Keep Computer Awake Without Moving Mouse

Keep Computer Awake Without Moving Mouse

We’re sure you must have been there; having to move or click the mouse, again and again, to keep it awake and tell it that you’re still there. It can get very annoying and frustrating. Is there a way you can keep your computer awake without needing to move the mouse? If you’re in search of an answer, you’re at the perfect place. Let’s see how you can keep the computer awake without having to move the mouse.

Keeping The PC Awake With The Power Options

To keep your computer awake and prevent it from going to sleep, you can adjust the current power plan of your device with the Window’s power options. Follow the simple method below to learn how to do it. 

  1. Go to your Windows search bar and then type “power” and then go to the “power and sleep settings” option from the list. 
  2. On the laptop, you should click the battery icon that appears in the system tray, and visit “more power options”. Visit power setting - Control panel
  3. Now the “Power and sleep” screen will open. From here, select the “additional power settings”. This will open the Windows 10’s power options.Additional Power Settings - Settings
  4. Now click “change plan settings”. You’ll see this next to the power plan you’ve currently selected. Alternatively, you can also select “create power plan” to set a new power plan instead.Create a power plan - Create Power Plan
  5. Then select the “turn off the display” drop-down menu to select how long your Windows system should wait before it switches off your screen. You have options of one minute, to five hours, and never. When you’re using a laptop, the settings may seem different, also when it’s plugged in or running on battery. 
  6. Follow the same method from the “put your computer to sleep” settings. Then select the time length that suits you best. You can choose never if you want the laptop to stay on. Power Options > Edit plan -Control Panel

Then if you want to switch to another plan, you can easily set the sleep settings back to the default. 

Keep The Computer Awake With The PowerToys Awake

There is also another way that you can use to stop your monitor from going to sleep and this is by using the Microsoft PowerToys. Follow these steps to use this method.

  1. You have to download the “Microsoft PowerToys” executable file. You can download this by clicking on the download button.
  2. Next, install the program and then launch it from the system’s start menu. 
  3. When the PowerToys tool opens, select the “awake option” that appears in the left-hand menu. Ensure that the “enable awake” option is turned on.Mode Behaviour
  4. You can choose how to keep your PC awake. Choose the “keep screen on” option located under the heading “behavior” to stop automatic switching off of the monitor. 
  5. Now in the section “mode” change the setting to “keep aware indefinitely” instead of “Off(passive)” that takes your computer to sleep based on the power plan you’ve set. Turning on the “keep awake indefinitely” option will keep your computer active until you turn it off or put it to sleep manually. PowerToys Setting > Awake On
  6. Alternatively, choose “keep awake temporarily” to turn the computer on for a specific time as you want. 
  7. Then click the up and down arrows in the “minutes” and “hours” boxes to set the time after which you want the PC to go to sleep. Keep Awake Temporarily
  8. You can also change the systems awake’s settings by right-clicking its icon that that appears in the system tray. The icon seems like a blue coffee cup. With the pop-up menu, you can choose the “keep screen on” option and select the mode you want from the three awake’s modes. You can choose between 30 minutes, one hour, or two hours when you choose the “keep awake temporarily” option. Mode > Keep Screen On

When the PowerTosy tool is running, you can easily keep your computer awake for as long as you need without needing to change the power plan or move the mouse to keep it awake. 

Using A Tool To Keep The Computer Awake

The method discussed above isn’t the only way you can use keep your computer awake without needing to click or move the mouse., or press the keyboard. If you find the above method a little difficult, you don’t need to worry. There are multiple tools available that you can use to keep your computer awake. Auto mouse clicker and mover is one of the many tools that you can use. You’d need to install this tool on your device. 


If you don’t want to touch or move your mouse to keep your computer awake, you can use the methods described above. Try them out if you haven’t already.