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Forge AutoClicker

Computer experts or programmers have made the life of office workers easier. It is not easy for most of the employees to do the same task again. It is quite obvious that repetition of work in your daily life makes you bored and frustrated. This article is providing the solution for all those people who do the same task in their job. You have to go through the whole article to get the solution to your problem.


The computer programming and data entry jobs mostly demand the same action by the workers. These jobs demand the frequent use of a mouse. So to prevent you from this hectic and irritating work auto clicker tools are present.  

Auto Clicker Tools

The auto clicker tools are the piece of software that is used in the making of spontaneous clicking of the mouse. The clicking is triggered automatically on the previously recorded pattern that is done by the use of various settings. They are available for simple to complex forms. Most of the auto clickers are designed in custom mode settings. These automation programs make all the functions of your mouse automatic but also some of the keyboards as well.

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Forge Auto Clicker

This is one of the most trending tools because of its striking features. The tool is used by many gamers and programmers. The use of this tool makes their work complete in a blink of an eye.

Features of Forge Auto Clicker

1. Interface of Auto Clicker

The forge auto clicker is designed simply. It has a user-friendly function. Anyone can use it easily without any difficulties.

2. Auto Click Number

In this auto clicker tool, you can set the maximum number of auto clicks and also infinity auto clicks. This feature makes it use full for a variety of purposes.

3. Light Software

The use of word light means that this software uses less energy of CPU and memory while working.

4. Easy to Use

This software is very handy with custom hotkeys to make your work easy. The tool is fast in working and secure concerning user privacy and malware.

5. Free Download

The forge auto clicker free download tool feature makes its accessibility very easy and convenient.

6. Updates

The installation of the updates in the software is free and automatic. You don’t have to pay money for upgrading your software. In this way, every user of this tool can get all the new features easily.

7. Position of the Cursor

The cursor of the position can also be set according to your desire. The auto-clicking can be performed on this tool at the fixed position of pointer and dynamic as well. This shows the versatility of this tool with this feature.

How to Download and Run Forge Auto Clicker?

Following are the steps that will help you in downloading of this auto clicker forge tool:

  • First, download the tool from the download button given below.
  • Your file will download in zip form.
  • After downloading, extract the file of the setup from the zip.
Forge Auto Clicker
  • This is done first by opening the zip file, and then a window appears where you have to click on the option of extract file.
  • Another window appears where you select the destination of your folder.
  • Then click on the box right to the option to extract all files when complete.
Extract Forge AutoClicker Zipped File
  • Click on the extract option at the end.
  • A window will appear then click on the extracted file in the window.
Click the Extracted File
  • A small window appears, click on the more info and then run away.
Install Forge Auto Clicker
  • A small window of setup will appear where you have to click on the install for all users’ option
  • A window appears for selecting the file location and then click on the next option.
Install Forge Auto Clicker
  • The select additional task appears where you are provided with creating the shortcut of the file.
  • If you want to create the shortcut of your folder on the desktop then tick the box. Otherwise, move ahead by clicking the next option.
Install Forge Auto Clicker
  • In the next stage, you are provided with the option of install. Set up at this stage is ready to install. Click on the install button.
  • Then at the end after installation click on the finish button. Also, tick marks the box with the option of launching the forge auto clicker.
  • Now your auto clicker forge has downloaded.

Application of Forge Auto Clicker Tool

The forge auto clicker is used for several purposes such as in incremental gaming, data entry, and programming. For example, in the testing of User interface elements, the programmers need the use of an auto clicker.
The auto clicker works well in all games either PC games or others. For example for Roblox and Minecraft. 

Minecraft and Roblox has some other compatible auto clickers too. Check the following:

Versions of Forge Auto Clicker

There is the following number of versions of this auto clicker:

  • Version 1.0.1
  • Version 1.1.0
  • Version 1.1.1

Frequently Asked Questions

They are also known as clicking games, tap, or clicker games. These games involve repeated clicking.

The latest version of the forge auto clicker tool is Version 1.1.1

The use of this forge clicker is very easy. When you download it, open it. Set the time interval between the click. Then write the number of repeats in the next option. Below these two options, you can select the type of click and button of the mouse. Then press F6 to start the click and F4 to stop. You can also change these hotkeys in the option given below.

The record CPS for Roblox is 1000 which shows that it is the fastest auto clicker for Roblox.

Fixed the bugs in the software
The start guide button has been removed. In the place of this option, the view download page button has been added.