How to Use Mac Keyboard Tester?

How to use mac keyboard test?

Mac Keyboards come with 1000% accuracy and there is no chance of any error. Buy key may fall because of any hardware issue. Mac keyboards are of good quality, but it is still not entirely immune to issues as a device. Sometimes, a few keys or a complete keyboard stop working because of a water spill or other problems. You can check your mac keyboard using an online mac keyboard tester without visiting any technician or paying charges.

You have to know how to clean your keyboard because without knowing you can damage your keyboard. Don’t use water because damages your laptop hardware.

What is a Mac Keyboard Tester?

It is online to test working keys, and you have just to click all keys of your Mac keyboard. If your keys are working correctly and there is an issue in the software, then it will highlight the whole keyboard. In case of any hardware issue, the faulted key wouldn’t send the signal, and it shows on the screen. 

How to Use a Mac Keyboard Tester?

If your Macbook keyboard shows some issue, then it’s time to use this tool. To get precise results for your broken Mac keyboard, follow these steps. 

  • Click here to get your hand on the keyboard.
  • On the interface, you get a virtual keyboard, similar to your Mac keyboard
  • When you click a key, it will highlight the key in green color
  • Now start clicking the keys one by one and click all keys 
  • The keyboard gets green in color if your keyboard is in working condition and any issue is due to software
  • If there is any hardware issue, then the faulted key will stay white

This is simple and works all the time perfectly. 

How to Test an External Keyboard?

If you are using a keyboard that is external, then you can check its working more effectively. For example, you find it difficult to check if the keyboard issue is due to software or hardware issue. Detach the keyboards and connect them with another system, and test again. If it works here perfectly, then the problem is in the software, but if it shows the same issue, it is the keyboard issue. It is time to repair it or replace it. 

Why Should You Use a Mac Keyboard Tester?

The keyboard is the most vital part of your system, and without this, you can’t execute any task precisely. Therefore, it is important to keep it working. Moreover, sometimes, you can type faster, but because of any fault, it hinders your typing as well as working speed. 

To keep your work inflow, you have to keep your keys in good condition and keep testing the current situation. Sometimes you accidentally get water or cold drink on your keyboard, and it is important to check it instantly. Otherwise, the issue can be worst. But with this online keyboard tester, you can check the working condition of your keyboard. In case of o damage, you can stay calm.

You can test your Mac keyboard without spending money because if you feel any fault, firstly check it at home and if it seems faulty, you can visit the technician. Use this tool for instant solutions without any assistance to vanish your worries.

Most of the time the keyboard keys are not working properly because of dust or some other issues. You have to fix the non-working keys of keyboard.