Fantasy Name Generator

Fantasy Name Generator

If you are a story writer or a comic book creator, you surely need a lot of new names daily. Coming up with new names manually is a little challenging. Therefore, we have a fantasy name generator with unlimited name supplies. You can get hundreds of unique and fun names that you can assign to your story characters.

What is a Fantasy Name Generator?

It is an online free tool and generates thousands of unique and funky names without putting extra effort. Random name generator fantasy has a user-friendly and straightforward interface that lets you enjoy all features without doing anything complicated.


  • Instant results
  • User-friendly
  • Unlimited names supply
  • First and middle names that complement each other perfectly
  • Easy to use 
  • Free of cost 

Where Can You Use a Fantasy Name Generator?

You can use this fantasy name generator for multiple purposes. Here we share some of the primary uses for better understanding and practical use.

Character Names for a Game

If you are a gamer or create games on a big platform or in games like Roblox, you can use this tool. Finding a unique but fun name is a time-consuming process. With our name generator fantasy, you don’t need to panic. Within a minute, you can discover hundreds of exciting names for your gaming characters.

For Your Comic Book Character

When you are writing a storybook, you have to tell your children a new story every night. It is tricky to manage a new character’s name every day. However, it is the most effortless task with our Random Fantasy Name Generator, and you can give your imaginative characters the names that your children or readers like the most.

In a School or College Play

If you plan to give your seniors a farewell or a welcome party to your juniors. Indeed, you have to do an interesting play to entertain them. But as you have to give your actors names that can bring life to your play. We have this Fantasy Human Name Generator to make this task easy, and you can use spare time to improve your performance.

How to Use a Fantasy Name Generator?

With Random Name Generator Fantasy, you can get a list of hundreds of interesting names in a few minutes. Moreover, this tool is easy to use for you, even if you are not familiar with any such tool. To use this tool, follow these simple steps.


  • On the tool interface, you will see a name.
  • Note it down; it seems interesting.
  • To generate new names, click on bring me another.
  • You can regenerate the names for unlimited times.
  • Write down all names on the paper and make a list.
  • Choose one or more names for your characters. 


The fantasy name generator is a free online tool to add ease to your life. Use this tool to save you time and energy to improve your writing, fantasy storytelling, and gaming experience.