How To Get Better At Minecraft PVP?

How To Get Better At MINICRAFT PVP?

If you’ve ever operated on a Minecraft PVP site, you’ve almost certainly been ruined and have lost all of your stuff. This section is for you if you’d like to survive and get a lot of loot. Here are the steps mentioned below. 

1. Locate a Decent Minecraft Player Vs Player Server

Having so much armor wouldn’t be helpful if you can’t get yourself a good Minecraft PVP. You may consider the following:


2. Get Yourself Together

Examine the arena and the people you’ll be up against. Put your food in your hotbar to make sure your armour is at high toughness and your wellbeing is perfect. If the server you’re on accepts the McMMO plugin, it may be a good idea to practise your weapon’s abilities before going into combat, as this will give you bonus harm, as well as gymnastics, which will help you to escape some attacks.

3. Obtain Some Guns.

Obtain some guns.

This varies depending on the playing style. This may include TNT, flint and steel, a bow and arrows, or a sword. It’s a good idea to have multiple buckets of lava on hand because they can deal a lot of damage easily. Flint and steel may also be used.

4. Please Bring Rice

Some servers also only use things like health potions or golden apples. Learn about using health potions quickly if the server you’re playing on has them.

5. Be Prepared And Wait For An Enemy To Appear

Check to see whether they are an admin, have more than you, or are just plain frightening.

6. Go Up There To Kill Them

If you took them off balance, you should be able to get in a few quick clicks before they know what’s going on. You might even place a cobweb behind them to prevent them from fleeing, or a sheet of lava to slow their down and add more dazzle.

7. Do a Side-To-Side Jump

This would not only render you a difficult target to strike, but it will also result in crucial impacts. Contrary to common opinion, criticals are obtained by sliding rather than jumping. Knowing this, you can time your shots so that you reach the enemy when you plunge from your leap. Jumping will also cause you to take the further strong attacks, making you more vulnerable to being caught in a combination. It is best to use crucial hits only when approaching from behind.

8. Make Good Use Of Blocking

In between hits and jumping, keep the right mouse button with your sword out. Blocking cuts the amount of damage received by all directions, including TNT and other people’s actions, by half. This, though, limits the movement, so learning how to do this while not running is important. 

9. Sprint Through The Opponent Without Jumping

Use the A and D buttons to perform the task. This is known as strafing, and it makes it more difficult for the enemy to target you while making it easier for you. Many players are skilled at this and would be of great assistance to you. You may also change sides when strafing by flipping keys and creating a pattern.

10. Get better enchantments

If you want to win more and more PVP battles then you should definitely have some strong enchantments. You may use diamond gear, netherite, thorns etc.

11. Consume Your Food Wisely

Your opponent’s strikes are likely to be almost as professional as yours, so you’ll need to outlast them in the food department.

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