Fast Mouse Clicker Pro | Features & Review

Fast Mouse Clicker Pro

What Is Auto-Clicking?

Auto-clicking is a basic method that is used by mostly gamers that are looking for easy controls. Auto-clicking allows you to not click your button numerous times and does all that itself. Due to it being a kind of hack, many games don’t allow the use of auto-clickers.

Auto-Clicking Software

If you’re a gamer, you’ve probably come across this handy little gadget before. The auto-clicker is a tool that automatically clicks the mouse at a high speed, allowing your character to move faster in-game and destroy foes faster than ever before. It isn’t, however, a kind of cheating! It’s basically an auto-clicker that automates the clicking process to make it easier for those who have trouble using a mouse. Gamers mostly use the auto clicker to get a high rank.

It is a sort of software or script that automates the clicking process. An auto-clicker application is often activated to create input in the form of clicks that has been previously recorded or generated from a variety of parameters. To put it another way, an auto-clicker is a software that replicates mouse clicking.

Auto-clickers are commonly used to simulate mouse clicks. This is helpful if you regularly click on applications using your mouse. This is, however, primarily utilized in online games as they are the ones that usually require super fast auto-clickers. All you have to do is press the hotkey that will start the clicks, and you’re done. This program makes clicking totally automatic and hassle-free because it can be configured to run in the background.

Using Auto-Clicker Tools

Auto-clicking tools are generally just an application that can be added to your browser. They can be very easily downloaded. Many people prefer to download fast mouse clicker free as the paid ones are not generally everyone’s liking. However, there can be an issue that many free auto-clickers have viruses or malware that can make them useless and even harm your computer.

Speed AutoClicker – extreme fast Auto Clicker

This picture shows how you can easily work an auto-clicking software according to the keys you want and how many times you want to have it clicked.

Once you have found the right auto-clicker, you just have to download and enable it. Now you can enable them during anything that you want. The most common places where they are used are:

  • Software testing is also another common application where you need to check the different interface components of the website
  • Data entry tasks can also be done by auto-clickers as there are huge data sets that require regular clicking

Using Fast Mouse Clicker

Fast mouse clicker is one the best and most efficient auto-clicking tools available. Its working efficiency is very admirable.

Basic Features:

Basic features of the fast mouse clicker pro involve a massive 9999 times click every second. This is one of the fastest that you can get especially for the auto-clickers that are free to download.

You can also enable the software to work and simulate the left, right and the middle mouse buttons. The setup is very easy to use. These buttons can be set to any button of your keyboard according to your convenience. The software even lets you control the number of clicks after which it automatically stops. 

There are two programs that you need to download to make it work. The x86 program and the x64 program.  The app has been licensed by a renowned company as well therefore you don’t need to worry about the virus problems that are most common with other free auto-clicking software.


The app has been rated as a decent 3.5 to 4 stars depending on its use. The negative reviews are mostly due to compatibility issues. This is available with windows but not for other common platforms that are used by many people.


To realize your clicking speed, visit which is an online instrument intended for testing click speed in various time stretches.

You should utilize advance techniques to speed up. These techniques incorporate Jitter clicking, Butterfly clicking and Drag clicking and so on.

The normal mouse click time is around 60 seconds. On the off chance that you are quicker than this that implies that your mouse click execution is better than expected.

The world record for the most clicks each second is 14.1 CPS.

Butterfly clicking is a procedure to twofold your clicking speed by utilizing two fingers to click the left mouse button on the other hand.