How Many Click Per Second Can Minecraft Register?

How Many Click Per Second Can Minecraft Register?

Minecraft is a game that has an interface that usually needs clicking by the user. The game is mostly played by using your mouse or touchpad. This game requires a high clicking speed to perform certain tasks. The interface provided by the game allows the user to click as fast as possible.

The Minecraft game is designed for entertainment but if a user is addicted to it so much, will have a much higher click per second speed.

As usual, users have 5 to 6 click per second speed. Regular Minecraft players can reach up to 12 to 15 clicks per second. A simple mouse can reach a maximum of up to 15 clicks per second. The gaming mouse has a bit different mechanism that can reach up to 21 to 23 clicks per second.

Click Minecraft Can Register:

Minecraft can Register up to 2 clicks per second. The user having higher clicks per second such as 11 to 14 cps will be recorded the same amount of click or other players. The user having a slow click per second can not give the maximum hit to other players. Low click per second could be 1 to 3 cps. The user having higher clicking mostly could not aim precisely because the way they click fast their aim got shaky and lost the clicks done hastily. So there is no need to get that much fast clicking because these clicks mostly go in vain. Users having regular practice could overcome the problem, but it can’t be eradicated as hands always shake at the time we try to get maximum from it. 

Effects On Click Per Second:

Effect on click per Second

The speed of click depends on the server as well. The server user is connected having the better ping can be Effective in PvP. The higher ping from the server can register more clicks per second as hits in-game. The users from different servers are playing there and Mostly better server speed makes the differential between them.


The mouse can Also affect the click per second. The users in the game mostly have the Simple mouse the can only reach its maximum of 10 to 14 clicks per second. The maximum click per second could be achieved by the hell of practice. The normal user with the mouse can click or hit 5 to 6 clicks per second as compared to the user having practice and regular gaming.


The thing which makes difference between the normal regular user with simple mouse and regular user of gaming mouse which is quite expensive from the normal one. The gaming mouse could give a maximum of 21 to 24 clicks per second but it also needs practice. Otherwise, both users are the same, whatever the mouse they use. The internet connection is also a bit effective one click per second. Better the connection, better the ping provide by the server.


The user practice or playing the game regularly can increase click per second speed. These effects on the user’s gaming experience can’t be compromised, so the user must get rid of these to enjoy a better click per second and gaming experience.