How Fast Can I Click My Mouse?

How fast can I click the mouse

Living in the era of technology where the computer is an integral part of our lives, as a result, use of keyboard and mouse is also quite usual. Day and night either in homes or offices or any other places people use the mouse and keyboard. They use it while they do their work, playing games, or for any other purposes. On average, 7.3 hr. /day desktop computers and laptops are 4.8 hr. /day is used in the world.


Have you ever thought about how fast you click your mouse? Or have you ever thought of the average fastest clicking of the mouse in the world? Or mouse click per day, per minute, and clicks per second? Let’s find out the answers to these questions.

Average Clicks Per Day

It is estimated that on average about 428 clicks a person does in a day. Similarly, it is also calculated that while playing games there are 40 clicks per second on an average speed. I have clicked 24 times in 5 seconds and 4.79 clicks/sec.

The world’s fastest mouse clicker is a man by gender named Dylan Allred. He clicked 1,051 times in 10 seconds. The highest average click per second is 6.51 and the world record was 14.1. The left button of the mouse is clicked often as compared to the right. Most of the task on a computer is done by default through left-clicking. In the same way, a single click is most as compared to a mouse double click while doing work.

How fast can I click the mouse

Mouse Clicking Speed

The clicking of the mouse varies as it depends upon what you are doing. Like at random work, the speed of mouse clicking is less as compared to playing the game. As there is a rapid need for mouse usage in games as compared to the keyboard. The clicking of the mouse also depends on the way the mouse is used. Some use the mouse with left hands as they are southpaw some with right hands. It has been studied that right-hand users’ clicking rate of a mouse is faster than left- hand users.


Fast clicking is not a normal condition. The clicking of a mouse is also related to the measure of anxiety or stress of users when they have interaction with the computer. Sometimes people used to click their mouse so rapidly even when there was no need for it. The rapid clicking either by anyone causes serious muscular problems in arms, hands, fingers, and shoulders. This condition is also described as workplace musculoskeletal disorders.


Now the question is how can we count the mouse click while doing work? There is software named What Pulse. It counts not only your mouse clicks but also each key on the keyboard that you press while working. This is a free tool that is easily accessible only by creating an account.


Despite these lots of clicking you will be surprised to know that the average life of your mouse for gaming is 1-3 years and for general use is 5-10 years.

What are the Major Factors that Can Influence Click Speed?

We cannot always say that only practicing can help you to increase your click speed to great extent. There are many other factors that may increase or decrease your clicking capability. Let’s have a look at those factors. 


  1. Gaming Mouse can affect your click performance. It is suggested that you should get yourself a wireless mouse for better clicking. 
  2. Be enough aware of the buttons of the mouse. This may not be important enough in our click test. But, as the aim of the click speed test is to make you an efficient gamer, you should have this knowledge about which click you should do in different situations. So, check your double click, left click, right-click before starting any clicking game. 
  3. Your hand position also affects the clicking efficiency. Keep your fingers close enough to the buttons. Also, you may use both fingers to gain the maximum number of clicks.