How Many Times Can You Click in a Minute?

How many times can you click in a minute?

The number of clicks in 60 seconds is the ability of a person to click with the mouse in one minute. The number of clicks in one minute is counted to get the number of clicks in one second that is called clicks per second CPS. This numerical value can be found as,


Click per second = total number of clicks/ total time in sec


CPS is designated to click rate which shows how fast you can click on the mouse. This can be considered as another version of the game. The number of mouse clicks a person can do in 60 seconds is the test of his typing abilities. Up till now, the record is 9.2 clicks per second. You can test yourself by playing on various sites.

What Should Be The Right Way To Play the Game?

What Should be the Right Way to Play the Game?

Players take a startup from a five-second game. Due to limited periods, players can easily make good marks in CPS count. For testing their progress amateur moves to a 60-second game which due to extended time doesn’t always result in good scores. An alternation in the period requires the change in the mode in which the former game was played in.


To increase the mouse clicks in one minute, the best exhortation is constancy. You should click consistently with the mouse to score maximum clicks in one second. This approach will not let your finger hurt. 

How To Improve Your Mouse Click Speed?

How to Improve Your Mouse Click Speed?

  • Improvement in the number of mouse clicks per second owes to the regular practicing of the click tests. You can make it your routine task so that you can improve your clicks while performing your everyday functions like typing, web browsing, and so on.
  • Shaking your arm and wrist muscles quickly while clicking the mouse to attain a maximum level of score is also a wonderful method to increase the number of mouse clicks in one minute. This procedure is called Jitter clicking. This approach will cause an increase in the vibration of the hands which is called the jitter effect. This can enhance the score up to 10 to 15 cps.
  • Clicking the mouse with two fingers; the index finger and the middle finger is an even faster technique to score maximum. This can enhance the click speed up to 15 to 25 if done properly. This technique is called Butterfly clicking.
  • The fastest technique of all that can enhance the number of clicks up to 100CPS is Drag clicking. In this technique, you would move your finger from the top edge of the mouse. The movement of your finger will stimulate the clicks. You need to understand the correct position of your finger. That’s a bit tricky but once you get the correct way you are ready to get maximum scores.


The click rate can be affected by many factors like internet connection and device. The 60-secondgame is a very common mode for those who want to test as well as enhancing their clicking abilities. The main factor to approach your desired clicking speed is practice. You can’t score the same marks every time you play. Like my recent count were 5.4 CPS and results will never be the same when I play again. But my constant practicing can surely enhance my click rate.

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