How to Jitter Click? - Ultimate Guide 2023

Jitter clicking

Jitter click is an advanced way of clicking the mouse to generate more clicks on the mouse. Jitter clicks are different from merely clicking the mouse as this clicking involves the shaking of the hand. In this type of clicking known as jitter clicking, the user clicks so hard to generate the hand vibrations after having a firm grip on the mouse.


It is a way that allows the people who play games to have more clicking speed than other gamers who have ordinary clicking speed. This method is commonly used for games that want to win the game with more clicks over a short period.


Usually gamers that play Minecraft or Farmville are in need of this type of clicking. They practice jitter clicking to increase their clicking speed and win the games more efficiently. 

3 Basic Steps to Jitter Click

Here are some basic steps and measures of jitter clicking for beginners:

1. Keep The Hand And Arm In The Right Position

Have a strong grip on the mouse. As you need to shake your hand so the grip should be so strong that the hand does not go elsewhere or the hand should not leave the mouse. The finger should be a little arched to maintain the balance of the hand. Try to keep the rest of your hand a little bit away from the mouse. The wrist should not rely on the mouse. It should be lifted off for stronger grips and better clicks. The arm should also be raised from the surface. It should be tensed and must not relax on the table surface or any surface.

2. Vibrate Your Hand

Use the muscles to vibrate the hand easily. You can use the muscles of your wrist, forearm or you can vibrate your whole arm. It depends on your preferences but it better is to click using the forearm. It must be kept in mind that your arm or wrist or fingers can pain when you try jitter clicking as a beginner. Also, you can hurt yourself during the vibration if the ankle or the wrist strikes a stiff surface. Be ready for these pains to become a professional jitter clicker.

3. Transfer The Vibrations To Your Finger And Start Clicking

Once you have mastered in vibrations go to the clicking. Make your wrist stiff around the mouse for better clicking. Transfer the vibrations from your arm, forearm, or wrist (whatever you choose to vibrate) to the finger and start clicking. This is how you can easily jitter click.

At first, you may find it difficult to click. You may lose the grip of your hand or you may feel pain in your muscles. But if you keep on practicing, you will master this clicking.

What Do You Need to Learn to be Perfect in Jitter Clicking?

If you want to beat people in the jitter click challenge, then you need to practice a few things. 

  • Practice shaking your hand muscle faster to get maximum vibration
  • As you want to vibrate your finger, keep your wrist firm to ensure full vibrations. Because when you keep your wrist stiff, it helps the vibration from the forearm to finger transfer with ease.

What is Jitter Clicking Test?

Jitter clicking test is an advanced test of the mouse button to achieve the higher clicking speed. It usually includes a special type of clicking that is known as “Jitter Clicking”  which is to get more than twice the speed as compared to usual speed.

Jitter Clicking and Health

Jitter clicking technique is said to be bad for health and has its own consequences. It is said that it can cause Arthritis or Carpal tunnelling.


These issues  happen due to the friction that occurs between your joints that is above the limits and Jitter clicking technique resembles this.


However, with few tiny tries, you can do it. It is suggested that you first practice with the jitter clicking speed test on the website without any specific mouse. Just use your fingers to vibrate and try to vibrate them. That is all it takes.

Can Jitter Clicking Cause Arthritis? - Arthritis vs Mouse Clicking

Many gamers express it and say they feel pain in their bones after too much jitter clicking of the mouse. Excess of everything is not necessarily good for you. Clicking games is the most well-known technique among gamers. Gamers complain that they have faced physical problems after too much jitter click. They try to polish skills by aggressive usage of gaming tactics. Using this a few times a day can’t be harmful, but excessive practice makes pain in the arms and fingers.


Other techniques, like drag and butterfly clicking, can also cause pain in joints due to friction. The most common medical problem is carpal tunneling due to jitter click, which is a serious physical issue. Due to median nerve compression, this condition can be severe and painful.


On different public forums, gamers caution us that we should not practice jitter click. They said: you must not use this technique to increase CPS because it can’t help you become pro. You can get harmed by Carpal Tunneling and Arthritis.


So, the myths about this misconception need to vanish and stay focused on the targets. Medical is not accurate, and spending a few minutes on the internet can cause Arthritis is absurd and baseless.


But you have heard about Tunnel syndrome, it’s a condition that results in pain in the thumb, inflammation, and obstruction in the blood flow. But remember, it’s exclusively due to computer usage, not caused due to specifically jitter clicking.


It’s a common myth that Jitter clicking boosts the tunnel syndrome. Due to jitter clicking, you are putting pressure less than average clicking on the mouse while running a computer device.


Therefore jitter clicking should be considered the leading cause of Arthritis. Arthritis has its causes and medical reasons. But it would help if you took care while using any technique. Do proper research before applying any serious trick and consult with a knowledgeable person or specialist about it. Arthritis and Tunnel both are different medical conditions.

Precautions While Jitter Click Practice

While practicing, you have to be careful; here are a few precautions you need to follow these guidelines. 

  • Don’t jitter click for more than 15 to 20 seconds otherwise, and it can damage your muscles
  • Stretch your arms and hands after practice to relax.

The Verdict

Now, you know that how to jitter click  produce maximum clicks. Do Practice and always stay ahead of your competitors. But, make sure you don’t compromise over your health. 


To get the fastest clicks in Minecraft, you have to learn how to jitter click in Minecraft. Follow these steps:

  • Buy a Gaming Mouse: for jitter clicking, the mouse should be strong and fast enough to bear the stress of rapid vibration and register clicks without any delay. However, there is no recommended gaming mouse; just buy the latest one.
  • Adjust Your Hand: place your hand on the mouse back in a way that should not be in rest but slightly lifted and in a stiff position, to get the required number of clicks. 
  • Arm Position: similar to the hand, your arm shouldn’t be laid on the table surface in rest but a little lifted and active position. 
  • Arch Your Hand: don’t wrap your hand over the mouse; instead, hover your finger over the mouse button to make an arch. However, it makes your finger tired at the start, but with time and practice, you get used to it.
  • Vibrate Your Hand: vibrate arm and wrist muscle to jitter click in Minecraft. Often people use their arms to generate fast clicks, but you can get more precise and fast clicks by using your wrist muscles.

You can attain about 9-12 CPS with the help of jitter clicking technique. But, make sure you don't tense up your arm more than your capability.

In 1947, Joseph Jitter introduced this mind blowing clicking technique. As he believed that you can click faster than the normal clicking speed.

If you want to answer this question in “Yes” or “No’. I will say it depends on the severity of the implementation of the clicking habit. There is no such medical research that endorses Jitter clicking as the cause of Arthritis.

Yes, it may cause carpal tunnel syndrome because when you are clicking, your wrist is functioning and that's where the carpal tunnel is.