How To Increase Click Per Second? | Top Tips of 2023

How to increase click per second

Click per second is a term used to measure the clicks done by the user in one second. It is also called CPS(Click per second). Click per second is a short-term process continuing moments or two. It could be performed in milliseconds. They are meant to track it because it became a challenge to get higher Clicks per second in a specific period. Every interested individual wants itself at the best level of scoring click per second.


The period could be 3 sec, 5 sec, 10 sec, 30 sec, or 1 minute. Every time interval has the best record. The only things matter in click per second is your Speed of Click and Reflexs of response. The better your reflexes of response, the better your click per second. To increase the click per second there are some techniques and tricks that could be much helpful to increase click per second.

Practice Clicking

As we have always heard that practice makes a man perfect, you can practice on click speed tester as much as you can. From there you can record your CPS score. The score will tell you how good you are at it and also compare it to the rest of the world. A CPS score over 6 is considered a decent score if you are a Minecraft player. Keep practicing the test and calculate your score in different time durations. With practice you’ll gradually get faster.

Get an Efficient Gaming Mouse

The right gaming gear is essential to good gaming. Another way to increase your click speed is to get an efficient gaming mouse. Instead of using a trackpad or a regular gaming mouse, invest in a good-quality gaming mouse



Gaming mice generally have faster and more accurate sensors with much quicker response time because they are designed with special features for gaming. A standard cheap mouse has a delay of up to 10 to 12ms. A gaming mouse can decrease it to a mere 1ms or even 0.5ms. While buying a gaming mouse won’t instantly help you, it can help you in the long run if you practice well enough! 

Adjust the Mouse Setting

Another hack to improve mouse clicking speed is to change your mouse settings to give the DPI a boost. The higher your mouse DPI, the better your clicking speed will be. To adjust the mouse DPI from settings, follow the steps below.



  • Open the control panel from settings and go to “mouse properties.”
  • Increase your mouse DPI from the “pointer” section. But set it at a manageable speed and allows you to click on the screen quickly. 
  • Suppose you’re a laptop user; it’s best to choose a high DPI mouse and avoid using the trackpad. You get more accuracy with an external mouse. 

In the same manner, you can also alter the mouse’s sensitivity to move the cursor slow or fast and adjust the distance covered from one end to the other. Set the sensitivity which you think is easily manageable.

Position Your Hand

The better your hand position for clicking, the easier it’ll be to manage. Maintaining the correct hand position is one of the key ways to improve clicking speed. Here are a few ways to maintain an accurate hand position.


  • Keep your muscles relaxed. If your muscles are tensed, they’re more likely to make the wrong moves.
  • Don’t press the mouse with more pressure, as this reduces the clicking speed due to friction. 
  • Set your fingers close to the mouse; don’t keep them too far, as it can become troublesome. The further away your fingers are, the harder it’ll be to click. 
  • Keep a good grip on your mouse and relax your mind.

Ensure Your Desk is at the Right Height

Ensure Your Desk is at the Right Height

It is also essential that your desk is at the appropriate height for your hands and wrists to be relaxed. With a desk too low or high, you may need to hunch or overstretch to get your hands on the mouse, stressing your body and thereby making hand movements harder. The ideal way to find the best desk to play on is to experiment. Try different heights by adjusting the chair to see which one works for you best.

Have a Good Grip

Have a Good Grip

While most people don’t notice, the hand position is central in increasing your clicking speed. The hand position and grip may vary for each individual, so you’ll need to find which one suits your hand best. Various ways to grip a mouse include palm grip and claw grip; opt for the hold that better suits your hand and your mouse. Let’s look at these gripping techniques to select the one best for you. 

1. Claw Grip

Claw grip is a fascinating technique to improve clicks per second, and it works for most people. Hold your mouse with your palm facing down and your fingers resting on the mouse with a firm grip. Let your thumb rest on the mouse. Now click as fast as you can while ensuring your hand stays active.

2. Tip Grip

The “tip grip” method is another way to improve clicking by resting the fingers on the mouse’s top. This method isn’t very commonly used, so it requires a little more practice. In this method, you’ll need to control the four button sides to hit your target. Though uncommon, the technique is very effective in increasing clicking speed. 

3. Palm Grip

Another method to hold the mouse is with your palm. In this method, you need to keep your mouse held with the palm with the fingers wrapped around the mouse. This method gives you more stability, comfort, and better clicking. 


If you want a high CPS score, try all these techniques to see which one suits you best. There is no best technique; it depends on which one works best for you. 

Use a Light Force

Most players believe you must hold and squeeze the mouse hard to click fast. This isn’t always true. A strong force or squeeze can sometimes slow down your speed because you’ll need to raise your finger to move it again for another click. It’s always best to use a light touch to keep the fingers loose and avoid unnecessary pressure on the mouse button. A gentle touch allows you to hold your hand in place without needing to remove it from the mouse to make more clicks.

Try Clicking Techniques

Most users around the globe increase their click per second by practicing more and more. As we know practice makes us better. The user should have a target in his mind, the user must improve his last performance. The shorter the time took to complete a target, the better Click per the second score could be gain. It is just inversely proportional such as shorter the time, better the performance. Here we have mentioned clicking techniques that could help increase click per second. 

1. Jitter Clicking

Jitter clicking

Jitter clicking is a Technique mostly used by Gamers around the globe. This technique could sufficiently increase your click per second. Jitter clicking is not easy to do so. This technique needs a Huge practice of days, weeks, months. Jitter clicking is complicated because the user has to deal with the muscles of his Hand. Dealing with muscle could be a challenging task because not everyone can move them at the right time or Right point of the muscle.


As you learn this technique, this could be very helpful in getting the score on a remarkable level by just practicing it. This technique also Grows with Practice. There is a side effect of this technique. Its Excess usage could cause serious pain in the user’s hand. Possibly it can Somehow damage muscles. As excess of Everything is bad. User put his hand on mouse is Such as Way that is Muscle got direct contact with fingers on the mouse. The vibration is produced by the user that uses to click the mouse. These vibrations are only caused by muscle movement. All this needs the hell of practice.

2. Butterfly Clicking

Butterfly clicking

It is Another technique Just like discussed above. This technique knows as the butterfly technique. It also has the Same Pros and Cons. The difference in both of these two is the way of clicking. It is also much helpful in increasing the speed of clicking. The user has to put his hand on the mouse in such a way that his Both finger could be used in clicking. The movement of these fingers could cast a rough image of a butterfly because of the Speed of Movement. The fingers are moved through the muscles and they also produce a vibration through muscle contact with fingers.

3. Drag Clicking

Drag clicking

According to professionals drag clicking is the technique that makes your clicking speed the fastest. In drag clicking, both of your hands should rest on the mouse and you drag your fingers on the mouse and click fast. This technique if done correctly can help you get even 30+ CPS.

4. Double Clicking

Double-clicking is another technique used commonly to make double-clicks without moving the mouse. To use the double-clicking option, enable double-clicking from the mouse settings.

These were some techniques and tricks that can increase your clicking speed. It should be noted that the clicking techniques take months and even years to perfect and doing it very often can result in serious pain in your hands too. However, the best way to increase you speed is to practice no matter your grip or mouse. Keep practicing until you get the desired scores.

Use a Mouse; Not the Trackpad

If you want an excellent clicking speed, try using a mouse instead of your laptop trackpad. A mouse can help you click much faster than you can with the laptop trackpad. What is the reason, you ask? You can click better with a mouse because of your correct hand position and clicking science. A mouse will always let you play better! And what’s better than a gaming mouse?

Do Not Scroll

Scrolling is never a good idea when playing an intense idle or shooting game. Your focus should be on clicking and not anything else, let alone scrolling. If you think one hand can get too tiring for extended periods, you can always switch to the other while keeping hold of the mouse. In any case, keep your focus on clicking, and don’t get distracted. Scrolling may distract you and shift your focus.

Play Games

Idle, shooting, accuracy, and clicking games are among the best ways to practice and improve clicking speed. Try downloading different games on your laptop or computer to perfect your accuracy and speed. With a great variety of options today, you can select the fun of your choice. Playing different games improves your reaction time, thereby letting you click faster than usual. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Cookie Clicker, etc., are great options to improve reaction time and upgrade to the next level! Try out these games and others if you wish and see how they help in boosting your clicking speed.

Take Breaks in Between and Stretch

To stay consistent with your clicking speed, you’ll need to give your hands and fingers rest in between your games. Clicking can become tiresome, and your fingers and hands will need a rest in between to recharge. Moreover, playing continuously for extended periods can result in serious injuries or problems like carpel tunnel syndrome. 


While breaks in between are a must, how much you need may vary from one person to the next. Per the general consensus, players should take a 10-minute rest between intense gaming sessions. This isn’t just for clicking but rather for any repetitive action. 

Final Words

Gamers know how necessary it is to have a good clicking speed when playing intense games. Sometimes, something as minor as this can differentiate between a win and a loss. For hardcore gamers, losing is never an option; it only motivates them to work harder! If you, too, are a hardcore gamer, we’re sure some tips and hacks to improve clicking speed will prove beneficial for you. Hence, in the article above, we covered some techniques and tricks that can increase your clicking speed. Yet, it should be noted that the clicking techniques take months and even years to perfect, and doing it very often can also result in severe pain in your hands.


Nevertheless, if you’re motivated enough, you can quickly achieve it. One of the best ways to increase your speed is to practice regardless of the grip or mouse. Practice and practice till you get better! Your desired score is just a few efforts away! 


With regular clicking, you can achieve a CPS score somewhere between 3 to 6, only with practice. While this score is average, you can always go higher with more training and a few improvement tips.

Drag clicking is another mouse clicking technique where the gamer needs to drag their fingers forcefully across the right or left mouse button to achieve more clicks. This clicking technique is also known as tap or Frazer clicking.