go for a refurbished trackball mouse because they are within most people’s budget, it may not work as well as a brand new trackball mouse. So, if you want to invest once and get a good mouse, we suggest you get a new trackball mouse. 

Sometimes, your trackball mouse may double click. This can be because of the interference between the mouse’s wireless signal and the wireless receiver. With this interference, the computer may wrongly receive or misinterpret the signals.

To change the speed of your trackball mouse, you will go to the mouse properties setting and open the activities tab. The slider can then be dragged to speed up the mouse speed.