How to Jitter Click in Minecraft?

how to jitter click in minecraft?

Jitter clicking is one of the recommended clicking types to register maximum clicks in minimum time. In addition, if you are a Minecraft player or any other shooting game, then surely you need to learn this technique to do more damage to your competitors. Without fast clicking, you cannot win any game in Minecraft. So, learn jitter clicking by reading our step-by-step guide to getting the quickest clicking speed. 

This is the fastest and advanced clicking technique using hand vibration; each vibration registers a click. For this, you don’t need to be precise but fast. In jitter clicking, your hand generates beats that you move to the finger laid on the mouse button to register clicks. 

What Do You Need to Learn to be Perfect in Jitter Clicking?

If you want to beat people in the jitter click challenge, then you need to practice a few things. 

  • Practice shaking your hand muscle faster to get maximum vibration
  • As you want to vibrate your finger, keep your wrist firm to ensure full vibrations. Because when you keep your wrist stiff, it helps the vibration from the forearm to finger transfer with ease.

How to Jitter Click in Minecraft?

To get the fastest clicks in Minecraft, you have to learn how to jitter click in Minecraft. Follow these steps:

  • Buy a Gaming Mouse: for jitter clicking, the mouse should be strong and fast enough to bear the stress of rapid vibration and register clicks without any delay. However, there is no recommended gaming mouse; just buy the latest one.
  • Adjust Your Hand: place your hand on the mouse back in a way that should not be in rest but slightly lifted and in a stiff position, to get the required number of clicks. 
  • Arm Position: similar to the hand, your arm shouldn’t be laid on the table surface in rest but a little lifted and active position. 
  • Arch Your Hand: don’t wrap your hand over the mouse; instead, hover your finger over the mouse button to make an arch. However, it makes your finger tired at the start, but with time and practice, you get used to it.
  • Vibrate Your Hand: vibrate arm and wrist muscle to jitter click in Minecraft. Often people use their arms to generate fast clicks, but you can get more precise and fast clicks by using your wrist muscles.

Precautions While Practice

While practicing, you have to be careful; here are a few precautions you need to follow these guidelines. 

  • Don’t jitter click for more than 15 to 20 seconds otherwise, and it can damage your muscles
  • Stretch your arms and hands after practice to relax.


Minecraft is a game where you need to be creative and beat others by constantly shooting. So, to win the game, you have to generate the fastest clicking. Now, you know that how to jitter click in Minecraft to produce maximum clicks. Do Practice and always stay ahead of your competitors.