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Easy Auto clicker 2.0

People who do programming and are gamers. There are many games in which you need to click the mouse button vigorously to protect yourself from the enemy. Many games employ the use of auto clickers such as Adventure Capitalist, Crusaders of the Lost Idols, Realm Grinder, Minecraft PVP, and Roblox, etc.

There are different software’s for auto-clicking. This software makes it easy and complete in less time. By using this software you can compete with your competitors. These days competition is present in the market. To become successful you have to work smartly. 

So to meet this demand there are different auto clickers software. This auto clicker software or script functions like an original mouse click. It continuously clicks according to your demand and proves helpful in many tasks such as in data entry, in educational institutes for test checking, etc.

What is Easy Auto Clicker 2.0?

The easy auto clicker falls in the category of shareware software. The auto clicker with this version has striking features. It will give a solution to your entire clicking task when you start any game or work. These features make this app trending among the players and programmers.
The auto clicker 2.0 is the latest version that runs freely on different windows operating systems. These operating systems are Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. It was launched on 3/25/2017 with 100% use. The size of its downloaded file is 0.8 MB. The easy auto-clicker provides the two options of auto-clicking.


Hotkeys or short-cut keys are an integral part of the auto-clicker. For example, if you want to open the notepad, you can click on Win+n, which is the shortcut for the notepad. Similarly, other hotkeys are used by programmers and gamers.

Comparison Between Auto Clicker

Auto clicker 2.0Auto clicker 1.0
In this version, you can change your hot  Keys.
Your Last setting is saved in this auto-clicker. You can restart your work from your previous location.
The about page in this version 2.0 is modified.In this version, there is both options of double and triple-clicking.
Some options that have been added in the auto clicker 2.0.There is an option of right and middle clicking is present in this version.

Download Easy Auto Clicker 2.0

You can easily download auto clicker 2.0 from its website that is created by its owner. Click on the download button on the website. Start the setup, install it and run it on your computer.

Easy Auto Clickers



The easy auto clicker works on multiple features. These features make its use frequent among users.

  • Changing of Hotkeys

The users by using this easy auto clicker can change the hotkeys to make their work easier according to their demand. You will be provided with the pre-functioning of hotkeys in the background.

  • Dynamic and Fixed Position Cursor Clicking

In this app there are two options for inserting the function of auto-clicking on the cursor. The cursor with dynamic positions as well as on fixed position can be made an auto clicker. This auto clicker will provide both modes of auto clicking for their users.

  • Number of Times of Clicking

The users can easily set how many times the cursor should click. It can be any number according to the users. The users can also make the setting of infinite clicking.

  • Choice of the Button in the Mouse

You will be provided with the choice of button. The user can select the button of the mouse according to its will.

Clicking of Mouse

  • Select Desired Type of Click

You can select which type of click you want. You can set single, double, or triple-click.

  • Free App

This easy auto clicker is free and open source. The users can easily use it and download it for their use.

  • Work Saved

The work that users do is saved automatically. The saved setting includes the position of your fixed cursor as well. In this way, the users can start their work from the place they left.

  • Energy Friendly

The app is energy-friendly and portable. The portable means you can easily download it and use it. It utilizes the low energy of the CPU and also cleans your user interface.

Energy Friendly Clicking

  • Advertisement and Malware

The app is free from advertisements and viruses. This feature also pursues the users to use this app at first without any hesitation.

  • Set the Time of Clicks

You can set the time between the clicks according to your need. The app has a default program to check its functioning. This app is available with multiple settings options.