How To Change Roblox Cursor?

How to change roblox cursor?


Roblox is a gaming platform that works online, linking gamers from across the globe and allowing them to socialize and play games created by other users. It allows gamers to program their own games which other gamers are then able to play. It is a game creation system that was developed in 2006 by Roblox Corporation. 

This gaming system introduces you to a large number of games that can be played online alongside other gamers. It allows you to name your player and then displays you by your name to other players playing online. Hence, bringing gamers together on one platform.

Roblox Is An All-Time Favorite

Roblox, an online gaming platform, created by the Roblox Corporation, has drawn the attention of many gamers ever since its establishment in 2006. It allows gamers to compete together with other gamers all over the world in a single game at the same time. It has had over 164 million users playing actively as of August 2020. Most of its users are children under the age of 16.

Roblox Cursors

Roblox is an all-time favorite of many gamers from across the globe. It has made multiple changes over the years as it progresses and advances on its journey to success. Some of these changes involve the change of cursors. Over time, Roblox has changed cursors with a gap of about 7-8 years, with the 2021 edition being the latest. 

1. Roblox 2005 Cursor

The Roblox cursor launched in 2005 was the original Roblox cursor, introduced with the launching of Roblox. This edition had a cartoonish appearance as the pointer had a long tail and was designed with slightly unproportioned sides. 

2. The First Cursor Change - 2013

The first cursor change was done back in 2013, which improvised and improved the original 2005 design. After which there was no change until now. This cursor was only an arrowhead without any pointed tail and it had sharp edges which made it stand out. This cursor was liked by gamers as the design was unique. 

3. Cursor Change 2021

The 2nd /latest Roblox cursor update was done recently, in 2021. The Roblox cursor has, therefore, only been changed twice in its short history, first in 2013 and the next in 2021. 

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Roblox- The Newly Designed Cursor.

The revised cursor, I.e., the 2021 Roblox cursor version, has a tail added at its end and involves the softening of those pointed corners compared to the older version which had sharper edges and no tail. Surprisingly, the Roblox cursor resembles that traditional windows cursor design and is highlighted across the edges to make it stand out on the screen. The cursor tends to change form when it comes to typing and selection. When it comes to selection it turns into a pointing hand and during typing into a typing icon that hovers on the screen.

The Reaction of Roblox Gamers

Roblox fans had become used to the old 2013 design which was unique and intricate. Therefore sadly, the general response of Roblox lovers wasn’t too positive as they mostly disapproved of this cursor. 

It has a more traditional design that seems to be typical for all PC users. Hence, most gamers are on the lookout for getting the older version of the Roblox cursor back. The new design brought back the typical PC cursor design. The 2013 version, however, featured only an arrowhead and had the tail removed which had drawn the attention of gamers as it was novel and unique. 

The question, however, for some gamers, is whether the updated cursor design can be changed back to the former as many gamers aren’t satisfied with this new design since it resembles the everyday cursor used by PCs. 

How To Change The Roblox Cursor?

Certain gamers who are dissatisfied with the newly introduced cursor wonder whether the cursor can be changed using the Roblox settings.  Hence, they make efforts to change the Roblox cursor. For now, Roblox itself hasn’t introduced any method which one can use to bring back the old cursor but the good news is there is still away. 

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Follow These Simple Steps To Change Your Cursor.

The cursor cannot be changed within Roblox itself. As the game doesn’t feature a cursor change in its settings. For gamers who wanted the change to be simple and easy, this might be a problem. However, the good news is that to change the Roblox cursor you can use your computer and bring in some file changes. This will help you reverse your new cursor back to the 2013 version. 

Here are a few easy steps in which you must follow to change what the Roblox cursor looks like. 

  1. Open up the “Roblox Player” application by right-clicking. 
  2. You’ll observe the “Open file location” mentioned there. Click it to open up the file. 
  3. Click the folder which has been labeled “content”. 
  4. In this folder, you’ll find the “Textures” file. Within this file, you’ll have one of these statements mentioned: “Arrowfarcursor”, “Arrowcurcor” or “Arrowcursor.png”. Copy both these files. 
  5. Within the folder “textures” you’ll find the folder named “Cursors”, click it open.  
  6. Now open the “KeyboardMouse” folder and paste both the copied files here. 
  7. Lastly, launch Roblox again and you’ll find your cursor updated back to the 2013 version. 

By following these simple steps, you can easily change the Roblox cursor and get the one you desire. Your 2021 cursor will disappear and be replaced with the 2013 version of the cursor.


Although Roblox made a good change on its behalf, yet this change brought about a negative wave of emotions from its fans. The new Roblox cursor wasn’t quite a good success. So, for many players who demand the cursor to be changed back, this had become an issue, as the game doesn’t give a cursor changing the option in its settings but bringing in some file changes in your computer is the solution to your problem. 

Roblox developers should look forward to the demands of their fans and make sure their gamers are satisfied with the overall design of their game.