Minecraft Auto Clicker | How To Use An Auto Clicker In Minecraft?

Minecraft Auto Clicker

If you are about to enhance your AF king experience hundreds of times better, an auto clicker in Minecraft can definitely help you with that. An auto clicker would help in generating auto-response clicks in your game while you are playing. That is helpful in Minecraft to help you kill the mob, and valid for any mob farm. In case, you are unable to click at a faster pace in such situations when the mob in the mine craft appears and you actually get frustrated by the continuous clicking, here’s what the mine craft auto clicker is good at. To attack anonymously over the blazes and mob just after one click and watching the rest of the clicks to be done on their own is the flawless thing to be performed by the auto clicker in mine craft.

How To Use An Auto Clicker In Minecraft?

The activation of the auto clicker in Minecraft would aid in the auto-clicking process without even letting you touch your keyboard or mouse. You can leave the room or do other chores, and the auto clicker will continuously fight the mob for you. We will discuss here how can you use an auto clicker in Minecraft. Let’s have a quick overview of how you can set up a Minecraft auto clicker.  

  • You need to have a gaming keyboard that provides you with complete customization of the keys. The macros functions in the gaming keyboards are helpful in the customization process, and let you select to perform any of the functions rather than its original functions.
  • Click to the Macros features from the top ribbon bar of the keyboard. A new tab with many options will appear to you.
  • Make the proper arrangements by giving the project a specific name say “Minecraft” for this one. Add the click whether you want a right-click or left one. The clicking will start accordingly.
  • If you click on the “Record” button below, it will start clicking the command you have applied. It will continue to click whether you press the record button again. You can see the record of your clicking on the right chamber.
  • To use this auto-clicking in Minecraft, you must have given it a specific key, which you can use for the start and stop of the clicking process.
  • Go back to the keyboard option to set up a specific key for auto-clicking. Select any key let say select “F” as the key. A pop-up will appear as soon as you select a key.
  • Select “Macros” and make down a key command to be implemented. The key should be assigned to the project you have already named it, like the “Minecraft” above.
  • Next there is a “playback” option. It is a crucial step, don’t miss it anyways. Here, you need to click on the “toggle continuous playback on/off. This will help you in assigning a specific key for you to click. And save all the changes.  As soon as you click that assigned key, it will start clicking nonstop.
  • Come back to the game. And whenever you need unlimited clicks, just press that specific key you have assigned. As we did “F”, you must press the key F once and it will start clicking continuously.
  • You have to press the same key to stop the clicking process. Don’t forget to save the changes before you apply the command.

This is the way an auto clicker functions in Minecraft providing you a wonderful gaming experience, and ease of use.


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Why Is There A Need For An Auto Clicker In Minecraft?

It’s accommodating to have an auto clicker set up in Minecraft. This provides you a very fast clicking. In this game, you have to fight with a lot of mobs to make your way to the victory point. And also you have to cut down the blazes and walls for a safe rush. This requires continuous lifting of the hand by clicking continuously. That can be a very tiring activity. You can easily set up an auto clicker in Minecraft which will prevent that hassle for you. The auto clicker set up Minecraft is a helpful cheating technique in many tournaments.

This auto clicker will keep your performance up to the mark in the XP, and also boost your score level in the game.


The auto clicks set up in the mine craft are absolutely safe. It doesn’t require any software, and you can do this using your gaming keyboard.

You need to access the accessibility settings and turn on the toggle by accessing the mouse button. If the mouse pointer stops to set, hit the automatic clicking option.

No, there isn’t any program that can detect the ongoing activity on your desktop. You can use it without any worries.