Minecraft Sphere Generator | Exclusive Features

Either fill the sphere, or calculate which position may be left empty.
On each layer darken the previous layer to ease building.

Blocks needed: 912

Minecraft is children’s favorite game because of its creative options and here they can build their imaginary world. Although it is a square block-based game, it is now possible to make spheres within a few minutes.

Many buildings in your Minecraft world need sphere shapes to get their desired look. For example, to create a dome, the half-sphere is vital for compilation. For people who love creativity and are interested in designing their own world, Minecraft is ideal for them. We have a pixel sphere generator that helps you create a pixel sphere in seconds to make the process easy.

In this game, you can perform many exciting tasks, share a bond with other players, or have to clear given tasks and become better in Minecraft with every passing day. Among all these exciting features, the creative one is the best where you can express your true self. This tool gives you an idea of where you have to place your blocks to build your heavenly creation.

Exclusive Features of Minecraft Sphere Generator

Minecraft sphere maker is designed in such a way to generate an amazingly perfect sphere that you can use to build buildings and your uniquely designed castles. There are so many features in this tool that polish your creativity to make finely cut structures.

Variety of Sizes

With the help of this tool, you can get spheres with different radius according to building size.

Block Counter

Minecraft Sphere generator tells the exact block count that you require to create a sphere of a specific size.

Types of Shares

This tool lets you choose the type of spheres. It offers two types, i.e., with aligned blocks and without aligned blocks.

Highlight Previous Layer

You can highlight the sphere and also leave it hollow. In the sphere Minecraft drawing, you can choose to highlight the previous layer with black color. This feature helps you to point out previous layers and how you have to place the next ones.

How to Use? | Minecraft Sphere Guide

The user interface of this tool is extremely simple and easy to understand. Every direction is given on the front page with a required short explanation. However, if you are new to any such tool and want to create a sphere shape, read these directions and precisely follow each one to get a perfect sphere.


Firstly, define the radius of the sphere according to the building you want to construct. However, by default, this tool is set on 8, but you can change it to whatever size you want. But the recommended size is less than 20. Otherwise, it gets tough to handle.


Next, you can choose the nature of the sphere, whether you want it filled or hollow. But, again, this also depends on your design.


This option is for players’ convenience because you can place the next layer more effectively if your previous layer is highlighted. Moreover, it separates each layer from the other.


Lastly, you have to pick the type of sphere that you want it’s blocks aligned with or not, depending on your convenience.

If you precisely follow all mentioned steps, now it’s time to generate it. Tap on the generate button. It will show you the structures and block count on the screen.
Now it’s time to use these shapes as an inspiration and make a sphere in Minecraft.


To get a hollow sphere, the command is simple. Use /hsphare for a perfectly hollow sphere.

Filled sphere command Minecraft is /sphere. Use this to create a wholly filled sphere for your dream castle.

On the Minecraft sphere tool, you have to add the required details of the sphere, and it will create a template for each layer with the exact block count. You can use this model to generate a sphere in Minecraft.

Highlighting is a beneficial feature of this tool, and it saves you from getting confused by separating every layer. Because of separation, you can identify each layer accurately, and this makes its placement easy.

If you want to construct buildings in Minecraft, it is vital to know how to create spheres. These spheres are part of every building, but you have to be a little bit creative with them. For example, you can use them to create a building top, a modern building itself, an igloo, or anything you want.

Minecraft is a square block game, where everything is square, but you can create a sphere with the help of a pixel sphere generator within minutes.

When you get the desired sphere model in pixel form, you have to divide the number of total layers from 2. Next, start piling up layers one after another until you place those half layers; your dome or half-sphere is ready.

In the radius option, you can put a larger radius to get a giant sphere. However, it is advised not to create a sphere larger than 20.

The length and width of the sphere stay the same; therefore, to get a 6x6 sphere, add 6 in radius and generate the model. For another similar sphere like 25x25 or 10x10 sphere in Minecraft.