Drag Clicking with Razer DeathAdder Essential - Can You Do it?

Drag Clicking with Razer DeathAdder Essential - Can You Do it_

In drag clicking, the gamers drag their finger along the mouse to increase their CPS. When you drag your finger on the mouse button(s), it generates clicks because of high friction. However, in addition to the right technique to do proper drag clicking, it is important to own the right mouse that supports the drag clicking.

If you want to generate the fastest clicks, your mouse should have a rough surface to help drag clicking and sensitive enough to precisely register all clicks. Drag clicking needs forceful clicking; therefore, the mouse must be strong enough to bear all that stress.

Often, new gamers who love using Razer mice ask the question that can you drag click with Razer DeathAdder essential. In my opinion, it is one of the best picks for this purpose, but to make it crystal clear, let’s throw light on the mouse’s features that support drag clicking.

Why Razer DeathAdder Essential is Ideal For Drag Clicking

If you know that how to drag click with Razer DeathAdder essential, there is a higher chance that you can always stay ahead of your competitors. However, I am sharing some reasons that make it an excellent choice for getting the fastest clicks.

Minimum Lift-Off Distance

This mouse has a minimum distance, so you don’t need to click deeper to register a click. It is a supportive factor for drag clicking to generate the maximum clicks in minimum time.

Suitable for All Hand Sizes With Any Grip Type

For drag clicking, your hand must sit firmly on the mouse for smooth dragging. The size and shape of the Razer DeathAdder essential make it suitable for hands of all sizes. Moreover, because of the ideal structure, it is the right pick for all grip types.

Optical Sensor

It is the most crucial factor to register all clicks successfully. Razer DeathAdder Essential has a 6,400 DPI optical sensor to get the fastest clicks and get precise with your cursor.

Well Build

A mouse for drag clicking should bear all the clicking torture without getting damaged. This mouse is specially designed for hours of gameplay to withstand the front of drag clicking. Moreover, its buttons have the durability of 10 million clicks without any glitch.

Razer DeathAdder Essential with grip tape is a recommended tool for drag clicking. Because of a bit slippery surface, it is important to pair it with a grip tape to improve its utility. However, with all these mouse benefits, you also need to learn how to drag click to ensure the fastest clicking speed in your favorite game. 

Because many users find it a little challenging due to its smooth surface or might be because of less practice with drag clicking. Practice well and use a grip tape with the Razer DeathAdder to become a pro in drag clicking.