How to Make a Blast Furnace in Minecraft?

Minecraft Blast Furnace

Minecraft, a pixelated video game, was firstly created in 2009, bringing in a novel look to the world of gaming. It introduced the gamers to a world they could design and create on their own and learn to survive in. It brings in a historical touch to the gaming experience and may, one day, be the result of the introduction of coding experts to the world of gaming.


In Minecraft, the gamer can craft, design, or destroy items to plot and sketch out his own Minecraft world. This tutorial will focus on explaining “how” and “why” your need to craft a “Blast Furnace”, as compared to a regular furnace, in Minecraft. Making an addition of a blast furnace is surely going to enhance your Minecraft gaming experience by allowing you to cook or fuse items in your game.

Why Do you Need a ‘Blast Furnace” in Minecraft, When you already have a “Furnace”?

A blast Furnace, can prove to be a key item in your inventory. It will enable you to smelt items and convert them into nuggets. Such as, smelting a gold sword and Converting it into a gold nugget. Surprisingly, a blast furnace takes half the time taken by a usual furnace, for smelting your items. The best place to go looking for a blast furnace is in a village or in an armorer’s house. In creative mode, you’re more likely to find your furnace in either of the three places, Items (most likely), Decoration Blocks or in “Miscellaneous”.

Which Versions of Minecraft Support Blast Furnace?

The following platforms support Blast Furnace versions of Minecraft.
Java Edition (PC/Mac), Java Edition (PC/Mac), Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10 Edition and Education Edition.


However, it is unsupported in the following platforms.
Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U.

What do you Need to Make a Blast Furnace?

For your blast furnace you must have the following items in your inventory.

  • You must have 1 Furnace
  • 5 Iron ingots (which can be made by smelting iron ore in your furnace)
  • 3 smooth stones (You can make your stones smooth, again, by smelting them in your furnace after adding a fuel such as coal).

Crafting a Blast Furnace in Survival Mode

You can craft your blast furnace by following these easy steps. Here is a step-to-step guide for crafting a blast furnace.

Step 1: Open your craft menu/ table and Add Items to Make your “Blast Furnace”

You will observe a 3×3 grid appear before you. Fix in your 3×3 table the objects mentioned above. I.e., 5 Iron ingots, 3 smooth stones and 1 furnace. Remember to maintain this order within your craft menu table.


The first row should contain 3 iron ingots, the second row should have one iron ingot followed by a furnace and then the last iron ingot and lastly, in your last row, you should place 3 smooth stones. This way you’ll usefully be able to design your very own blast furnace in Minecraft.

Craft Blast Furnace in Minecraft


Step 2: Moving the Blast Furnace into your Inventory

Once you have created your blast furnace it’s time to move it into your inventory. Just drag your item and place it into your inventory and you’re done.

Blast Furnace in Minecraft

How to Use Minecraft Blase Furnace?

Blast Furnace fulfills your “smelting” needs. It helps convert your old gear into nuggets which can then be used to make items such as Minecraft anvil or the grindstone. What you need though, is to provide your blast furnace with fuel. This fuel will then be used in converting your items such as your gold sword into gold nuggets.


This fuel when inserted with an object changes the status of your blast furnace to “lit” which means your blast furnace is now active and will smelt your item in half the time taken by a normal furnace. Hence, the blast furnace can prove to be a very useful tool.

Interesting Facts about a Blast Furnace

  1. It’s more specific to smelting ores and other items and reusing them for something new, although you cannot smelt food using the blast furnace.
  2. The experience you get from getting items from a blast furnace is less as compared to a regular furnace.
  3. They have resistance to explosions and they cannot be pushed by pistons.
  4. You can use the blast furnace with hoppers.

Fun Facts about Minecraft

  1. Minecraft was initially called “Cave Game” and then “The Order of The Stone” until it finally gained its current name “Minecraft”. 
  2. The “Crafting table” in Minecraft was initially called “workbench”. 
  3. Creepers are afraid of ocelots! (mobs of wild cats).
  4. Gamers assume that there is no end to the Minecraft world, however this isn’t true! If gamers keep venturing further and further, they will eventually reach a point beyond which they will not be able to go. This is known, in Minecraft, as the “World Boundary”. It is protected by multiple layers of blocks. Even if you end up surpassing a layer or two it will make your game crash!
  5. Surprisingly, in Viktor Rydberg secondary school in Stockholm, Sweden, Minecraft is a part of compulsory education, because it enables the students to get a better know-how of city planning and environmental issues. 
  6. The rarest item in this game is the “Dragon’s Egg”. You can only put your hands on it once you have defeated the Ender Dragon. Upon which you will find the Dragon egg near the exit portal. 
  7. After the dragon’s egg, the rarest items to mine are the diamond ore block, pink wool block and the emerald ore block. 
Minecraft, a pixelated video game, is amongst the trending games in the market. It enables gamers to build, design, redesign their own world and experience a whole new level of gaming.
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