How to Jitter Click?

How to do jitter click

Jitter clicking is a way and technique that allows people that play games to click the mouse more quickly.


It is a way that allows the people who play games to have more clicking speed than other gamers who have ordinary clicking speed. This method is commonly used for games that want to win the game with more clicks over a short period.


Usually gamers that play Minecraft or Farmville are in need of this type of clicking. They practice jitter clicking to increase their clicking speed and win the games more efficiently. 

What is Jitter Clicking Test

Jitter clicking test is an advanced test of the mouse button to achieve the higher clicking speed. It usually includes a special type of clicking that is known as “Jitter Clicking”  which is to get more than twice the speed as compared to usual speed.

Jitter Clicking is a way of clicking the button of the mouse at a very high speed. It usually involves making hand vibrations in some controlled way and to transmit the movement and vibration to the finger that can result in several mouse clicks within a short time of a few seconds.

With this Jitter Clicking, players have achieved an unpredictable high level of CPS in the Jitter clicking test. However, it is very difficult to master. 

When have you figured out how to do it, you should then start practicing with the mouse.

You should not hold your mouse very tightly or else your hand will stop jittering. Always keep your mouse below your hand and use your palm to aim and move it around.

And for those of the players, who exactly want to know how to use jitter clicking in Minecraft, it is possible to do it if you stiffen your forearm muscles that cause the index finger to vibrate faster. With a lot of practice, you will find that specific and special spot where it is easy for you to vibrate your finger and the mouse button together.

It is hard and it also needs a lot of practice for beginners to even start with jitter clicking leaving aside to master it.

Usually when the gamers find it difficult to aim at the spot they want to target. But after a lot of practice their aim becomes precise. When this technique has been mastered it is easy for the player and the jerking of the hand is not seen.


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Jitter Clicking and Health

Jitter clicking technique is said to be bad for health and has its own consequences. It is said that it can cause Arthritis or Carpal tunnelling.


These issues  happen due to the friction that occurs between your joints that is above the limits and Jitter clicking technique resembles this.


However, with few tiny tries, you can do it. It is suggested that you first practice with the jitter clicking speed test on the website without any specific mouse. Just use your fingers to vibrate and try to vibrate them. That is all it takes.

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