How To Make Potion Of Weakness In Minecraft?

Potion of Weakness In Minecraft

Minecraft is a well-known game that involves creative modes and allows the player to play, build, explore and fight for their survival. In this game, there are a lot of hacks that you can use to save yourself from enemies, such as the use of realms, and a potion of weakness. In this blog, we will tell you how to make a potion of weakness in Minecraft and its use. It will help your survival when you are in trouble, and there is no condition for protection.

What Is A Potion Of Weakness In Minecraft?

It is a solution that is made through different inventory items and is used to weaken the power of enemies when they attack you. 

How To Make A Potion Of Weakness In Minecraft?

You can make a potion of weakness in the following way. Adding different ingredients to it will make it stronger. 

1. Ingredients Required:

  • A brewing stand
  • Water source like Cauldron, you can also create Lingering water bottles from Dragon’s breath,
  • Glass bottles
  • Blaze powder
  • Fermented spider eye
  • You can make the fermented spider eye by placing 1- spider eye, one sugar, and one brown mushroom in the 3×3 crafting grid.
  • Gunpowder used for splash potion of weakness
  • For creating a mundane potion, you can use Redstone dust

Follow the given steps to make a potion of weakness;

2. Manufacturing Steps:

  • First of all, gather all the ingredients 
  • Now open the brewing stand Open the brewing stand menu
  • Heat it through the blaze powderAdd Blaze Powder
  • Now place the water bottle in the top-bottom flask slot and add fermented spider eye in the top slot to begin the crafting process.Place The Water Bottle
    Add the fermented Spider
  • It will give you a potion of weakness.Potion of weakness is ready
  • If you want to make the splash potion of weakness, then add gunpowder to it. You can get this gunpowder from the creepers.

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For Making Splash Potion Of Weakness:

If you want to make a splash potion of weakness in the brewing stand, first put blaze powder to heat it up and then add potion of weakness in the bottom slot and gunpowder on the top slot. After completion of the brewing process, you will get a splash potion of weakness.

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Benefits Of Using Potion Of Weakness:

You can use it on enemies and other players to weaken their power and attack you.

It will damage their power for a short period, such as if you are using a potion of weakness 1:30, it will weaken them for 1minute and 30 seconds.

Interesting Facts About Minecraft:

It is very interesting to know that Minecraft is a combination of different challenges and its first name was Cave game, then order of stones and now it is known as Minecraft. In the Swedish school, this game is the mandatory part of the student’s curriculum, and it is taught to learn about city planning, environmental issues, getting things done, and even how to plan for the future.