Daylight Sensor In Minecraft

Daylight Sensor In Minecraft

Daylight sensors work on the phenomenon of daylight harvesting which means taking benefit from the light naturally available. The technique of daylight harvesting is usually used for saving energy and most of its usage is made in commercial places. 

In Minecraft, a daylight sensor is a Redstone block, which works as a light sensor, or it can also be called a solar panel. There is an analog output in a daylight sensor, which is a Redstone block. As the day passes by, the signals become strong. In the early morning, the light is only present over four to five tiles, and until midday when there is 100 percent daylight, the energy is at its maximum. At night, when no natural light is present, the strength of the sensor is zero because it has nothing to sense. You cannot place anything over the Redstone as placing anything would reduce its efficiency and block the signal, which will automatically decrease the strength of the sensor, and it couldn’t properly sense.

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Benefits Of Daylight Sensor

Daylight sensor Minecraft has various uses and benefits out of which some as listed below:

1. Saves Energy

The daylight sensor works as an energy saver. It reduces the consumption of man-made energy by dimming them or by turning them off automatically when needed. Moreover, the energy strength this sensor contains is 60 percent of the energy used per day by artificial sources.

2. Convenient And Comfortable

The best thing about a daylight sensor is that it is highly efficient and convenient to use. The light level using this sensor remains proper according to the available space which nor makes it brighter nor too dull. However, the light keeps on adjusting itself according to the light need of that particular space. The level of the light keeps on changing. 

3. Has Standards And Codes

The daylight sensor is made based on the regulations and standards of renovation and construction which is why it is safer to use. 

Crafting- How To Make A Daylight Sensor in Minecraft?

Below mentioned is the daylight sensor Minecraft recipe:

Survival Mode

A daylight sensor can be crafted in the sensor mode of Minecraft. Below mentioned is the simple to follow steps:

1. Go To The Crafting Menu

Crafting 3 x 3

First of all you would need to open the crafting menu on your device. A 3 by 3 crafting grid will appear on the screen as given in the below image. 

2. Add Items

Add Daylight Sensor item in crafting tableOnce the screen appears, add items that are required to make the daylight sensor. As the crafting area will be based on a 3 x 3 area, so to make a sensor, you would need three wood slabs, three glasses, and 3 quartz to place in the grid. 

Wood slabs can be of different types which crafting a daylight sensor. You can select among a wide variety like wrapped slabs, acacia slabs, dark oak slabs, birch slabs, spruce, and oak slabs. Crimson can also be used as the slab. 

Below mentioned image shows the correct sequence for placing slabs, glass, and quartz. If the sequence isn’t kept the same, the formula can go wrong and you cannot make a daylight sensor. 

You need to make sure that you follow the same mentioned pattern. 

The glass should be placed first in the first row. The second row of the grid should comprise of nether quartz and wood slabs in the third row. 

Once you have made this sequence for crafting a daylight sensor, the sensor will automatically appear on the right side of your screen. 

3. Move It To Inventory

Move it to inventory

Once the sensor is formed, you can move it towards your inventory and save it. 

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How Does Daylight Sensor Work In Minecraft?

Following are the Minecraft daylight sensor uses:

1. Night Time Detector

One function that a daylight sensor works on in Minecraft is by working as a nighttime detector. The Redstone which is also referred to as the Redstone lamp is turned on in the night and functions properly before dawn. The red stone torch needs to be hung on something that should be present in the middle of the stone to function well. 

Well for this usage, you need to connect the daylight sensor with an inverter which provides its output by inverting the signal when the signal of the light falls to 4 or even less. This feature can be used for turning on the lights at night or also for closing the gates by the players.

Moonlighting can also be detected by using the daylight sensor. There is another way in a daylight sensor too which detects in the nighttime sensor when the detector is right-clicked.

2. A Clock

A clock can best be made using a daylight detector/ sensor. As the sensor works for measuring the light levels in day and night, so measuring light levels would automatically generate the understanding of what time is it. 

3. Time Bomb

A daylight sensor can work best as a time bomb. You would only need to place it over the TNT. Placing it over the TNT at night will ultimately lead to explosion almost at the dawn.  This technique can also be used to trap the players who will try to shadow over the blocks.  The best thing about the daylight sensor being a time bomb is that you can adjust the time of explosion by yourself. To turn it off during the day, wire the sensor with redstone with the daylight sensor through TNT while turning on it in night would definitely need a NOT Gate. 

4. Timed Jingle

Using the Redstone send some note blocks can also let you make a set jingle that will play during different times of the day. This function of a daylight saver lets you know when it is about tonight and when the day is about to begin. You can also use it as your wake-up alarm in the morning. 

5. A Signal

You can also use the daylight sensors at different times in a day for signaling things.

There are command blocks too in the game which can be used for more than one purpose like changing gaming modes and broadcasting messages.

6. Signal While Mining

The daylight sensor works well for the ones who want to use it for a signal while mining. If you are mining and you need to come out at any certain time, you can use this as a signaling device for you. 

7. Piston Doors

Time-based contraptions of Redstone are the best using a daylight sensor. Piston doors can be built using the sensor which opens in light and is automatically closed when sunsets. This function is just amazing and useful and is the best to use in front of your friends. 

8. Fuel

A daylight sensor can also be used as fuel and most of the players won’t know this fact. However, this option isn’t very convenient, affordable, and efficient but can be used where needed. 


The lamps will turn only in the case when there is completely no light in the room and it’s dark. 

For making a house using a daylight sensor, you need to get these connected with a command block. 

Yes it can simply be made using a daylight sensor with a NOTGate that means you need to place the sensor with the block and place a torch too inside it. 

Connect the sensor with a redstone and it will automatically be activated at night time. 

Yes you can make anything within the boundary of usage.

Yes but only for one time of the day, either for night or for day. 

Connect the sensor with the dispenser for this purpose. You need to use a redstone for making connections.